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Answers To Your Beard Oil Questions?

IF you have a question relating to beard oil, it's highly likely to be answered within this blog. Every question you may have ever thought, or wanted to know the answer to!

This simple blog has been written to answer many of the regular beard oil questions I receive regularly, collecting the information over the past few months I have collated it into one page with the answers to your bearded questions.

 How To Use Beard Oil - Man Beard Questions - Man Made Beard Company

What Is Beard Oil?

Man Made Beard Oils are made with the base, which is the carrier oil.

This is where the majority of the beard benefits are within the combination when mixed with essential oils.

Essential oils are a natural fragrance oil, and these also have their own beneficial properties for example Cedarwood & Tea Tree Beard Oil would have the benefits of fighting acne, being a great repellent for insects and being a natural antiseptic (ideal if you cut yourself when you trim your beard, IF you trim your beard?)


How Is Beard Oil Made?

Mens Best Beard Products UK - Man Made Beard Company

Beard Oil is primarily made up of a carrier oil base blended with either essential oils or fragranced oil. 100% natural beard oil is made from carrier oils & essential oils.

(If fragranced oil, the product is only 98% natural beard oil)


Are Beard Oils Safe To Use On The Skin?

Beard oils can be harmful to the skin!

If the person making them is not CPSR assured, not having the correct paperwork to follow the UK guidelines is not uncommon, so please do your due diligence when testing another UK beard brand.

Are Beard Oils Safe To Use On The Skin? - Man Made Beard Company UK

Beard Oils are safe to use on the skin if the bearded magician is following safety guidelines and keeps within the % as per the CPSR Document which would be signed off by a pharmacist specialist.


Can Beard Oil Be Used On Sensitive Skin?

I also have very sensitive skin, using 100% natural beard oil you are less likely to incur any skin side effects as this typically improves when using Man Made Beard Oils.

Again if you're using an essential oil blend, sometimes it's good to alternate the blends for example using unscented beard oil will have no added essential or fragrance oils. This makes it the best for times when your skin is a little under its normal health, again I love to use the perfect man beard oil as it provides a purpose in my life when I love to use my aftershaves, so I don't overpower my beloved favourite men's aftershaves or colognes, whichever you prefer to say.


Does Beard Oil Promote Beard Growth?

Does Beard Oil  Promote Beard Growth? - Man Made Beard Company

Yes is the short answer!

Here's why, Beard Oil is designed to moisturise, hydrate & condition your skin for the beard hair to grow. Reducing inflammation & fighting against bacteria, beard oil will reduce the irritable beard itch and fight beardruff

Beard Oil is more of a NEED over a WANT scenario for every bearded gent whatever stage in his beard journey, it's an essential item for anyone looking to take care of their face & beard, helping fight many common beard problems.


First-Time Beard Oil User, Any Good Tips?

Get yourself a beard routine that you can stick to, if you are in the early stages of growing your beard, or dealing with beard stubble you'd only need to use a decent beard oil & decent beard wash or beard soap UK.


Does Beard Oil Cause Beardruff/Dandruff?

Beard Oil fights against beardruff or also known as beard dandruff (similar to head hair dandruff), So as a matter of fact it does the opposite helping stop many common facial beard problems.


Does Beard Oil Cause Acne?

Beard oil fights against facial acne, I always advise you to do a patch test when your first try out beard oil for the first time or even a different UK Beard Brand, Just ensure whichever beard company UK, you choose is fully certified with their Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, also known as CPSR.

If you find your skin, flaring up then I would alternate to unscented beard oil, with only a carrier oil base.


Should I Use Beard Oil Daily?

You want to be using beard oil regularly, ideally 1-2 times a day and always after a shower. You want to ensure your beard is constantly hydrated and moisturised to promote beard growth more effectively and reduce any skin inflammation.


Will Beard Oil Give Me A Thick Beard?

Will Beard Oil Give Me A Thick Beard? - Man Made Beard Company

Depending on how quick your beard will grow, however using a Man Made Beard Oil, you are encouraging your beard to grow stronger, fuller & a lot healthier. It will also help fight against beardruff, beard itch and many common beard problems when growing your first beard.


Does Beard Oil Fix A Patchy Beard?

