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The Beard Bible

Welcome To The Man Made Beard Bible, For All Beard Styles! The Holy Bible For All Bearded Men!

The Beard Bible - Man Made Beard Company

Something within this beard bible will definitely boost your beard confidence, educate and hopefully, you might even read to the end! 

Really that depends on how interested you are in beards! 

Or you’re a woman trying to convince her man to grow out a top-quality beard and you were recommended to come our way for the Freshest, smoothest and goddamn art of our work! 

Because that’s all we know. 

First of all, let me tell you about myself! 

Hi, I'm Connor the man who made this blog. 

Also, the owner and founder of 

Man Made Beard Company - #beardwithconfidence  


If you have been following our social you would have seen our tags being kicked around as well as seeing some of the great work we do with the charity Mind. Raising awareness of mental health is just something I am also passionate about. 

So I Kickstarted Man Made Beard Company back in 2020, having sported a beard from high school until later entering the military. Upon returning the beauty of my beard was back!

Growing it out fully again, remembering when I got my first


Starter Beard Grooming Kit 

Starter Beard Grooming Kit

Originally starting out with Man Made Beard Company the usual, Beard OilBeard Balm & Beard Comb!

Soon to push more now than ever, we introduced the slickest, dopest and goddamn finest of Beard Care Brushes. Putting the icing on the cake with our signature logo, it was official the Man Made Beard Company Stamped on! 


We then adventured out to Beard Catchers commonly known as Beard Aprons or Barber Capes but we all know it’s a Beard Catcher because as we named it, it does as it says. 


Just like anything you see with us, simple & transparent. 

The way a beard company is meant to be! 


Natural, Organic and bloody awesome. 


If you have seen our About page, you would have seen Tyson. He is my right-hand dog, unfortunately, he can't make the products due to the strict health and safety policy we have in place. He does love to sit next to me, when I speak to all the brothers and sisters on socials, sometimes even a cheeky text from himself (when I'm working from home) 


Anyways, Tyson mentioned you might be looking for your 

First Starter Beard Grooming Kit? 

Well before we show you the beauty, maybe you would like to know what’s in it and how to use a beard starter kit. 

Let's start with the obvious, shall we? 

What Is A Beard?

Beard is actually a term for the word hair, Your beard is made up of Hair Follicles (stems or hair shafts are other terms) which are attached to the chin of a man's face. 


You will also see hair on the cheeks, and on the upper lip (also commonly known as a Moustache) resting underneath the nose. Again you will have hair growing from the chin down the neck (or throat as some may say)


Your Beard Hair

Hair has 3 phases to its growth and they go in this order;

Anagen, Catagen & Telogen 

Each phase will determine how long the hair will grow in your beard growth. 

Now if you are a bearded man you already know the secret (that there isn't no big secret) 


In fact, many beard newbies or unfortunate non-bearded men actually still believe there is a beard hack of some kind. Very wrong indeed ales you’re looking into a beard transplant. 


So when do you start to develop a beard? 

Most men typically start growing a beard whilst going through puberty during their mid-teens, many men have patchy, itchy and irritable beards due to lack of knowledge and beard routine. 


Beard care can be a big confusion if you're new to the beard game,

That’s where we come in and fill you with knowledge so you can increase your beard IQ and then graduate from man made beard uni. (There isn't actually a beard uni – for those who were already googling our course) 


What Is Beard Oil & How To Use Beard Oil?

Man Made Beard Oil

Beard oil is made up using natural carrier oils, Example we use Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil. If you know your oils then you can already tell by the ingredients in our oils that these simply are the best beard oils due to the high quality of ingredients used in these handcrafted beard oils. 

Helping Fight Beard Itch, Beard Dandruff

(also known as beardruff in the beard world) 

keeping your beard healthy, nourished and silky smooth. Also using Sweet Almond Oil gives a sleek shine to your beard making your beard stand out, which men just envy and women just love to stroke your beard. 

So Beard oil is used for moisturising and hydrating the skin beneath your beard hair, helping stimulate the beard growth from under your skin.

Using Man Made Beard Oil will also help by strengthening your hair follicle resulting in a stronger beard (level up your Beard Game) whilst reducing the terrible beard itch. 

Again this is probably why you first started looking for solutions to beard itch as you want to keep the badass beard!

As you know beard oil is a liquid, combined with carrier oils mentioned above.

Normally these come in little dropper bottles, most commonly these are 30ml beard oils sold on the market from £10 - £26 (yes some beard oils are crazy expensive, of course, that’s why we wanted to deliver top-quality beard products at affordable prices View Man Made Beard Oils 



How To Use Man Made Beard Oil

  • Slowly using the glass viral pipette squeeze out 4-6 drops of the beard oil (medium to long length if you have a short beard then 2-3 drops will do)
  • Rubbing into your hands and the tips of your fingers, run your hands up in and through your beard getting as close to the skin as possible and gently massaging into your face. If you need more then you can add more, if you want to get deep to the skin. Drop a little drip down your cheek so it runs down into your skin and massage in once it's got where you want it.
  • Once applied, you want to use a beard comb. This will enable the oil to be spread thoroughly throughout your hair, getting in the places you can't with your hand. Also, it helps get more out of the product itself.
  • Beard Brush – if you’re looking for the final touch up this is perfect to separate your individual hairs and give you more of a defined finish to your beard. 


