Why Do Men Grow Beards?  - The Biology

why do men grow beards?

Men grow beards because the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is created from testosterone, stimulates the hair follicles in their jaws. Men grow beards because the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is created from testosterone, stimulates the hair follicles in their jaws.

Why Do Men Grow Beards?  - The Psychology

Many men will recognize the experience of waking up in the morning and standing in front of the bathroom mirror, only to discover that they have allowed their man beard, to grow out too far or that it has gotten messy.

The irritation caused by this untamed tuft is as much psychological as it is bodily. Most men want to wear a beard (or lack thereof) that suits them, but many don't understand why some beards suit them and others don't.

Man Beards have increased and decreased in popularity and civilisations, from the first bearded age under Second century Emperor Hadrian, to the nobility and knights of the Middle Ages, to the men in top hats 19th Century, and finally to the current collection of metropolitan elite drinking pour-over coffees and pondering their well-groomed facial manes.

To be the man who stares at himself in the bathroom mirror, debating whether or not to shave his beard, is to ride the tide of history while attempting to chart your own path through it.

We all send a cacophony of quiet messages about ourselves to others by the way we choose to look. For males, how we choose to groom and maintain our facial hair is a significant indicator. The psychology of our man beard, and how we maintain them reveals a plethora of information about ourselves.

 "A beard on a guy is merely a technique of hiding something, his face of course, but also the inner concerns, like a hedge over a secret garden, or a cover over a birdcage," said Irish author Sebastian Barry.

While this is a humorous phrase that may be applicable to many, a guy may be aiming to create an ideal about himself through his man beard, rather than hiding a fact of his psychology.

Considering the Optimum Style of Beard

what beard style will you choose in 2022

Choose a beard style that works best for you and you alone, free from the fickleness of contemporary fads, if you actually want to stand out from your peers.

A guy can pick from an infinite number of beard styles. 

A guy may become the lord of his own realm by selecting whatever works best man beard style for him. At Man Made Beard Company we have put together a list of some of the popular styles of man beard.

2022 Man Beard Styles

In recent years, it was assumed that the growing popularity of man beards was a passing fad, a phenomenon on which Brooklyn and Portland hipsters could both hang their fedoras.

Ten years later, here we are. What was formerly considered fringe and independent has become mainstream, as seen by the increasing popularity of beards and facial hairstyles. We've also seen Fortune 500 companies and police agencies soften their facial hair regulations over the last decade, allowing more men to grow beards.

As we enter the third decade of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a new facial hair renaissance. It's a time for lonely beard and moustache styles to make a comeback. Perhaps more crucially, guys are rediscovering their ability to appear and dress in ways that boost their confidence. The Man-Made Beard Company is here to assist.

To summarize, man beards are not going away in 2022.

It follows, therefore, whether you're a first-time beard grower or a grizzled beard veteran, that beards are the way of the future, and beard companies UK can offer support and the optimum uk beard products.

Short Beard Styles

2022 short beard styles

For beards, quantity is not necessarily the best. Many people see the short beard style as the best option. Instead of focusing on big beards, choose the style of beard that brings you the most confidence. The use of man made beard oil is highly recommended for shorter beard styles.

5 o'clock shadow

The 5 o'clock shadow, often known as a stubble beard, is the shortest beard style available. It's always well-received and regarded as timeless and elegant.

This style has been popularized by David Beckham, Adam Levine, and Zac Efron, who have elevated designer stubble to a man's grooming standard, and we don't see it going away.

The Scruffy Beard

An extended version of the 5 o'clock shadow is the scruffy beard. It imparts a certain roughness to your appearance. It doesn't matter if you have a spotty or thick beard; scruff is a style that anyone can wear. It's perfect for those who cannot grow an even beard. Depending on the person, it should take between two and four weeks to grow. Just remember not to let it creep too far down your neck.

Corporate Beard

This beard requires the wearer to have a thicker growth of hair, so it is not one that everyone can pull off. This style of beard is around two to three inches long, and at that length, many men will not have an even beard. The average face contains around 3,000 hairs, and they do not all grow at the same speed, or in the same direction. This beard requires a lot of maintenance and must be kept ultra-clean. You will also need to practice creating that sharp cut on the cheeks and neck.

Short Round Beard

This beard will work well for guys who have

• Faces that are round

• Faces that are square

• Diamond-shaped faces

The beard will track the contours of the face without adding weight to the cheeks, which is why those people who have broader face shapes with chubby cheeks should avoid this one. Growing this style of beard is a two-month task for some people, while others can do it in just one month.