If you are the type of man to grow a patchy beard, you may be in the early stages of your beard journey. The best thing to do is allow 3 months of beard growth before your first beard trim, using beard oil will mitigate the issue of a patchy beard & promote beard growth.


Can Beard Oil Be Used On Head Hair?

Yes, beard oil can be used on head hair, even though it's formulated for beard growth, this will also do wonders for your hair. As your beard hair has fewer natural oils going through the hair strand, it's the main reason beard oil is formulated.


Does Beard Oil Prevent Hair Loss?

Beard Oil has proven to aid in the reduction of loss of hair, due to the natural ingredients within the actual beard oil, some properties promote beard hair growth.


Will Beard Oil Soften My Beard?

Yes, a beard oil will aid in softening your beard hair but its main intended use is to hydrate, condition & fight many common beard problems like beard itch, beardruff & hydrate the skin beneath your beard.

Will Beard Oil Soften My Beard? - Man Made Beard Company

If you have a little longer length, I would recommend using a Man Made Whipped Beard Butter for ultra-nourishing overnight conditioning. A beard butter will soak deep into the beard hair, using this as a leave-in overnight beard conditioner you're going to see the beauty soften your beard like never before.


Just wash out in the morning with a beard wash & re-apply beard oil to continue your morning routine, include a Man Made Beard Balm for added style & volume.


When Should I Start Using Beard Oil?

As soon as you decide to grow a beard, possibly your first beard tends to be inspired by a Yeard, starting in the new year when you commit to growing your new beard. You can use beard oil for stubble to hydrate your skin, deep down to the bottom of your hair strand optimising the growth of your beard.


Is Too Much Beard Oil Bad?

Is Too Much Beard Oil Bad?

Too much beard oil is certainly messy, if you have been in this situation you know it's best to rinse out and re-apply. Slightly too much you can use a dry towel to dab your beard after washing your beard, Use an SLS Paraben Free Beard Shampoo formulated to take care of your beard with every wash.

The only concern with too much beard oil is that it can increase the chances of blocked pores, resulting in blackheads & debris building up, it's best to start small and add as you go until you know exactly how much beard oil your beard needs.


What Allergens Are In Beard Oil?

The usual UK beard oil contains nut oils such as almond nut oils, hazelnut oils and many more. If you have an allergy always ask first, as mentioned many are formulated with nut oils, so it wouldn't be good for you if you have a nut allergy to always check with the beard brand what they use in their beard products. If you're unsure about your beard care products drop me a message here at Man Made Beard Company.


Can I Use Beard Oil On Its Own?

Many first start out with beard oil, especially new beard growers doing their first yeard. If you have been using beard products for a while, you are likely to have a full beard style and always best combined with a Beard Balm or Beard Butter to help condition, nourish and give you a fuller beard, dead handy when it comes to styling your beard.

Beard oil is an essential product for any beard routine, meaning it's a must have when to taking care of your beard. Helping hydrate your skin beneath your beard, Reducing beard itch & fighting beardruff (That is beard dandruff)


What Makes Man Made Beard Company Beard Oils So Unique?

The Best Beard Brand UK - Man Made Beard Company

Man Made Beard Oils are unique for numerous reasons.

  1. They are some of the best smelling beard oils in the UK.
  2. Doe's exactly as they say bottle, Beard Oil that fights beard irritation.
  3. They are CPSR safety assessed and no shortcuts have been made in the process of making.
  4. Animal cruelty-free only tested on myself and a few bearded blokes, in the original testing stage.
  5. Man Made Beard Oils Are made from high-quality sourced ingredients, from SOIL Association Approved suppliers..
  6. They are sexy, stylish & simple the best UK beard oils.


When Is The Best Time To Use Beard Oil?

I always use beard oil directly after a shower, using a towel to dampen my beard. Applying beard oil once facial hair is slightly damp, I find this is the best time to use your beard oil as it helps get deeper into your face and spreads more evenly. 

Use a wooden beard comb to spread the beard oil further and get in between your hair strands more, finishing off with a wooden boar bristle brush. Using a boar bristle beard brush is a must to get right to the back of the hair & helps add volume when styling.


How Do You Apply Beard Oil?

Depending on the dropper, many are pipettes with a rubber top.

