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What stage should I start using beard oil?

A regular question we have from new beard growers, when should I start to use beard oil?

The earlier the better is the short answer.

As beard oil is mainly for the skin beneath the beard, from stubble to wizard we highly recommend using oil. This will help maintain a well hydrated beard & skin beneath giving you a confident beard.

I myself combine my oil with my beard balm, a few drops into the beard to get down to the skin & a touch up with a balm to hold and style the mane.

Why our oils are different to most

Over the years of using oils, noticeably most oils have a thick texture meaning they sit more on the hair rather then actually targeting the skin beneath. We have come up with the perfect blend ensuring our oils are light and easily absorbable another benefit of a light oil is that it actually lasts longer (saving you money, whilst having an even better beard experience)

When is the best time to apply beard oil?

The best time is 100% after a shower or bath. A warm wash will open up your pores clearing of any debris and provide a more welcomed approach for the oil, also to mention replacing the nutrients lost during. Remember a little goes along way, massage it into your skin ensuring all the targeted area is covered.

What ever time of the day you apply, you will have a lot more of a fresher, cleaner and good damn sweet-smelling beard (ales you’re a hard man, then you will be the badass at the party. Smelling of fresh woodland air with a crisp touch of tea tree)

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