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Beard Balm or Oil?


Have you found yourself wondering which one to use or how to use each one?

Then let’s keep this one simple.


Beard Oil – This is used to moisturise and hydrate your skin beneath your beard in order to stimulate the growth of your hair follicles. Also, a great way of getting oil into your skin & hair rapidly.

Rule No.1– Always replenish the oils lost in your hair after a shower by applying beard oil, letting your hair dry will only let the chlorine(within the water) dry and damage your hair. Increasing split end and beardruff.

Rule No.2 – Understand your product ingredients, there is SO MANY products on the market but not all are good for you. Having a good insight into the product ingredients can determine how good they will be for your beard.

(Rule of Thumb – Ingredients run in order of dissembling, meaning the most used ingredient comes first & the least comes last)

Rule No.3 – Are your products safety assessed?

As mentioned above there is a lot of products out there and you guessed right, there are also many products on the market that are NOT SAFETY ASSESSED.

So always ask the company or person you are purchasing your beard care products from if they have a CPSR Certificate.

Want to know more about CPSR? – CLICK HERE


Beard Balm – This is used with beard oil; some people prefer to use balm without oil however we always recommend both and this is why.

As mentioned, Beard oil is mainly for your skin beneath, Beard Balm is a solid substance which we handcraft in small batches. Once warmed up in the palms of your hands this will then turn from a solid back into a liquid, applying this to your beard wont just condition your beard, it will also contain the flyaway hairs and give you more Shape &Volume AKA - Beard With Confidence

So how does it become a solid if its really a liquid you ask?

With many products there are thickening agents, some use natural some not so much. As we handcraft each and every product, it’s safe to say we know the true art of making the perfect batch.

(With no hidden secret)

That’s why we dive into our ingredient’s, understanding the ins and outs.

From where they come from, to the benefits and of course any potential allergens. Now if you have used our products you will see that they contain Nut Oils, this is another reason to check the label before use. ALWAYS carry out a patch test before trying any new products, you may not be allergic to nuts, but you could be allergic to the blend of essential oils.

Another reason to check with the supplier for a CPSR

To thicken our balms, we use organic beeswax and we also add cocoa butter, if you’ve been following us up until now, I won’t have to tell you the benefits of cocoa butter. (If you want to know more check out our YouTube! – Click Here)

So, this brings me to the end of this blog, I hope you have had a great insight to both beard oil & beard balm. We touched on ingredients, CPSR and ever allergens.

Jheeze – now your ready to feel your beard with confidence

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