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5 beard grooming mistakes

1. Not using product’s

Many men when they first start out, believe they do not need to use product simply because they have no length. When in fact it’s better to start short, let your face get used to the nutrient’s (even if you just have a little stubble).

One of the biggest reasons why men don’t use product, is simply down to a poor regime. We call get carried away without busy life’s, rushing to work or saying id do it later. This is your first mistake, as soon as you get out of that shower dry & apply, we say.

Did you know, that our main water supply contains chlorine. Chlorine removes the natural oils in your hair & skin, weakening each hair strand and drying out your skin underneath.

2. Too much product

This is something we have all done at some point in our bearded journey’s. Applying to much beard oil, will cause a build-up in your beard and on your skin. It will look overly greasy, find it going everywhere and just being right pain in the ass.

Start small (1 drop at a time) then build up to where you find sits well within your beard. Another problem is, any dirt which gets trapped can lead to spots, acne, skin irritation and even infect your follicle’s.

If you find you have to much product, use a dry towel, hair dryer (never a beard straightener, this will cook the oil) and a brush, this removes all the excess and will allow you to continue your morning routine without the headache of too much product.

3. Ditching the moustache

Were you that kid in high-school with the chinstrap, trimming off his moustache?

Well I was & when I look back at some of the photos, I can’t help but laugh at my own foolishness. A big mistake is trimming the moustache, it is a pain and something you need to trim more frequent.

Not only does it look ridiculous, its actually one of your biggest assets as a bearded man. It adds volume, shape and class to your beard, making it stand out amongst the crowd for the right reasons.

Don’t be that guy who shaves his moustache off.

4. Trimming to much 

Ever found yourself screaming in the mirror, only to find you have cut too much off your beard?

Thought so, trimming to much can be a big turn off to home beard trims. Having wonky lines or an uneven beard, normally means you leave it to the barber. Learn to care for your beard at home, maybe start by getting confident trimming under the neck. (use your Adam’s apple as a stopping reference point)

Once you’ve mastered that, learn to trim up the wild ones which have outgrown the rest of your beard. In time by doing these small home trims, you will build you confidence in the bathroom and soon be taking on the rest of your beard.

The hardest part of the beard trim, I believe is getting that perfect crisp line with your cut-throat. Again, this is something for those looking to take their home beard trims to a different level, cut-throats easily cut through your hair & your skin. So be warned, if your carrying this out. I recommend practising on your arm/hand hair first, this will allow to understand how and where to cut your hair.

99% of men that use a cut-throat probably have cut themselves, always use a steriliser and alcohol wipe/swap stick. This will clean out the cut, allowing you the best recovery.

5. Lack of knowledge

Stop telling lies, who ever told you shaving regularly will make your beard grow quicker was lying. The beard world is saturated with fake news & myths, that’s why we want to educate other brothers, sharing tips & advice on the real facts.

Stay tuned for fact-based content, we want to educate & support our brothers on their beard journeys. Whatever length or style.

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