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Four Steps You Can Start TODAY, to Build a Stronger State of Mind

Four Steps You Can Start TODAY, to Build a Stronger State of Mind At the time of writing this blog for Man Mad Beard Company, it’s World Mental Health Day and so I wanted to write something actionable. Something that you can put to use today to start working on fixing your state of mind and, as I like to say, kick depression in the bollocks. These steps are tried and tested. They’re what helped me get my head sorted, get my depression on a leash and have helped me remain in control and med-free for 5-6 years now. Enough of the small talk, let’s get stuck in… Get it Off Your Chest One of the toughest things to do...

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5 Ways To Be More Positive

5 Ways To Be More Positive Its easy to say to someone you need to be more positive, but does everyone really know how to be more positive? Here are 5 things I use to keep my positive mindset. Maybe one of these will help pick you up when your feeling a little down. 1. Get more sleep. Are you that person who snoozes their alarm? We all do it time to time, but are you really getting the 6-8 hours of sleep, your BODY & MIND need to recharge. Neglecting your sleep is the same as starving yourself, without the right amount of sleep you’d become less motivated, lack of energy and more importantly defeats the object of being...

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What stage should I start using beard oil?

A regular question we have from new beard growers, when should I start to use beard oil? The earlier the better is the short answer. As beard oil is mainly for the skin beneath the beard, from stubble to wizard we highly recommend using oil. This will help maintain a well hydrated beard & skin beneath giving you a confident beard. I myself combine my oil with my beard balm, a few drops into the beard to get down to the skin & a touch up with a balm to hold and style the mane. Why our oils are different to most Over the years of using oils, noticeably most oils have a thick texture meaning they sit more on...

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Does your beard grow more in the winter?

Research shows that in fact your beard grows slowest during the winter. Beard growth increases to its peak during the summer time, July is when your beard reaches it highest growth rate. These growth rates correspond to testosterone levels, which are lowest during the winter and at peak during the summer. Growing a mighty winter beard, you better take advantage of the summer to accelerate beard growth. Just like most thing’s timing is everything. Beard care summer vs winter In the summer time, you want to wash your beard more frequently (we recommend using our Sweet lemon beard soap), due to the heat, humidity & sweat a build of residual salt can damage your beard. Turning your awesome beard into...

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Understanding the difference between beard balm & beard oil

A common question we seem to have is, “what’s the difference between balm & oil, don’t they do the same thing?” Whilst they may seem similar, they have different uses. By the end of this read you’d have a full understanding of the difference between the two products. Beard Balm Our beard balms are made with cocoa butter, for the extra moisture to nourish your hair follicles, we use beeswax to maintain the hold within your beard. As well as our carrier oils & essential oil blends, a natural remedy for taming any mane. Beard balm’s, are a medium hold. This help stop any flyaway hairs, keeping your beard in shape. With cocoa butter and our carrier oil blend, you...

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