Beard is short and boxed

This style of beard is related to the corporate style, but it is much more angular and has a longer growth on the chin. This style has a distinct emphasis on the jawline and sharp cut edges. Like the corporate world, you will need to have a thick growth of hair.

You will need a beard trimmer with various lengths of the guard to manage the taper on the sideburns. The chin should use a size 4 guard, then the cheeks a size 3, with a size 2 for the sideburns. This type of beard is particularly well-suited to oval and oblong features.

Faded Beard

The faded beard, which is a skin fade for your face, has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. Fading occurs in two locations: the sideburn and the cheek. 

By maintaining the thickness of your beard on the chin, removing cheek bulk helps slim and elongate the face's silhouette. It's a clean style that looks best when your beard is between three and six inches in length and is precisely aligned by a barber.


The Hollywoodian shifts focus away from the cheeks and toward the jaw. The cheek lines are lowered, assisting in the creation of a more pronounced jawline. Take care not to cut the neckline too high, or you'll veer into chinstrap territory.

The Hollywoodian is well-known by fans of Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale, both of whom have had a similar low cheek line. While some authorities assert that a Hollywood beard does not link to the sideburns, we believe you should allow it to do so if possible. Additionally, this style is not exclusive to actors, despite its name.


This traditional style, named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi in the nineteenth century, exudes an air of distinction. A handlebar moustache and a rounded three to four-inch beard are characteristic of Verdi. The moustache's handles are waxed and dangle loosely over the top of the board. Some guys choose to keep their moustaches short and distinct from their beards.

It's going to take around four to eight months of growing and styling. One element that takes time is the handlebar moustache.

Beard Products UK: A good investment if you want this style of beard would be a good pair of beard scissors, and a Boar Bristle Beard Brush to make styling easier.

Corona Beards

This beard, as the name suggests, was a result/inspired by the Corona Virus period of 2020. As the globe shifts toward remote employment, more men will begin growing beards. Corona Beards were popular on social media in the spring and summer of that year and have remained a stylish look two years later.

Natural, tough, and low maintenance, the corona beard is a must-have. Allow it to flourish without interfering. Trim the necklines and cheek lines just a little if necessary. Perhaps once in a while, run a comb over it to remove any stray crumbs.

Styles for Long Beards

2022 mens long beard styles

Once you reach the six-inch mark, you've entered the region of the long beard (also known as the full beard). These lengthy beard styles can take 12 months to develop. Hair grows at an average pace of half an inch each month, which means it will take you a full year of growth to have enough hair hanging over your face to create these lengthy beard styles.

The problem with long beards is that it becomes ever more difficult not to get split ends or break the hair. While when you reach four inches, it might seem like everything is going well, it is possible that when you reach six inches, the hair might look very wispy. The use of man made beard balm is highly recommended.

Power Beard

It's not quite long enough to be a long beard, but we will include it anyway. The power beard tends to be about four inches long and is a wonderful combination of both rustic and modern. The other name for power beards is the "Natural Beard," and this will result in some beards growing straight, while others developing a wavy appearance. Learning to style this kind of beard is of great importance.

A Power Beard With A Walrus Moustache

If you have the ability to grow a strong moustache, match your strong beard with a bold walrus moustache. You can wear the moustache down and comb it into the beard, or you can wax and curl it into a handlebar, as with the Verdi beard discussed earlier.

The biggest problem with a moustache and beard like this is the impracticability of eating certain foods without becoming a total mess.

Power Beard with a Trimmed Moustache

If you're not a fan of food always getting stuck in your moustache, a power beard with a nicely trimmed moustache is always a great alternative. Trim the moustache to avoid it covering the top lip and to conform it to the natural curvature of your mouth.

Spade-Shaped Power Beard

As your beard progresses from a power beard to the four to six-inch range, you may commence shaping the bottom of the beard. The shovel-shaped beard's style is quite popular, and the way it produces the definite outline of a chiselled jawline-and who doesn't want that?

Trimming your beard into a spade shape is not an easy task on your own. When feasible, we recommend delegating this work to your barber.

Tweards and Yeards


There is a special name for a beard that has been allowed to grow for a year, and that name is Yeard. Since hair grows at about a half-inch every month, you'll have a full six inches by Day 365. You may do some mild pruning along the way to assist in shaping and maintaining the health of your Yeard. Combine the Yeard with a buzz cut for a tough style, or fully shave your dome.


