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Understanding the difference between beard balm & beard oil

A common question we seem to have is,

“what’s the difference between balm & oil, don’t they do the same thing?”

Whilst they may seem similar, they have different uses.

By the end of this read you’d have a full understanding of the difference between the two products.

Beard Balm

Our beard balms are made with cocoa butter, for the extra moisture to nourish your hair follicles, we use beeswax to maintain the hold within your beard. As well as our carrier oils & essential oil blends, a natural remedy for taming any mane.

Beard balm’s, are a medium hold. This help stop any flyaway hairs, keeping your beard in shape.

With cocoa butter and our carrier oil blend, you maximise your volume and stabilise your beard.

Also, to add because of our sweet almond oil, this also helps condition your mane at same time.

So now we know that beard balm is for styling, conditioning and adding volume to your beard, lets move on to beard oil.

Beard Oil

No matter how experienced beardsman you maybe, you must have an oil in your collection.

If you have a long beard or even a short beard, using beard oil gets right down to the skin and fights off the beardruff, helping maintain a well moisturised face beneath your hair.

This is important because it will prevent your skin from drying out.

Our beard oils contain a mix of essential oils, that will soften your facial hair, reduce any itching and add shine to your beard.

Which one should you use?

New to beard care, or have a short beard then beard oil is a mandatory requirement to grow a healthy beard. It will stop the itchiness, moisturise your skin and promote a healthy beard growth. If you want keep a natural shaped beard whilst looking fresh & smelling incredible.

Try our oils today

Want to add volume, size and shape whilst taming that beard then we recommend combining with our beard balms. We recommend using both to make your beard look stunning and healthy. The oil will create the best possible environment for your facial hair and skin, by moisturising and softening it, and the balm will help you to style your beard and make it look thicker.

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