For the perfect finish, beard balm is always a great way to apply, you can find this below! 

The Money Man Beard Balm - Man Made Beard Company

What Is Beard Balm & How To Use Beard Balm?  

Similar to beard oilbeard balm is also made up of carrier oils. With our particular beard balms, we add castor oil.

If you have seen our YouTube, Connor goes into depth about the difference between our beard balms to many others on the beard market.


He mentions “We add castor oil, for many reasons. Starting with the consistency of the oil, it’s a great way of thickening the beard balm as well as being an easily absorbable oil that helps the beard balm moisturise and condition your hair follicles. While strengthening your hair shaft, giving you a stronger beard. This also contributes to fighting the irritable beard itch, beard dandruff (beardruff) and yes it makes your beard look on top of its game.” 


Suggested Blog - Struggling With Beard Itch?

Now we have covered the carrier oils, let's talk about my favourite ingredient! 

Again, if you know me you already know what this is haha. COCOA BUTTER, Yes it's sweet, succulent and just the best butter is known to mankind! In fact, it is probably the best natural ingredient to anything ever (change my mind). 

Cocoa butter is the game changer I shall tell you why! 

Yes, it smells like heaven, but do you know some of the benefits? 

Cocoa butter is high in the following: Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Calcium & Magnesium. Maximising the benefits for your hair is also great for preventing hair loss. Strengthening the hair follicle (Hair strand/shaft) itself, whilst adding volume to your beard making it a lot more manageable! 


Stand out from the crowd! 

If you're similar to me, you may get a curly beard, this can be rather irritating! 

Knowing how to manage such an irritable beard has now got easier, our products definitely have their individual qualities and are a well-known beard brand within the UK beard industry. 

You can't go wrong with what we have to offer. 

Again, Cocoa butter promotes beard hair growth, by reducing the loss of protein. 

We use organic beeswax, so that balm gets the final hold. Using beeswax is where you will get the hold within your beard, being organic you can be assured that no chemicals have been used and free from animal cruelty! 


How To Use Beard Balm?

Congratulations you just levelled up your Beard IQ,

now it's time to learn how to use beard balm!

Follow these steps to maximise the use of your product and to gain insight to 

The Best Beard Balm Application Instructions!     

  • Upon opening your beautiful new care package, you want to grab a small amount on the tip of your finger no more than a 5-pence piece (you can always add more if needed! 
  • Melt the beard balm into your hands, turning it from a solid substance to a liquid substance. 
  • By warming the beard balm up in your hands, making this turn into a liquid makes the product easier to apply. 
  • You don’t want it to be solid when you apply, once melted and applied to your beard. It will then get to work by soaking into your beard hair and giving it the volume and you can start giving yourself that epic beard! 
  • Again, similar to beard oil. You want to run your hands up through your beard several times in an up & down type of motion until you have covered your beard with the beard balm
  • Once covered you want to start shaping your beard, firstly by using your hands to get the beauty into place. 
  • Using a Man Made beard comb will help define your individual hair strands to help ease detangling the beard and giving a great shape. 
  • When using a Man Made beard brush to finish off that well-groomed beard defining each beauty of a hair will shine in place to perfection.   


We do a range of beard combos (beard gift sets) where both Beard Oil Beard Balm are included. Here are the Beard Kit’s we do. 

The Ultimate Beard Kit – (Everything) Best Seller 

Beard Starter Kit (Oil, Balm & Brush) 

Monthly Combo (Oil, Balm & Shampoo)   


Man Made Ultimate Beard Gift

The Ultimate Beard Kit (Pictured Above)

What's Your Beard Washing Routine Like? 

Man Made Beard Shampoo - Lemon & Orange 200ml

So when we come on to the subject of washing our beautiful mane, what is your current routine. 

Are you washing your beard every day? 

Are you using head shampoo? 

Do you wash your beard with hot water? 


So if you said yes to any of these questions, then you're doing it all WRONG! 

Let me inform you, why all of the above is actually damaging your hair! 

Yes, that's right, you are actually damaging your beard. So Stop!   

Want To Know My Beard Routine? 

Before you get in the shower, you want to use a decent beard brush, something that’s firm, curved and long on the hair, check out our Man Made Beard Brush for a great example of how a beard brush should be.

By using the Man Made beard brush, before a shower, you can clear away any built-up debris (dead skin) helping break up any built-up.