Let the above process continue for twelve more months (two years) and we will have a tweard. A tweard should be around 12 inches long. It's quite an impressive beard, but with the added hazards of split ends and so on.

Terminal Beards

The natural end to growing a beard comes after six years. At six years, your beard will come to its natural end of growth at about 36 inches. Now, obviously, there are variations in this length depending on the individual. Some may exceed 36 inches, and others may not make it to that length.

Of course, outliers exist, such as Hans Langseth, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest male beard. When he died in 1927, his beard was 17.5 feet long. You're unlikely to break that record unless you're a descendant of ancient Long Beard Langseth.

So, what messages does a man's beard send?

What is he attempting to express about his social standing? 

In current times, how does society react to these signals? 

To address these concerns, it is necessary to examine how beards are perceived in today's many cultural realms.

The principles of attraction are nuanced and sophisticated, so much so that many individuals would struggle to describe them in detail. Anyone who wished to increase their standing in the sexual arena and find a spouse, on the other hand, prefers to adhere to these conditions.

These are the styles of presenting and acting inside advanced hierarchies that have existed for as long as humans have, and within which individual individuals have long struggled to flourish.

One of the guiding concepts for what seems to be beautiful features in men is their social standing or place within the status structure. Individual indicators such as a man's height, physical characteristics and contours, professional position, and career possibilities all contribute to this prevailing notion of sexual appeal.

The same theory applies to male attractiveness when it comes to facial hair, which is excellent news for most guys because the majority of men have the ability to sculpt or manage the beard that works best for them. Changing your height may be out of the question, but maintaining your beard's ideal length and form is not.

Based on numerous surveys and studies, the traditional conclusions regarding beards and facial hair were that a clean shave was deemed to be less attractive on a man with a boyish face, while the "long stubble" look - growth of around ten days' worth of avoiding shaving - was perceived to be most attractive sexually, and the longer style of beard was recognized as more paternalistic and reliable for a long term relationship.

It's also no surprise that the length of a man's beard influenced how manly and violent he was seen to be.

What's intriguing is that recent studies have found that a man with a well-developed beard is perceived as being more prosocial than his peers who have freshly shaved faces. As a result, while a beard might make a guy appear more aggressive and domineering, it can also make him appear more social and outgoing.

Why Treat Beard Hair Differently to Head Hair?

You may have noticed that there are several products designed specifically for beards, such as man made beard oil, man made beard shampoo, and man made beard balm. This may have prompted you to wonder why beard hair should be handled differently from head hair. To assist address the issue, we researched to identify some of these distinctions so you can make smarter buying decisions the next time you go.

Let's get started...

Unlike the hair on our heads, facial hair is a secondary sex feature in males, and guys start growing hair on their faces throughout puberty.

The hair on the scalp, like the hair on the face, grows in three stages - although the hair on the face grows far faster. The active growth phase (anagen), the transitional phase (catagen- when development ceases), and the falling out phase are among these processes (telogen). This cycle can extend for years on the scalp, but just a few months on the face.

Androgenic hair development is influenced by the hormone testosterone; the more testosterone a man possesses, the more facial hair he will develop. Testosterone is also responsible for certain terminal hair follicles changing back to vellus follicles over time, resulting in scalp baldness (even with a thick and handsome beard!).

The hair that grows naturally on men's faces is a completely different beast from the hair that develops on their scalps or anywhere else on their bodies. The hair on the face is thicker and has a much more wiry structure than the hair on the head. The skin beneath the hair is likewise distinct. Because scalp skin is more oily than facial skin, certain cleansers may be effective at removing excess oil from the scalp but are too harsh and drying for the face.

There may also be variances in the hair's capacity to tangle and seem unruly. Although scalp hair is straight, beard hair grows thicker and curlier - and the reason for this is due to the structure of the follicles. Face follicles are far more susceptible to androgens such as testosterone; these hormones cause follicles to twist and the resulting hairs to become kinked. This implies that you may need to use two brushes: one firm for the beard and one gentler for the head.

Beard hairs can have an entirely different texture than scalp hair, and they might even be a different colour. It's fairly unusual for red hairs to grow in the beard when there are no red hairs anywhere else on the body! A man may have a full head of black hair until he is in his forties, yet his beard may become fully grey.


What exactly does it all mean? 

In a nutshell, your beard requires different maintenance than your scalp hair. Beards require a gentler cleaner and additional conditioning treatments to soften (such as a beard oil or beard balm). They may also require special grooming gear, such as a strong firm boar bristle beard brush.

