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Valentines Gift's For Him 2021

Okay, So valentines day is coming around and your struggling for gift ideas for him? Lucky we have a few great suggestion's, dependant on the individual. Check them out below! The Ultimate Beard Gift Male's grooming is always a safe bet for any man. Beard care is first on our list because we are bearded too, If you are buying for a bearded man this will most definitely get you out of cleaning the dishes or even having to cook (just make sure you give it to them in the morning, if you want them to cook)Check it out now! Gold & Brown Men's Pagani Dress Watch I probably don't need to tell you that every gentlemen love's a good...

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The Beard Bible

Welcome to the Man Made Beard Care 101 AKA The Holy Bible for all bearded men, what ever stage they are on their journey. Something within this bible will definitely boost your beard confidence, educate and hopefully just hopefully you might even read to the end! Really that depends on how interested you are in beards! Or you’re a woman trying to convince her man to grow out a top quality beard and you were recommended to come our way for the Freshest, smoothest and god damn art of our work! Because that’s all we know. First of all let me tell you about me! Hi, I'm Connor the man who made this blog. Also the owner and founder of Man Made Beard Company – #beardwithconfidence  If you have been...

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Beard Starter Kit or Ultimate Beard Kit

Beard Starter Kit or Ultimate Beard Kit New to beard care? Or simply wanting to know which Beard Care Kit to start with then this is for You! Our Starter Beard Grooming Kit has everything you need to get started. Included: Man Made Beard Oil 30ml, 60ml Man Made Beard Balm & a Top Quality Wild Boar Brush made to the finest of detail with a touch of our signature logo on the top of the freshly painted beard brush. If you want to learn how to use beard starter kit you can check out our Youtube! Now, Man Made Beard Starter kit retails at £33.99 with Free Delivery within the UK This is great for a beard newbie and...

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Beard Balm or Oil?

  Have you found yourself wondering which one to use or how to use each one? Then let’s keep this one simple.   Beard Oil – This is used to moisturise and hydrate your skin beneath your beard in order to stimulate the growth of your hair follicles. Also, a great way of getting oil into your skin & hair rapidly. Rule No.1– Always replenish the oils lost in your hair after a shower by applying beard oil, letting your hair dry will only let the chlorine(within the water) dry and damage your hair. Increasing split end and beardruff. Rule No.2 – Understand your product ingredients, there is SO MANY products on the market but not all are good for...

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Katie 3 undeniable ways to protect new start-ups online

Hi, I’m Katie and I don’t have a beard. But I do have a blog and online sustainable gift shop over at www.thesandpitblog.com, so I’m guest blogging for you guys today. We need to talk about what the market is looking like for small businesses right now. Any idiot can set up a website. Shopify is basically ”out of the box” e-commerce. Anyone can get into business and sell stuff online. It’s never been easier to leave the big smoke and go self- employed. But - how do you get your name out there? Advertising is flipping expensive, the market place is totally saturated with products and services - in most cases paid ads are a waste of money. Ads...

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