5 Beard Grooming Mistakes

Bad Beard Care Mistakes!

Don't Worry, we know the internet could be a minefield especially for finding a reliable source when it comes to beard care!

That's why we are stamping out the... 

beard myths!

That's where we step in & boost your beard IQ

5 Beard Myths exposed, Fake News

I'm sure you have all heard that some of these ridiculous myths I disclose within this blog.

5 biggest beard myths

Doe's Shaving Really Increase Beard Growth?

Full Beard In A Month!

Summer Beard It Gets Too Hot!

Beards Annoyingly Itchy

Dirty Dog Beard

Shaving does not make your beard grow fuller, dont be fooled

shaving does not make your beard grow!

Yes, This has to be number one! having heard this when I was in my teenage years.
I can confirm this is a load of false information, more or less to promote shaving in order to make a bigger beard. Say it like that and you'd be laughing if you believed it!

Beard Myth exposed - shaving doe's not promote beard growth
Why Do People Say Shaving Makes You Have A Fuller Beard?

The idea behind this myth is that every time you shave back to your skin this would then reactivate any sleeping cells, open up more airways for hair to grow. This ain't true! 

(This is what Beard Derma Rollers Do)

All this ends up doing is actually stopping you from growing your beard to your ideal length.

Growing a beard takes time, patience and a lot of care. That's why it is vital to be using the right beard care with a level headed understanding of the truth to how a beard grows.


Have you even tried growing a beard?

That's the simplest way to put it!

A beard takes a little while to grow, how long it takes is mainly down to your genetics & what your beard routine is like. You want a minimum of a decent beard oil & beard wash to get through the early stages soon moving onto beard balm & beard butter once you have a little more length.

Some people find that in under 3 months, some could take up to a year.

The Average Growth For a Man Beard Is 1/2 Inch Per A Month

This varies with each person as mentioned above its down to the family genes.

Its a thumbs up for man made beard company


who said beards make you hot?

Surviving The Hot Weather With A Beard

Again another misperception, you notice how many of these myths are in fact negative not to mention also very false.

Are you starting to see the pattern?

Many myths are there to put you off or scare you with fear of a load of gibberish.

Having a beard will shield you from the sun
keeping you cooler

It's not your beard sweating, it is you! 

Having a beard has multiple benefit's, reducing UV sun rays helping protect your skin from the sun.

Truth be told, your beard will actually protect you with up to 21 SPF. Most sun creams are SPF 15, So better than your usual sun cream.

Want to read -  why beards are healthy for you?

Beards are itchy & unhygienic  

Says the person who has never grown a proper beard, the only reason these two issues persist comes down to a poor beard routine.

If your itching this is commonly down to dry skin, yes early stages of growth also makes your beard itch but with the right products i.e Beard Oil, you will reduce the skin inflammation, fight the beardruff & yes reduce this itching

Man beard is very itchy, stop suffering and find out how to reduce the beard itch

If you are suffering from beard itch or even beardruff I highly recommend checking out our other blog - Have You Been Suffering With Beard Itch

Beard smelling like a dirty dog?

Does your beard smell like a dirty dog?

No this ain't no insult, I have previously spoken to people who have said this & even seen other written blogs reporting this.

It's a myth, your beard shouldn't smell like a dirty dog, ales you ain't keeping to a proper routine, Hygiene is key to maintaining a clean & healthy beard.

Need some decent beard wash - Check Out Our Products specifically for your 

Beard Washing Routine

Beard Care Routine

As mentioned above, it mainly comes down to your daily beard care routine!

Are you using the right products? natural is better, made with organic ingredients. when it comes to beard care or even skincare you want to keep everything as natural as possible. 

Keeping a routine can be made as simple or as complex as you wish.

I have written a full blog on what I find best for me, I'm confident it will work for you too! 

(See Below)

Connor's How To Beard Routine

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