Caring for Your Man Beard

How to care for your beard in 2022

Do you know how fortunate you are to have enough facial hair to start a decent beard in the first place? Don't take anything for granted dude. Many people would go to any extent to get a beard like yours. Things that are dark and unspoken. If you need any of these beard products from Man Made Beard Company here in the UK, you should reconsider your bearded privilege.

Beards are important in today's society. Growing a beard, regardless of sexual orientation, is a way to distinguish oneself from the rest of the male population. Beards are now associated with male power, sexual virility, and general status.

Few men have your follicular strength and squandering the chance to grow a huge (and I mean amazing) beard is awful. However, growing a beard is not as simple as not shaving for a few weeks and then continuing as usual.

Maintaining a tidy beard should now be your number one priority, the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to bed. You can't just forget about it and expect others to forget about it.

The good news is that maintaining a healthy beard requires a few actions you're most likely already familiar with-brushing, conditioning, trimming, and washing as well as a few products you're most likely already familiar with. Treat your beard with the same passion that you do your head hair, and you'll be fine. 

Thats how us small Beard Companies UK, like us at Man Made Beards Company, have developed products to assist you.

Your Beard Should be Clean

This is especially crucial in the early stages of development because blocked food and skin cells can aggravate irritation. It's not only about the hair, but also about the skin below. The most crucial step in caring for a beard is the cleaning and conditioning it. Scrub your beard with a specialist cleaner several times each week.

Keeping your beard in excellent shape is essential for achieving a healthy look and influencing how it feels on your face. For example, washing your beard is an important step in reducing frequent irritation. 

A good wash of the beard, like cleaning your face, actively eliminates any build-up of dust and dead skin, all the beautiful matter that might accumulate from living in a bustling city or working outside.

You wouldn't use regular face soap on your hair, so why would you put it on your beard? Both are for hair, and both require shampoo. Fortunately, there are several good beard-specific shampoos on the market that use certain botanicals to soften and preserve the hair from drying out. Simply make sure that anything you use smells pleasant because it will be right up close to your nose.

Man-Made Beard Company has a range of beard shampoos and speciality soaps that are just perfect for your beard. Man made beard cleaning products are essential for your regular beard care regimen! providing a long-lasting, confident, clean, and beautiful beard.

Your Beard Should be Conditioned

After bathing, a beard requires conditioning to keep it silky and tangle-free. Our barbers know how to create a beard that is both soft and robust, and our recipe guarantees it. leaving a natural shine and offering additional care to the skin underneath.

It is vital to keep your beard soft to fight the impulse to shave it. A scratchy, dry beard is terrible, and the only way to prevent it is to use beard oil & beard balm. A good conditioner will moisturize and maintain the health of your beard, which are both important factors in maintaining facial comfort. A conditioner also has the added benefit of operating almost identically to a styling gel, so you can keep that thing under control and prevent appearing as if you've just returned from eight-year isolation in the woods. 

Man Made Beard Company has considered the maintenance of your beard, with research and testing to offer high-quality products. Castor oil is added to the main carrier mix in their balms for enhanced thickening of the oils and a smoother experience while removing the beard balm from the tin. 

Then, unlike many other balms, they changed things up by using cocoa butter as the foundation, making it the best beard balm in the UK.

Your Beard Should be Lubricated

Man Made Beard Company has taken the fundamentals of traditional beard oil and improved its influence on facial hair. 

This nutritional solution makes direct contact with the cuticles, guaranteeing that a beard is softly conditioned, strengthened, and stimulated to grow healthily, rather than just leaving the surface with a glossy finish.

Baseball mitts, butcher blocks, and beards are just a few examples. 

What do all of these people have in common? 

You'll need to lubricate them. While a beard balm can soften your beard, good beard oil will soften it even more and prevent beard dandruff. After all, no one wants to see a man with skin flakes down the front of his shirt. And maybe the most notable accomplishment of good beard oil is that it makes your beard smell fantastic. It's also a great benefit since it never leaves your face. 

Man Made Beard Company beard oils are created with you in mind, with a contemporary aroma and only the finest components, including Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond oil. As a result, you can expect nothing but the finest.

Your Beard Should be Brushed

You must brush your beard every day. For example, as with your hair on your head, it might be helpful to keep your beard nice and tidy. However, it is much more than that.

