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Best Whipped Beard Butter UK

New Edition To The Man Made Beard Company Collection, Whipped Beard Butter UK!

Beautifully crafted with a great hold but more importantly great for conditioning, nourishing & not to mention leaving your beard feeling well pampered.

The game-changer of all beard care products, 
handmade in Bristol UK.
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Beard Butter UK - FAQ

What is beard butter?

Man Made Beard Butters are intended for an overnight leave-in beard conditioner, made with natural ingredients, animal cruelty-free & yes they are even Vegan beard butters.

The key ingredient is cocoa butter & lots of it makes the butter a longer-lasting hold, extra nourishment & ultra-refreshing after use!

These beard butters are for those beard kings who love to really take care of their beard & soften their already crowned mane with the ultimate beard TLC.

How to use beard butter?

First-time beard butter user, perfect!

Beard butter is similar to beard balm but with even more benefits to condition, soften and nourish your beard.

Using as a leave-in beard conditioner overnight, you will most certainly wake up fresh!

When first starting out, you want to find the balance with your beard butter making sure you don't use too much.

We advise starting with a small amount, the size of a 5 pence piece & start by working into the palms of your hands when it's turned to liquid you know it's time to rub into your beard.

Start running your hands in an upwards motion, then back through in a downwards motion, use a wooden beard comb to spread the beard butter more evenly making it go further and getting between each beard hair.

For a finer finish, you want to use a boar bristle beard brush.

Cocoa Butter Beard?

Yes you already know, your favourite UK beard butters are awaiting your finger to dive into these beautiful creations. Being a well-known UK beard brand with a strong recognition for our products, Cocoa butter is a key ingredient to our products, with extensive research, trialling and many years behind this key ingredient it's simply the best on the market.

It is more expensive than most butters, one of the reasons many of our competitors stay clear but we pride ourselves on quality, not quantity & that's what we plan to pass on to our customers.

Beard Butter UK?

Man Made Beard Butters are handmade here in Bristol, Using only the best ingredients to contribute to the key beard benefits you receive with each pot. Slightly harder than most butters due to the high percentage of cocoa butter, we found having more butter doesn't just give you a softer & stronger beard but it also provides a longer-lasting hold than other beard butters here in the UK.

How often should you use beard butter?

You want to use it after a shower, combined with beard oil if you prefer!

Using each night before bed as part of your beard routine will soon make your beard flawless, adding volume, strength and giving you a confident well-groomed beard with time.

Using the product once in a blue moon, then I'd suggest not to bother as any true beardsmen knows that you want to be using beard products daily as part of your daily routine. 

Man made beard products will only do you good if you actually commit to the journey & actually take your beard routine seriously to take full advantage of how amazing our products really are.

Best Beard Butter?

At Man Made Beard Company, we aim to be the best by providing the best beard products here in the UK. With several years in the game & many more behind the knowledge, each product has been researched, tested, trialled and yes certified.

All our products come with a 100% money-back guarantee as we have the confidence that you will love them, also over 500 verified 5-star reviews people are certainly picking up on our mission statement of Beard With Confidence.

So as we tackle the market with research, high-quality & ultra energising beard care, it's time for you to tackle your beard & start giving it something it's been craving.

Top 3 Beard Butters UK

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Man made whipped beard butter
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Sweet Dreams Whipped Beard Butter
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Man Made Whipped Beard Butter - Peaceful Dream
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Beard Butter - Cocoa Dream

Chocolate beard butter, quite literally!

If you have a sweet tooth or even just love the smell of chocolate, then you may want to stay clear from this one! 

It will have you wanting to eat your own beard with its rich super intense chocolate sense, its more of a guilty pleasure.

The texture of the beard butter is firm with a long lasting scent, hold & rich aroma, compact with the key nutrients to really kick your beard game up a notch.  

View Cocoa Dreams Beard Butter

Beard Butter - Peaceful Dream

Don't knock it, until you try it!

This beard butter is very different to many, it's a very powerful scent with the combination of Frankincense & Ylang Ylang beard butter again the methods behind this creation is more to do with the day after. 

Whilst having a long-lasting scent, hold & all the key benefits for a confident beard, the reasoning behind a peaceful dream is to feel content & relaxed. After using this particular blend, I found that I had a better night's sleep & this can only be down to the scent combination as both frankincense & ylang ylang work well together.

Ylang Ylang has several benefits including you guessed it aids in reducing stress as inhaling can increase feelings of calmness. Whilst Frankincense is good for reducing anxiety. 

With that explained, now you know a couple of benefits to this particular beard butter!

So try for yourself, see if you get a better night's sleep.

View Peaceful Dream Beard Butter

Beard Butter - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Lemon & Orange Beard Butter, ultra refreshing & fruity!

This is actually a highly requested scent, after producing the first man made beard shampoo bearded brothers simply cant get enough of this sweet scent. Whilst it has all the benefits from above its insane fruity scent makes you want more.

View Sweet Dreams Beard Butter

So there you have it, 3 crazy beard butter blends!
Which one are you going to choose?

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