By squeezing the rubber tip you will suck the oil into the glass vial, again depending on the beard length will vary on how much beard oil you will need.

Half a glass pipette is commonly enough for most, I tend to use 2 direct after I've had a shower, rubbing into the palms of my hands up to my fingertips. In an upward motion apply up from the lower neck trying to get through the beard and into the skin further spreading between my hairs with a Man Made Beard Comb and finished off with a Man Made Beard Brush.


If you're using the Man Made Beard Company, Beard Oils, You're already a boss!

Best Beardbrand UK - Man Made Beard Company

However we use a dropper bottle lid, which helps distribute more accurately to your requirements and helps with the product going a lot further in my opinion, Also we previously used pipettes but it turns out I'm not the only clumsy person & who has had many lads send photos in of their beard oil over the floor, not an easy clean up either. If you know, you know!


Why Is My Beard So Dry & Flakey?

The most common reason for this is the lack of natural oil!

Along with using head hair shampoo. Don't PANIC!!!! this is quite an easy beard hack, as always follow a beard routine suited to you to maintain discipline and in a few days, you will see the difference.


Whilst you're at it make sure you are using high-quality, easily absorbable beard oil, lighter is better in my opinion. Combined with a strong performing beard shampoo, you will certainly put this issue to bed in no time.


Why Use Beard Oil?

If you're asking this question, it's clear you need to know more information regarding what beard products are designed for, if you are a new beard grower you want to read how to grow a beard.

The answer to this question is simple, it's to hydrate your skin beneath your beard conditioning your hair follicles to grow a stronger beard.


How Should I Incorporate Beard Oil Into My Beard Routine?

If you already have a beard routine then you've been missing a key component to growing a strong foundation for your beard to grow on. 

I would immediately include this in your morning routine after a shower & repeat it in the evening, whenever you use a beard wash always re-apply beard oil.


Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm?

Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm?

Both have equally needed uses, one doesn't quite outperform the other but together give one another the backup. Both Man Made Beard Oil & Man Made Beard Balm when used together maximise the full benefits of the products, highly recommended to throw beard butter into the mix for your evening beard routine.


How Should I Store My Beard Oil?

The room temperature is good ideally around 8 degrees, during the colder months you would want to move away from your bathroom window (if it gets a lot of cold air in) as jojoba oil tends to freeze up when exposed to cold temperatures as does Argan oil.


How To Stop Flaky Beard Dandruff?

Simple answer is to use Man Made Beard Oil, this will hydrate your beard & skin beneath fighting the build-up of debris and beardruff. Add a decent beard wash into your beard routine & a handy boar bristle beard brush to help remove any build-up.

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I Don't Have A Big Beard, Do I Still Need Beard Oil?

Whatever stage you are at within your beard journey, you will need beard oil as a minimum to grow a successful beard.


How Often Can I Use Beard Oil?

Highly recommend using between 1-2 times a day ensuring your beard is fully hydrated is the key to promoting your beard growth and conditioning your beard for ultimate beard success.


How Long Does A Bottle Of Beard Oil Last?

The average 30ml beard oil bottle will depend on how much you use the average is between 1-2 months, some with shorter beard styles tend to make a bottle last up to 6 months at any given time.


How Long Will The Beard Oil Scent Last?

Each beard oil scent depends on the user's daily routine, if you're out working on a construction site with many weather conditions it will vary on the length of time. If you are an office worker then it's highly likely to last your shift and some.

Check out some of the Best smelling beard oils.


Is Beard Oil 100% Natural?

Some are, and some ain't! if the manufacturer of the beard oil product is using an essential oil blend only then it's highly likely to be 100% natural.

If blended with a fragrance oil then it's going to be 98% natural as fragrance oils are not naturally made.

View 100% natural beard oil.


How Do I Make My Beard & Moustache Grow Faster And Thicker?

How Do I Make My Beard & Moustache Grow Faster And Thicker? - Man Made Beard Company UK

Be patient bearded brother, discipline & patience is the key but using beard oil will help keep your beard hydrated!

Get used to using a beard comb & beard brush. Brushing & Combing your beard daily in the direction you want to grow will soon find it sitting where you want it, along with time you shall soon hit that handlebar moustache that you're waiting for.


Beard Balm or Beard Oil First?

