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how to encourage facial hair growth

Are having difficulty growing your beard? While there are certain strategies for promoting general hair development, at the end of the day, it all comes down to genetics and how your hair grows. With that said, there are a few things that promote healthy beard growth! will testosterone patch help beard growth? Most bearded men know that, testosterone does help with beard growth, along with having good genetics making this a major player to your beard game.Whilst genetics are a must for even being able to grow facial hair, you want to try and raise your testosterone, as you know for your beard development. There are a variety of different signs and symptoms associated with low testosterone, including: · Erectile...

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Beard Styles Through History

History of beards Throughout history, individuals have either grown facial hair or shaved their heads in reaction to the choices made by their opponents and competitors in dress and appearance.     During the Hellenistic Period, the ancient Romans shaved their heads for 400 years because the ancient Greeks, who were their adversaries at the time, regarded beards as emblems of increased social position and intellectual sophistication.     England's men went clean-shaven as a cultural reaction to their bearded Viking invaders during the 270 years the country was under threat of Viking invasion (and, in some areas, actually lived under Viking rule) between 793 and 1066 AD.   Fit for vikings beard oil During the Reformation, lots of Protestants...

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Reasons We Have Beards & Moustaches

Facial hair is becoming increasingly popular, and you may be considering a beard yourself? In this article, we wander thru some background topics for people who either already have a beard or moustache, or those currently considering making the move. If you are really interested in learning more about growing and maintaining a beard, you should check out the rest of the Man Made Beard Company website.   The site is fully packed with vast knowledge on the topic of beard care knowledge and we offer an unrivalled beard care product range and expertise.   So, what is it about humans that makes a beard so special? People have often wondered why beards exist, using scientific techniques to try and...

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answers to your beard oil questions?

IF you have a question relating to beard oil, it's highly likely to be answered within this blog. Every question you may have ever thought, or wanted to know the answer to! This simple blog has been written to answer many of the regular beard oil questions I receive on a regular basis, collecting the information over the past few months I have collated it into one page with the answers to your bearded questions. What is beard oil? Man Made Beard Oils are made with the base, which is the carrier oils. This is where the majority of the beard benefits are within the combination when mixed with essential oils. Essential oils are a natural fragrance oil, these also have...

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2022 Men's Beard Styles Explained

Why Do Men Grow Beards?  - The Biology Men grow beards because the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is created from testosterone, stimulates the hair follicles in their jaws. Men grow beards because the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is created from testosterone, stimulates the hair follicles in their jaws. Why Do Men Grow Beards?  - The Psychology Many men will recognize the experience of waking up in the morning and standing in front of the bathroom mirror, only to discover that they have allowed their man beard, to grow out too far or that it has gotten messy. The irritation caused by this untamed tuft is as much psychological as it is bodily. Most men want to wear a beard (or...

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