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Beard Care Essential's

Whatever Beard Style You Choose To Rock

We got your beards covered!

Beard grooming essential tools

If you're looking to really take care of that mane, you will need some beard care essential's. 

We have tried & tested many ourselves but the ones we sell are the best on the market. 

Try them out today and thank us later, you wont be disappointed!

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Take control of your beard & style it how you like!

Dont feel too overwhelmed, if your new then you may want to continue reading.
Many when first starting their beard journey are not 100% on what they need in order kick start their new adventure,
So here is a little insight into the beard essentials.

Beard Brush Boar Bristle

Having a strong boar bristle beard brush is a must to every man whatever stage he is at, there are so many more benefits to having a beard brush other than the obvious (Brushing your beard).

When growing your beard, especially newbies you will notice that you get to build up debris yes even if you use beard oil!

Using a brush as part of your daily beard routine will help remove the build-up & keep a cleaner beard, beard shampoo is also a must if you're wanting to clean your beard instead of using head hair shampoo.

Another key benefit to a beard brush is that it makes your beard products actually go further, saving you money and distributing the product more evenly amongst your beard hair. If you have kickstarted your journey & realised your beard is not growing in the direction you would like then this is another example of why you should use a boar bristle beard brush, with time & repetition you will soon find your beard falling in the direction that you desire.

The Best Beard Comb

Man Made Beard Comb is designed for the bearded gent who wants to take action, being double-sided you can detangle your beard with ease & define your beard definition like the true beard hero you really are.

The best beard combs are double-sided wide-tooth & wooden!

Having a wooden comb will help you glide through your beard hair without pulling, snagging or even snapping your hair follicles.

With many plastic & metal combs, you will have more issues, as these tend to pull more & spread less.

What do I mean by spreading less?

Whilst a comb is great for detangling, its key feature is to be used with beard oil helping spread the oil deep down to the root of your beard hair & glides through your hair without hassle!

If you find your comb gets caught (whatever comb you use) DO NOT FORCE IT!

Simply remove the comb from the beard and start again, sometimes this may happen if you are combing a dry beard or one lacking enough key nutrients like beard oil.

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