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Have you been struggling with beard-itch?

Beard Itch & Beard Irritation Solution

Have you been struggling with beard itch?

Don’t worry, we have all been there. Every man who has ever grown a beard can relate; you look good but the itch is a terrible pain in the ass. It’s easy to give in to the temptation of shaving your manly beard off. 

Do you want to downgrade like that, with all the jokes ready to fire your way?

Do you want to know how to properly look after that mane, make it stand out and be a crowd-pleaser?

We thought so! Just know you're not alone, beard itch is all a part of the process of growing the perfect mane. Follow our guideline to reduce the itch and maintain a beard with confidence.

You need to give it time to allow your skin to get used to the growth of the hair follicles from your beard, having clean skin and a well-hydrated beard will optimise the growth and reduce the itch. Follow the steps below to achieve the beard goals you desire.

Bearded Man Drinks 1st Pint

1. Keep it clean – Did you know: The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every single year. 

As you can guess from the fact, your beard & moustache attracts and holds dirt, food, dead skin and yes beer. Mixed with sebum and sweat this is what causes itching and skin irritation. It’s crucial to keep your beard & skin in tip-top condition with a beard cleansing routine. 
Using shampoo strips the hair follicles of the natural oil’s that’s why we recommend using a specialised beard shampoo 3 times a week. Ours will be coming out soon, so stay tuned the results are phenomenal. Always wash with luke-warm water so you're not burning your skin underneath, ensuring any leftover beard shampoo residue is left.

Drying your beard 

We can’t stress the importance of ensuring you dry your beard thoroughly, leftover water in your beard will make your skin itch more. It dries the skin beneath irritating. Using a clean towel to absorb the excess water and giving a blow through with a hairdryer will clear the risk of drying out your hair & skin.
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Beard Oil

 This is a vital point; you cannot grow a healthy beard without the right beard oil. 

That’s why we use Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Sweet Almond oil in our oils. 
This creates a healthy barrier over the skin, hydrating, moisturising and protecting both the skin and hair. 

If you want to fight beardruff and beard-itch, beard oil is essential. 

You may as well shave your beard off if you don’t use the correct products. The last thing you want is to be out in public scratching your beard and it looks like Christmas is coming with all the beardruff coming away from your mane.

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Beard Brushes & Combs, Do I need them?

  1. Beard brushes and combs are also a big part of beard care, using these help style and optimise your beard growth to full potential. When applying balm or oil with a decent brush or comb, will help spread the product more evenly and getting in between each follicle giving it the ultimate boost.
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