A very common question again, when combining the two products man made beard oil is to be used first. Followed on with the man made beard balm for the final finish!

Beard Balm or oil first - read more


Should I Shave Or Trim Regularly To Help My Beard Grow Thicker?

Don't be so silly to listen to a beard myth, shaving does not promote beard growth it's quite the opposite this is from the idea of exposing the thicker end of your hair making it look more fuller when in fact you've just shaved your baby off.

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How Do I Make My Moustache Look Separated From My Beard?

How Do I Make My Moustache Look Separated From My Beard?

If you have trained your moustache to sit in a particular position, then using a beard balm or moustache wax will help you style it away from your main beard. With time this will soon sit where you want it.


Should I Use Beard Oil On Stubble?

It's the best time to kick start your beard routine using a beard oil when first getting started will help fight inflammation when your hairs start pushing through your face, along with fighting off any irritable beard itch (its very common for beard itch in the early stages of your beard journey)


How Do I Eat With A Beard And Moustache?

Yoghurts seem to be the worst for me, however, I tend to make an L shape with my left hand pushing my beard back down my neck as I dive into a fruity yoghurt.


Where Sells Beard Oil?

Online is the movement for high-quality beard oilsbeard balmsbeard butter & beard shampoos! The worst place to buy is the supermarkets as these are all mass-produced, watered down and only do more harm than good in the long run.


My Wife Doesn't Want Me To Have A Beard, What Can I Do?

File for a divorce! or if you can't do that, try some beard oil samples and get her verdict. Chances are if she likes the scents she's going to love you wearing them, a few lads have mentioned this to be the decision between a beard or no beard.


What Is The Best Beard Oil's UK?

Best Beard Oil UK - Man Made Beard Company

There are many great UK beard brands within the bearded community, several with different perspectives and variations of the combination blends. I may be biased but Man Made Beard Oils are the best, in my opinion, I never got on with thick overloaded oils as they never did anything for my skin apart from making it greasy & blocking my pores, this also resulted in a few spots when used, that's how I come onto creating my own blend as an easy, lightweight, non-greasy beard oil blend.


How Did You Start Your Beard Brand UK?

Man Made Beard Company started from a bad experience with another brand when I flared up big time, these were not fully certified with their CPSR Safety Reports & even admitted it after the incident. 

Followed on with a gift set that someone bought me, this was when the lightbulb clicked, that I would learn to create a safe product that did wonders for my beard and skin.

I am proud of what Man Made Beard Company has become, which has grown to be known by thousands of men that use my beard products daily. Changing lives and boosting the male's confidence.

Beard With Confidence


How Long Does It Take For Beard Oil To Work?

Many see the difference right away, however, it may take a few days for you to notice the difference, your skin & beard hair will soak up the key nutrients from the beard oils.

At this point, you will be very pleased with the outcome, giving your beard extra strength whilst fighting many common beard problems, conditioning & nourishing your facial hair.


Can I Use Beard Oil Under The Sun?

Yes, beard oil is good in the sun & cold conditions.

Can I Use Beard Oil Under The Sun? - Man Made Beard Company UK

Research from the University of Southern Queensland has proven that having a beard can protect up to 95% of the sun's damaging UV Rays, So grow a beard!


Should I Use Beard Balm Or Beard Oil?

I always suggest using both together, ales your just starting out on your beard journey. Both Man Made Beard Balm & Man Made Beard Oil complement each other very well when combined within your daily beard routine, keeping your beard in tip-top condition throughout your working day.


Want to know more read Beard Balm or Beard Oil.


Can I Use Beard Oil On My Moustache?

Yes, long story short, Beard Oil can be used for your moustache!

You want to ensure the beard oil goes deep into your skin conditioning, your hair from the root up, this will give you the best chance of growing a strong handlebar moustache!


Do You Ship Internationally?

We deliver where ever you are, the shipping prices may vary from country to country, but they are within the guidelines of Royal Mail's current pricing.


How Long Will It Take To Get My Beard Oil?

Within the UK, typically 3-5 days ales you select first class delivery, then it would take up to 2-3 days.

Shipping internationally, time estimates are on the delivery information page, these are provided by royal mail.


If you have any other bearded questions, drop them in the comments below & I shall have them answered for you!

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