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So You Want To Grow A Beard

How To Grow A Beard?

How To Grow Beard - Man Made Beard Company

Growing a Beard is actually really simple, you just need self-discipline.


Things We Shall Cover In This Beard Blog 

  • Skin Regime - You Must Care For Your Skin

  • Life Style - Self Care

  • How To Promote Beard Growth, Using The Right Products


Skin Regime

First and foremost you need to understand that a decent skin regime is VITAL to succeed with a promising beard. You don't want your skin to be full of dirt. understanding that your face needs to breathe to stimulate the hair follicles is the first rule of skincare. 


Picture a flower, you need fresh air and water (Beard Oil or Beard Balm in this instance) to allow the seed to grow into a flower, without the main components, the flower will not sprout and grow.

Unlike your head, your face doesn't produce as much sebum (made up of natural oils) which helps protect your skin & hair from moisture loss. 

Using our men's Beard Products that are made from natural ingredients, you know that you're giving your beard the best kind of care, whilst supporting a Beard Brand UK.

Now keeping a clean face has been covered, You're probably wondering what should I use?

I recommend Man Made Beard Shampoo, You can guarantee a better experience for your skin whilst using a product that is SLS Paraben Free & best for beard wash.


Lifestyle – Self Care

What does self-care mean to you?

Doesn’t it mean taking a holiday, having a nice long bath or even a decent diet?

At Man Made Beard Company it is all the above plus more! 

The most important thing you need to do is look after yourself.

Our company aim “To Build Confidence & Raise Mental Health Awareness” says it all from our products to our service. You are not just a customer, you are a bearded brother for life!

That’s why this is the biggest part of this blog for us. You need to think more positively about yourself in order to give yourself some love, by having a decent meal plan (we know top-quality fitness gurus if this is what you need) & going for that afternoon walk in the park. 

Doing this will increase your endorphins helping you reduce stress and feel more energised. (Endorphins are hormones situated in the brain’s receptors, the body’s natural equivalent to morphine). 

WORK WORK WORK, we 100% understand that work can be demanding but don’t overdo it, working your ass to the ground is not healthy! 


Have You Heard Of Burnout?

Burnout is when you literally work yourself until you burn out (hence the name), lack of sleep, overworked and loss of appetite. If you have been there, you know you never want to go back into such a situation again. 

We always say do what you love because then it never feels like you're at work.

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How to Promote Beard Growth - Using the Right Products?

Having Covered all the above, we think it's right for you to know exactly what to look for when choosing the best beard product for you. Firstly, we highly recommend using only CPSR Registered products, if a company doesn’t have this, they really don’t have your health and safety in mind. 

CPSR stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Report. Having this means the company has taken the necessary assessments and precautions to keep you safe. It shows professionalism and it’s a legal requirement! Don’t be conned into the pitch, it’s a yes or no response you’re looking for. 

Many times, you'd receive something along the lines of “We are in the middle of it” or “You don’t need CPSR for our products because they are all-natural” Now we have spoken about the safety of the products you use. 


What's In The Best Beard Products?

Let’s talk about ingredients, as some know we are massive on natural products. We don’t like any additives or extras which break down the whole natural side of things. We care for our skin as we do our beard. 

The main carrier ingredients in our Man Beard Oil are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. The perfect blend to give your beard that smooth well-nourished shine (for further carrier ingredient details check our ingredient page) feel free to contact us and an experienced member of the team will happily assist.

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