Now, remember washing your beard every day will put a strain on your beard. Incurring such a strain will only cause split ends and increase the chances of your hair falling out (you won't no longer have a thick beard) also chlorine is used in the water supply, which also dries out your hair (alongside many other chemicals). 


You Don’t Want A Dry Beard Now, Do You? 

Using a head hair shampoo, to clean your beard is also very damaging to your beard 

Due to the added parabens (it's like putting bleach on your beard! Don’t do it!) 

Again, we recommend a more natural beard soap or beard shampoo

Unsure what to use?

Put your mind at ease! 

View the awesome beard shampoos & beard soaps we have to offer.

Now, you want to make sure when you're washing your beard and even your face for this matter. If the water isn’t pipe steaming hot if you are allowing your beard/face to indulge in a pleasant after-work shower then it's time to tell you. Doing this actually damages your beard/skin, when showering or even taking a hot bath.  


When the temperature is too hot it can cause the following issues to your beard!

- Dry Skin 

- Itchiness (dry beard) 

- Hot Showers are actually bad for fertility 

- Acne – Potentially increases chances of Acne 

- Damaging to your hair follicles 

So as you can see from the above, there are in fact many disadvantages of indulging in a hot shower. Being something we all love, it's probably rare to have a 5-minute shower. More like 20 minutes because we love to feel warm and comfortable! 

Let me break down some reasons for the above.

Dry Skin, now as mentioned above using incorrect shampoo is damaging to your beard and yes your face but combined with a hot shower you are in fact doubling your chances of increasing dry skin. This then leads to itchiness and what happens when you over-itch your beard/skin, you increase the chances of acne and if you already suffer from acne then you just make it worse. If you haven't already realised that this is also very damaging to your beard, drying out your beard and increasing the chances of hair loss due to the strain on the hair follicles too. 

Yes, it's true, hot showers actually reduce your sperm count! 

Now you're out of the shower freezing your nuts off between your legs, this is normally a good time to dry yourself haha. Yes, we won't go into details on how to dry yourself, moving back to the beard. 


Damp or Dry - When Should I Apply Beard Oil?

Another great question when applying beard oil, I personally damp my beard dry and then apply the beard oil. I also use a hair dryer to blow my beard down whilst using a beard comb, after that, I use man made beard balm to hold and finished off with the almighty man made beard brush for the finest of finishes. 

On the odd occasion, I use a beard straightener but not all the time as this can also damage your beard, if you are using a beard straightener then I suggest your beard be fully dry. 

DO NOT use beard oil before straightening your beard, you will fry your beautiful mane and look a complete idiot! 



Any Questions yet?

Here's a little Beard FAQ 

How long does it take for the beard itch to go? 

Whilst this is normally the growing stage, it will take a little longer as the hair beard is in the early stages of development. If you have a longer beard then the simple answer is lack of oil, if you don’t keep your beard in top condition it will frustrate you. 


Do I need both beard oil & beard balm?

Now some people prefer to simply have just the beard balm or even the beard oil standalone, as mentioned previously I use both. Beard oil for the skin, beard balm for the hair, just like that in simple terms. You can also read the blog I did on Beard Balm or Beard Oil.


I have a short beard, do I need a beard comb? 

Depending on the plan of growth, if you bought a beard combo or beard gift set. There isn't no harm in owning one for when the times are right, you don’t need a beard comb if you have a really short beard but you will still benefit from using a beard brush. As mentioned this removes the build-up of debris and using it before washing is a great way of keeping your beard clean.


I have sensitive skin, can I still use beard oil & beard balm?

I personally have very sensitive skin indeed, our beard balms & beard oils are natural which reduces the chances of inflammation as well as being CSPR Assured. Always patch test when using a new product, on our product pages we mention the ingredients. If you are new to trying your first oil, check out our beard oil samples these will give you a great insight into our scent profiles whilst testing out the beard oil for yourself. 


What’s CPSR? 

CPSR – Cosmetic Product Safety Report, a legal requirement for products to be sold on the market. Some companies don’t abide by the rules, so always ask when using a new supplier for beard care – You can find out more from our blog “What is CPSR” 


Want us to add something? 

Drop a comment on what you would like to add to the beard bible.

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Very interesting read indeed, great stuff!

Liam Scott

Newbie Beardy chap! First one at 50! Yep.
So article good reading, I’ll buy the product no problem there.
However I have a thick curly chin! Ah, how to straighten it? Tried oil, nope. Not tried your products as yet, but once I have in my possession, how? So it straightens out and looks smart rather than a thick 70s curly Bush! Ah.
Cheers fella, good looking product.


Newbie Beardy chap! First one at 50! Yep.
So article good reading, I’ll buy the product no problem there.
However I have a thick curly chin! Ah, how to straighten it? Tried oil, nope. Not tried your products as yet, but once I have in my possession, how? So it straightens out and looks smart rather than a thick 70s curly Bush! Ah.
Cheers fella, good looking product.


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