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Best Beard Balm's UK

Nourish, Condition & Tame Those Beard Hairs!

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Just like all our products we put a lot of thought, research and testing in order to produce the top quality products you are seeing on our site. 

With our beard balms we add castor oil to the main carrier blend for the added thickening of the oils and a smoother experience when withdrawing the beard balm from the tin. 

Unlike many other balms we switched it up and use cocoa butter in our base, seriously who doesn't love cocoa? 

The benefits are incredible, smells divine and the results are breath-taking. 

So what are you waiting for, add one of our balms to your cart for a phenomenal beard experience.

what is beard balm?

Man Made Beard Balms are made with natural ingredients for the intended use of conditioning, nourishing & styling your beard hair, taming the flyaway hairs and giving you that more fuller confident beard appearance.

Handmade in England, so quality is always a promise! 

Beard balm is made up of carrier oils (where you get the majority of the beard benefits), essential oils (a natural fragrance to the beard product & more benefits than the common manufactured fragranced beard scents), cocoa butter (for a smoother, well hydrated and simply the best butter to use for any product) & organic beeswax to add the hold to the butter, once solidified the beeswax will hold your beard shape.

what doe's beard balm do?

Beard balm is formulated to condition, nourish & hydrate your beard hair whilst adding a natural hold to your full beard, giving you a natural medium hold.

For the best beard balms here in the UK, you are already looking at them!
Having been deeply researched, tested, certified & used part of 1000's daily beard routines. 
Handmade in England, by a man for everyman in small batches.


how to use beard balm?

When using your beard balm for the first time, you need to find the medium to which your beard will need.
Starting off with a small amount, the size of a 5 pence piece shall do the trick.

By working this amount into the palms of your hands, it shall start to liquidify this is when you know it's ready to be applied, by running both hands up and through your beard, to then repeat the process in a downwards motion.

Use a beard comb to spread the product more evenly throughout your beard hair, shaping your beard comes with time but practice makes perfect!

Want to step your beard game up a level, then take advantage of a wooden boar bristle beard brush for the finer finish, defining your beard shape at a whole different level giving a more fuller appearance to your beard.

beard oil or balm?

A very common question indeed, especially when first starting out on your beard journey!

If you have facial beard stubble then you probably don't need beard balm.

Beard balm is needed when you have a little extra length ideally an inch of beard hair to work with, Man Made Beard Balms are handmade in Bristol in small batches to preserve only the highest quality for your beard routine. Using Beard Balm will maintain a confident beard whilst holding the flyaway beard hairs.

Whilst beard balms are great for holding, styling & taking control of your beard. They are also a must for conditioning, nourishing & hydrating your hair follicles to retain the natural oils within your hair follicle itself.

Beard oil is a mandatory product to use whatever length your beard may be, as this is used to hydrate your skin beneath promoting a healthy bed for your beard hair to grow. Keeping your face & beard well hydrated will reduce beard itch, beardruff & promote a healthier beard all in all!

is beard balm natural?

Man Made Beard Balms are made with natural ingredients, Consisting of a strong carrier oil base including

Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil.

The additional ingredients where you get a medium beard hold (Natural beard style look) include cocoa butter for numerous benefits to which we have also written a full blog about & organic beeswax, the combination for our beard balms have been highly recognised for the high-quality to which the consistency of the beard balm is unrivalled.

All Man Made Beard Products are registered, safety assessed & certified.
Your Safety, Our Priority!

where to buy beard balm?

Best Beard Balm UK! You're already here, The best beard products UK is what we set out to achieve!
We are no way near the biggest, which is one of the reasons we are the best having to contend with the big dogs the only way for Man Made Beard Company to stand out is by the high quality beard products we produce on a weekly basis unlike sitting on a supermarket shelf for months at a time, your orders are always made fresh & ready to dive into.

So if you want to level up your beard game & try some top-notch beard products then your in the right place!

is beard balm and beard butter the same?

Beard balm is used more for styling & your daily beard routine for when you're out on the daily graft keeping your beard in check then beard balm is what you want to use as opposed to whipped beard butter.

Man Made Whipped Beard Butters are made for the overnight leave-in beard conditioner, with a high content of cocoa butter making it a little harder than most to use but does contain a great hold & leaves your beard feeling ultra refreshed each morning.

does beard balm help your beard grow?

With man made beard balms, you will notice the increased growth of your beard along with the extra strength over time, using as part of your daily beard routine will condition your beard to naturally full into place. You want to use beard balm daily alongside your beard oil for maximum beard growth.

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