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Beard Starter Kit or Ultimate Beard Kit

Man Made Beard Starter Kit Or Man Made Ultimate Beard Kit

New To Beard Care?

If your new to beard care or even just wanting to find out a little about our Man Made Beard Starter Kit in comparison to the Man Made Ultimate Beard Kit, then this is the place to be.

Breaking down the sets to the individual products & key benefits of that particular product.

The Man Made Ultimate Beard Kit Is Our Most Popular And Highly Recommended Product.

The Man Made Ultimate Beard Gift, Perfect For Any Bearded Man. Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Brush, Beard Comb & Beard Cather All Included.

Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Catcher & Even A Carry case

Sounds great! but what does it really do for you?

Having everything you need to take your beard to the next level, you can moisturise, hydrate & even style your beard just exactly how you wish with the added beard care essentials.

Not to mention giving you all the benefits & kicking all the negatives that come from owning a beard.

beardruff, beard itch, skin irritation, split ends, ingrown hairs

perfect for all hair types, this will fight all the above and even boost your beard confidence

Man Made Beard Oil is 100% Natural & Made To Hydrate, Moisturise & Condition Your Skin & Hair Shafts Making Them Stronger & Thicker Giving You A More Fuller Beard.

3 Key Benefits Of Beard Oil

  • Promotes Beard Growth

  • Fights dry beard - Beardruff (BEARD DANDRUFF)


The Money Man Beard Oil Made By Man Made Beard Company

The Man Made Beard Oil is £11.99 per 30ml bottle, complete with top-quality premium ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil.
View Beard Oil Range

Man Made beard Balm

Nourish, Hydrate & Style Your Beard The Way You Like

Man made beard balms are 100% natural, on top of beard oil there is added Cocoa Butter Which conditions and hydrates your beard hair for longer.

Again perfect for all hair types with added castor oil & cocoa butter the benefits to our balms are unrivalled by our competition, Where quality is all we know.

Man Made 30ml Pocket balms perfect for the bearded man on the move

7 Key Benefit's To Man Made Beard Balm

  • Tamed - Tames Fly-away hairs And Adds Medium Hold

  • deep conditioning beard balm 

  • Reduces split end's

  • softens beard hair & Skin Beneath

  • Fights skin iritation

  • Perfect for all men's beard styles

  • Adds Volume & strength to fine hair

Man Made Beard Balms range from 30ml Tin (£7.99) - 60ml Tin (£13.99)

Packed full of benefits and added natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter & Castor Oil.
View Man Made Beard Balms

Man Made beard care accessories 

Beard brush, beard comb, beard derma roller & Beard catcher (Beard Cape)

Got your attention?
Thought so, if you're an experienced beardsman then you probably already know but there is many benefits to why using a Beard Brush or Beard Comb is important adapting to your daily beard routine, keep reading to find out more.

Man Made Beard Brush Made With Boar Bristle

Man made boar bristle brush

Yes, it is curved and very different from the current market BUT these are manufactured with you in mind. Having sported a full beard for many years, no brushes & I mean no brushes quite cut the mustard like this one.

I was fed up with the soft bristles or lack of thought into each brush I tried, the reason for the curve in the brush is based on your cheekbones helping shape your beard in the right direction.

4 key benefits to a decent beard brush

  • trains your beard hair to grow in the Direction You Want It To Sit

  • Gets deep to skin breaking up Built Up Debris (Dead Skin)

  • evenly spreads your beard balm & Beard Oil

  • reduces breakages & Split ends 

Man Made Beard Brush RRP £11.99
View Man Made Beard Brush

Man Made Double sided 

beard comb

Man Made Beard Company Double Sided Wide Tooth Beard Comb

Stuggling with a tangled up beard, loss of oil or even wanting to reduce breaking your beard hair strands?

Then that's perfect, as I have just given you 3 reasons why you need a double-sided beard comb. One side with the wide tooth for easier access to straightening your beard & then the short-tooth for the final finish.

Take full advantage of your beard care products if that be beard balm, beard oil or beard butter, evenly spread through your beard maximising the key benefits to even the finest of hairs.

The Man Made Double Sided Beard Comb - £5.99 
View Beard Comb

not for everyone!

Beard derma rollers

Beard derma roller with 540 needles / pins

Before you exit the page, Listen!

Beard Derma Rollers, have been heavily scrutinised against since first coming to the beard scene. 

Some say there just a fad, some would even call them worse things 

(what if I told you none of these people have actually tried the product?)

Yep, that's right people judge on appearance without understanding the product.

I think many ads seem to oversell the product, I have witnessed this first-hand that it does work. Maybe not to the extent as many ads advertise but it does do what it says.

I'm not saying it's going to make your stubble turn into the next hybrid beard monster but if you've generally struggled with filling in the patchy part to your beard then this may be something of use to you.

What does a beard derma roller do?

A beard roller consists of 540 tiny pins (alike needles), these pins then insert into the skin which you roll over your preferred area. Doing this 2/3 times a week can help with promoting beard growth from reactivating sleeping hair cells, opening up more passageways for your hair to push through.

As always I am 100% transparent with our store, yes these may be hated and have a little backlash from them but if your listening to people that's not really used them would you call that fair judgment?


Beard Derma Roller - RRP £25.00 (With A Free Beard Oil)
View Beard Roller

Now Something for everyone

Man Made Beard Catcher (Beard Cape)

Man Made BEard catcher, hair cape for a cleaner home trim

Fed up making a mess with your home beard trims?

With many barbershops being forced to close throughout the pandemic, there has been a rise in bearded home trims. This is great if your good at it but can be a right nightmare if your not or even worse when your partner screams and shouts because you left your beard hair all over the newly refurbished bathroom.

Simplicity is always the key, that's why I have a simple answer to your problem.

Save yourself time and the earache with a beard catcher, so easy to use your newborn baby will soon be running around the house like batman. 

All you do is tie around the neck, hook the suction caps to your mirror and get trimming once done unhook from the suction caps and bin (Or flush down the toilet, your preference) Just don't do a Jimbo from American Pie The Wedding

Bearded Conclusion

I hope everything in this blog has explained the key benefits to the products, its now the final round where I explain the difference of the beard starter kit vs the ultimate beard kit.

Man Made 

Beard Starter Kit

Man Made Beard Company Starter Beard Kit

Beard balm, beard brush & beard oil 

This is the basic starter kit we do which is great if you want to add a brush to your arsenal along with a Beard balm & Beard oil combo, as mentioned above you get the benefits from the Beard Brush, Beard Balm & Beard Oil

Man Made Beard Starter Kit - RRP £33.99
View Starter Kit Here


the man made 

ultimate beard gift

The man made ultimate beard gift for all hair types and the perfect present for any bearded gent

WHAT!! all that for £44.49

Yep, Upgrade for an extra tenner and you get the extra beard comb, 30ml beard balm & Beard Catcher with a free carry case

I don't really need to tell you the benefit's twice, but if this is your first set or even in need of bolstering your current beard selection this kit is for you!

This is our most popular product for the pure value of the set saving you over £25.00 in one massive beard bundle, Again a very popular gift chosen by loved ones.

Man Made Ultimate Beard Kit - RRP £44.49 (Savings over £25)

View Man Made Ultimate Beard Kit

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