What stage should I start using beard oil?

What stage should I start using beard oil?

Hey, I guess you have many questions if your new to beard care!


Wondering if you should or shouldn't use beard oil or beard balm?


Confused about what to use first or even just unsure on the whole subject of male grooming.

When Should I Start Using Beard Oil


My mission with this blog is to educate those beard newbies, who have been searching for answers from a trustworthy source.


No, I will not call out any marketing ads or liars but I will give you the answers to the most common questions when, firstly jumping on your first yeard!


(not sure what a yeard is? - Read to the end, this will most likely be you!)


There is loads of content on our page relating to beards so, you can rest assured you're in safe hands!


I like to break things down as simple and as easily digestible for you, 

there is no need to overcomplicate things ales your hard-selling trying to confuse your nan how to change a lightbulb.

(Disclaimer - We Don't Sell Bulbs!)


Down below is a little tidy table of the questions I first started searching when I first started my beard journey, along with a few I have been asked.


Beard Questions Answered In This Blog:

- What Is Beard Oil?

- Is Beard Oil 100% natural?

- How To Apply Beard Oil

- Should I Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

- Can I Use Beard Oil On Stubble

- What's A Beard Routine?

What Is Beard Oil?

Let's start with the obvious!

Beard oil is made for intended use to hydrate & moisturise the skin beneath your beard hair, penetrating beneath the skin to strengthen the hair shaft.

This type of product is to target your skin, as you grow your beard out depending on the length it's highly likely you'd soon encounter the following.

Beard Itch
Beardruff (Dandruff In Your Beard)
Split Ends
Beard Stank 
Beard Gets Tangled

Wait you're telling me that if I grow a beard, its going to stink, itch and even flake like its Christmas?

NO! What I'm saying is, If you do not follow a proper beard care routine then its highly likely your going to encounter these kinds of problems!

Using a premium beard oil, won't just promote your beard growth. It will also fight against all the issues above! 

There are several things which, you may have to deal with when first starting for example - Beard Itch,

This is something most men, I'd say 95% of any man who has grown a beard has had to go through.

This commonly happens when your hair follicles start pushing through, adding some momentum and building up length as well as pushing for width.

Beard oil won't stop this but it will help ease some of the awkward itching in public places.

Is Beard Oil 100% Natural?

Is Beard Oil 100% Natural?

Another great question, This one may even help those who have been sporting a beard for some time!

Lets break down what makes a beard oil then I shall let you know the alteration to beard oils that are not 100%


Your primary 100% natural beard oil:

Is made up with your carrier oils and your essential oils, Carrier oils is your base (where you get your main benefits from)

Now, this is the key component to any great beard oil, understanding what's in your products is a great way to tell if it's fit for purpose or supermarket garbage.

I say garbage in the nicest way possible, see with natural beard care you can guarantee that no chemicals or added parabens are included in the ingredients!


The reason most supermarket beard brands do this is for the 3 main reasons.

1. Preserve the lifetime of the product (sitting around on the shelf)

2. To be in a supermarket, you must be MASS PRODUCING these products

3. To be Mass Producing, you would be using machines to scale & that's when it fully loses the "Natural" touch in my opinion.


"Made With Natural Oil's" - This just indicates its been watered down, Again look at the ingredients now you know what to look for here's my example:

Base Blend: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil

Man Made Beard Oil Base Ingredients

As transparent as they come, I'm very upfront about the ingredient's I use and also the quality of them.

Our suppliers are soil association approved and quite literally on top of their game supplying us with only the finest of resources.

Having worked together in business for a little while now you can put your mind at ease that when you buy with us, 

You buy with confidence! 


How To Apply Beard Oil

Don't overthink it, there is no wrong way in particular. I've always said what your more comfortable with!


Again using Man Made Beard Oils, the bottles supplied come with a pipette.

to use this type you want to squeeze the rubber at the top with the glass tip dipped inside the bottle of oil, release the rubber part this will then draw air into the bottle causing the pipette to suck the beard oil into the glass a required amount (normally 1/2 of the pipette) dependant two things

1. Your length of beard

2. Your preference (many overlook this however, the end result is down to how much you prefer to use, 

it would be pointless for me to say 3 drops when you may prefer 5. Find your preference for your length of beard)


Other caps you may encounter, using other beard care suppliers:

Screwcap (can get very messy)

Spray cap (these work better with shampoo & conditioners)

Dropper Cap - (commonly used on essential oil bottles 10mls, a great way of dispensing the oil just a little longer to get the required amount)


Applying Beard Oil

Using a pipette, draw the required amount and disperse it into the palm of your hand. Rub into palm & up to your fingertips, when evenly spread amongst your hands run your hands in an upward motion through your beard to get under your beard then run your hands back through in a downward motion. You want to use a man made beard comb for this as this will also spread the beard oil more evenly getting in between the hair follicles more. (This will also save you on beard oil)

If you want to see how to apply beard oil you can see our tutorial.

Man Made Beard Oil - The Full Insight

Beard Balm Or Beard Oil?

Beard Oil Or Beard Balm?

So many products but what should you use?

your first beard purchase can be rather confusing, beard balms, beard oils, whipped beard butters, beard waxes, beard soaps, beard serums, beard shampoo there is certainly a lot to choose from!


If this is your first ever purchase you are likely in the early stages of your beard journey, Beard Oil has always been mandatory in my eyes if you have a short beard or even a wizard beard you want to keep your skin beneath in top condition. This will also support beard growth whilst reducing the chances of split ends, beardruff & yes that dreaded beard itch.


If you're lucky enough to already have a decent amount of length on the chin, that you now find your beard doesn't look so tamed then it's great to add a beard balm.

Beard Balm will nourish & moisturised your hair follicles whilst adding a medium style hold to your beard hair, stopping the flyaways and maintaining a confident beard.


Want to find out more? - I have written a blog on this also!

Can I use beard oil on stubble?


I won't drag this one out as going from the above it's clear even from the early stages in your beard journey that Beard Oil will help promote beard growth along with many other mentioned benefits like reducing beard itch & beardruff. The one thing I will say is if you're looking to buy & you only have stubble don't go wasting your money on beard balm until you are at the appropriate length as it wouldn't be much use until you have an inch coming off your chin.

if you're still unsure then you can always just drop me an email info@manmadebeardcompany.com where I can guide you onto the appropriate beard products for you.

What is a beard care routine?

What's a mans beard routine?

A man's beard routine consists of a genuine routine, ideally, you keep to daily in order to maintain a clean beard using a decent beard shampoo and get the full benefit's out of your products. Using beard oil once a week won't do much for you but if you was to add this to a morning routine when you get out the shower/bath whatever you prefer, you want to apply beard oil

This will re-hydrate your beard and replace any natural oils that would have been stripped during your beard wash.


I have written a how to beard routine this covers washing, applying & maintaining a confident beard.

also with product recommendations to suit your needs! you can read this by clicking below.



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