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Beard Gift Set's - The Perfect Gift For Him

It can be hard trying to find the perfect gift for him, if that be his Birthday, Father's Day or Christmas we have you covered at the tap of a button.

Our gift set's have been handcrafted with these special occasions in mind. 

Buying for yourself? 

Then why not treat yourself, with everything included to get you started on your yeard as a first time beard owner or something to really indulge yourself into we will most certainly give your beard the TLC it really deserves!

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Man Made Beard Gift's - Explained

It can be a minefield, searching for the perfect gift (We have all been there!)

That's why we thought it would be easier to do a quick summary of our current gift sets in our store.

Our most popular gift set The Ultimate Beard Gift has been live for several months now racking up some great reviews and some incredible feedback, another great valued gift set. 

The only thing this is missing are beard washing products (Soap & Shampoo).  

This one is on sale for £44.49.

This one should not be missed, also boxed which makes that experience a little more enjoyable when opening


Back to basic's The Man Made Starter Kit, Simple but perfect to kickstart your day. 

This set includes a 30ml Beard Oil, 60ml Beard balm & Man Made Beard Brush, Perfect if you are looking for a quick fix or new to beard care.

This is on sale for £33.99, Does not include comb or box packaging (comes in our famous black bubble mailer)


No Beard Filter!

If your a man with a short beard, long beard or even a man with a monkey tail beard!

We have you covered, if you want advice on how to use a beard care starter kit or after some general information then drop me a message and let a bearded brother support you with knowledge.

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