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9 Things Every Man Should Know About His Beard.

Congratulations on deciding to grow a beard or. All of the information you need to develop a man beard is provided below. Dedicate to grow your beard begin to grow your beard growing a beard for any man beard care - men's grooming essentials  every man should be caring for his beard reasons for using beard oil best tips for beard hygiene  bearded shaving advice! beards are a strong statement 1. Make A Dedicated Effort To Growing A Beard It's important to understand that growing a beard takes time and effort,  especially in the beginning. You may become discouraged, frustrated, and subjected to criticism from friends and family.  However, it is gratifying and well worth the effort. Your dedication and genetic...

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Are Beards Healthy For You

There are many reasons why there has been a rise in men growing out their beard in recent years, Covid19 or Coronavirus has also made an impact where many men now have had the time to grow their beard and not feel awkward during the early stages of the beard cycle. In this blog, we will cover the benefits, touch a little on history and throw some man beard facts and man beard myths your way so you know what to look for when searching the web for man beard care facts, history and simply just to help you on your beard journey. What does a beard mean to a man? Beards are a bold statement! Beards stand for patience,...

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Connors Routine

Welcome Ladies and Gents to my beard routine, many people have different ways of doing their beard routines.  There is no perfect way of doing a routine, however, you wish you do you routine is down to you BUT there are a few key elements to which you need to adhere to maintain your beard, skin and to feel that beard with confidence. In this, I will talk about the full works of how I keep my face clean and well hydrated. Also, to add my skin is ultra-sensitive so I am very precise with the products that touch my skin. Now let us touch on the ground rules Hygiene – Now if you have been sporting a beard for...

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Beard With Confidence

Looking for the best beard products or just transparent advice on beard care as a topic itself. Then you have came to the right place, if your new to the game or just looking to level up. Beard With Confidence Is what we are all about, now just take a moment & ask yourself this one simple question. What doe’s beard with confidence mean to you? In this blog, you are going to understand the full depth to beard with confidence. Now we have already done many How To Beard Care blogs and even tutorials on our official YouTube site, so we will skip over that part for now. So, Why am I passionate about providing our brothers with the...

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Valentines Gift's For Him 2021

Okay, So valentines day is coming around and your struggling for gift ideas for him? Lucky we have a few great suggestion's, dependant on the individual. Check them out below! The Ultimate Beard Gift Male's grooming is always a safe bet for any man. Beard care is first on our list because we are bearded too, If you are buying for a bearded man this will most definitely get you out of cleaning the dishes or even having to cook (just make sure you give it to them in the morning, if you want them to cook)Check it out now! Gold & Brown Men's Pagani Dress Watch I probably don't need to tell you that every gentlemen love's a good...

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