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UK Made beard oils

Best Beard Oil UK

Being bearded is a big responsibility, having tested, trialled, failed, succeeded within making the best beard oils.

Below you will find the best beard oil UK, containing simply the gold standard of quality with ingredients like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil creating the perfect base of the best smelling beard oil UK.

Made for sensitive skin, to fight the dryness with our ultra fast-absorbing, lightweight, 100% natural, animal cruelty-free & not to mention fully safety assessed & certified with our CPSR certification.

Your beard success is our passion!

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Beard Brand UK

Putting the care in beard care

What does beard oil do?

Man Made Beard Oils are carefully formulated for sensitive skin, to hydrate, moisturise and condition your skin beneath your beard to promote a healthier, more confident beard. Handmade best beard oil UK with natural ingredients, fully certified and only tested on bearded brothers, animal cruelty-free!

does beard oil help beard grow?

Short answer is yes, when used as part of your daily beard routine over a certain amount of time you will not only feel your beard grow stronger & healthier but it will look the part too. Using Man Made Beard Oils, you know you're feeding your beard with the best natural ingredients that are handmade in Bristol, providing the best beard oils UK.

when should i use beard oil?

Always look to use beard oil daily, if you have a decent beard routine you would be applying it 2 times a day.
You NEED to use after each shower/bath to replace the lost oils through the beard wash, as hot water combined with beard shampoo will condition your beard well but if left un-oiled you will soon feel the effects of neglecting your beard care routine.

Morning beard routine & evening beard routines are crucial to growing a strong confident beard, make sure you take this serious as this could be the deal-breaker between a strong beard and a failing beard.

How often should i use beard oil?

Again, DAILY!
Using beard oil once in a blue moon is POINTLESS, It will probably do more harm than good as your beard hair needs to adapt to the new growing environment, that's why you want to oil your beard daily even if you have stubble as your skin is the bed which your hair grows from. Like the grass that grows, if treated correctly it will grow to your desired requirement but hoping that the rain will do the trick is like using miracle grow 1 time and hoping you are going through the forest of dean.

does beard oil go bad?

Yes beard oil can go bad, if the product has been left on the shelf for a long period of time!
Man Made Beard Oils have a 6-month lifespan, I can confirm they can last up to 12 months but I would never use a product 6 months after purchase so dont leave lying around for too long!

Also if the beard oil has been left without the lid for too long, this will diminish the product as exposed to open air over a matter of weeks would only spoil your beard oil even if it is the best UK beard oil.

how to use beard oil?

Using Man Made Beard Oil has never been so easy, with the confidence in the products you know your beards going to be full of goodness, simply apply 3-5 drops depending on your beard length to the palms of your hands and rub through to the tip of your fingers. Once spread between your hands you want to rub up tight to your skin in an upwards motion, then back down to get the beard to the root of your beard hair, use a beard comb to spread the oil more evenly making the product go further and give a better beard experience.

do you use beard oil and balm together?

If you have a few inches to your beard length then yes you want to use together, whilst beard oil is designed to hydrate, nourish and condition the area your hair grows from. Beard oil will condition your skin to promote beard growth, when combined with beard balm you can nourish your actual beard hairs whilst styling and taming the flyaway beard hairs.

How much beard oil to use

Again, this really depends on the length of your beard & comes down to personal preference too!
Always start with a little, maybe 2 drops and add a drop at a time to find your balance between just enough and how much you want to indulge your beard with the best beard oil UK.

which is better beard balm or oil?

Both are equally as good as the other, when combined they are a work of art, not only are you feeding your beard with the best beard TLC, you are conditioning your beard to become confident. Adding volume, style and key nutrients to level up your beard game.

If you have a little beard length then you should really use both of these products.

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