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Nathan Willard - Beard Balm & Beard Oil Review

The Bearded Berserker's Approval

Product being reviewed: The Man Made Ultimate Beard 

Luke Shasha give's us a strong 5/5

Product Being Reviewed: The Money Man Combo

Jorvik Beardsman - Loves the Ladies Man Balm

Product Being Reviewed: The Ladies Man Beard Balm

James B - Sussex UK

Go back about a month and my beard was starting to get really dry and itchy, I hadn't been caring for it properly and it was showing.. I grabbed some generic oil off amazon and what a waste if time that was.. smelt and felt nasty.. @manmadebeardco and I had a chat after a jokey comment was made by myself, we discussed everything from what makes beard oil good through to mental health and caring for yourself mentally as much as physically. He explained how some of the profits from sales would be going to Mind, a mental health awareness charity. As soon as he launched his products I had to have some, so placed an order for 'The Ladies Man', beard oil. WOW!! Of course, I had to open it as soon as it arrived and the smell well strong yet subtle lavender and citrus with a slight spice.. so fresh and rejuvenating. Once combed and brushed through my beard it just felt right.. no greasyness and my skin doesnt feel all oily under my beard. But one other thing to say about this company.. forget the products for a moment... honestly lockdown has kicked me a bit regarding my mental state, and when I had a conversations with the companies owner he picked up on this with what i was saying and he helped me.. he helped me to look at things in a different light at the moment and that is what makes the difference.. someone who cares for people not because they are a customer but because they are a person and for that I admire and respect you!!.

Andy - Ivybridge UK

The biggest thing I love about these guys are they are bringing something new to the game, from fresh products to top quality customer service. supporting mental health and more importantly letting the products sell themselves. I hate companies which constantly try to upsell their products, these guys listened had a decent chat with. their jokes are brilliant, just ask them for one. they are real people with a real purpose. hats off to you lads. your wicked.

Craig P - Luton UK

What a bit of kit this is, smells amazing. very high quality products. i'll 100% use and recommend you guys to anybody who asks. keep doing what you're doing

Nick L - Bristol UK

It's been rough not being able to get my beard looked after during lockdown, however after using the ladiesman Oil & balm its made a huge difference. My beard is now softer & looking a lot healthier.

Jack P - Newport UK

First time using these guys and I have to say, from the products to the customer service everything is top quality. The guys at man made take customer service to a whole another level. I don't think you can top them on products or service and I shall remain a bearded customer of theirs.

Dave M- Cornwall UK

The Mrs ordered me the family man Starter Kit when she seen Man Made first advertised. I cant deny the fact that its by far better than what I expected from such a new company. high quality products, Many other oils I have used only have a combination of 2 carrier oils. Man Made have gone all out using 4 and not to mention using Argan Oil & Jojoba oil which are EXPENSIVE. This company genuinely cares about quality as well as their customers whilst supporting the mental health charity Mind. Thank you Guys!

Rob C - Hatfield UK

I have used many products for several years and now I have found a product which works great for me. no more hard bristle beard, I ordered the Money Man. It smelt incredible, Fast Delivery!

Luke S - Hampshire UK

Really good products, great for promoting the beard growth and they smell Amazing. So easy to keep your beard feeling, soft, fresh and smelling amazing.

George C - Bristol, UK

The products smell just as good as they look, Ladies man is Quality.

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