It aids in the equal distribution of beard oil throughout your facial hair, encourages your hairs to grow downwards rather than outwards for simpler maintenance, and can aid in the removal of ugly beard dandruff. 

If your beard is on the shorter side, I would recommend starting with a man made beard brush and progressing to a man made beard comb as it becomes longer. Brushes, as opposed to combs, can reach hairs hidden deep within your beard.

Man Made Beard Company makes a high-quality boar bristle beard brush. It's sturdy, curved, and simply the finest on the market. It is essential to include a strong and durable brush in your beard care routine. Brush your beard into a form that gives you confidence!

Brush your beard using a man made beard brush regularly to keep it from becoming tangled and unruly. It will also help with the distribution of the man made beard oil you're applying (together with your natural face oils) to keep your beard as healthy as possible.

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Your Beard Should be Cut

How to trim your beard in 2022

A frequent trim will retain your desired form, but it isn't the only technique to keep your beard in check. A daily brushing with a beard comb & beard brush will wrangle obstinate hairs and train them to grow downward.

Finally, you should keep your beard in good condition by trimming it regularly. Beard hair does not always grow evenly, and you'll want to shape it as it develops. This is best done with a high-quality beard trimmer, preferably one with a variety of attachments to avoid you accidentally carving out big bald regions if (or when) your hand slips.

Most beard growers place a high value on proper trimming. Unless, of course, you want it to look long and wild! However, it is not the easiest thing to master. The most common error is clipping too much off, which generally requires you to remove your whole beard and start again. Let's be honest: no one wants that!

The most difficult aspect is trimming the neckline. The most common method to jeopardize your beard is to overlook this critical distinction or to cut it incorrectly. Stopping too near to the jawline will make it appear as though you have a double chin, even if you don't. Allow it to get too deep down your throat, and you'll be compared to a wild animal.

The safest bet is to cut anything below your Adam's apple, although where you draw the line will differ from person to person. Some people have longer necks than others; you may need to go a bit above or below the Adam's apple for the best beard. 

However, it is still a fair guide for the lowest place at which the beard line will descend. Then, just extend that up in a gentle curve towards your ears to form a shallow "U" shape.

Moisturize your beard after trimming. Your beard, like your hair on top of your head, needs moisture to keep healthy. So, to round up the procedure, use an excellent beard oil to hydrate and assist keep your facial hair looking its best. Then, after trimming, run a beard comb over it to spread the beard oil and style your beard back into place. 

This can also assist show any strays that were missed during cutting, which you may remove with your scissors.

Do Not Forget Your Moustache!

Unless you've gone with a chinstrap, which we really hope you haven't, growing an enormous beard also entails growing a moustache. Minor cuts every three or four days will keep those badly-behaved hairs at bay and keep your moustache appearing clean. With a pair of grooming scissors, focus on the region around your philtrum (the area beneath your nose) and maintain it naturally shaped with a medium-hold wax.

What Products Should You Use on Your Beard?

Just like caring for your skin and hair on your head provides greater results when you use the right shampoo, conditioner, or treatments, using the right beard care products is essential for growing a healthy, professional-looking beard.

mAN MADE Beard Balm

Have you ever been curious about what beard balm is and how it works? 

Man Made Beard Balm acts as a leave-in conditioner, moisturising, conditioning, styling, and softening your beard. All of these substances work together to stimulate correct beard development while also keeping your beard healthy and smelling great.

View Man Made Beard Balms Here

mAN MADE Beard oIL

Beard oil is a conditioner that is used to soften and moisturize beard hair. It also works well for hydrating the skin beneath your beard. Beard oil is used to maintain beards appearing fuller, softer, and tamer. It's also occasionally used to help develop beards. 

Man Made Beard Oil
is designed with you in mind, with a contemporary smell and only the best components like Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond oil are the primary carrier oils! As a result, you can expect nothing but the finest.

By permeating the hair follicles, man made beard oils will assist boost beard development. Underneath, it replaces the natural oils in your hair and skin.

View Man Made Beard Oils Here

mAN MADE Beard Wash

Beard wash includes natural oils rather than the harsh chemicals found in ordinary shampoo, which take away oil. 

As a result, these particular beard shampoos are intended to keep your beard moisturized while washing, eliminating excess oil, and refreshing. 

Man Made Beard Cleaning Products are essential for your regular beard care regimen. Providing a long-lasting, confident, clean, and beautiful beard.

View Man Made Beard Washing Routine Collection Here

MAN MADE Whipped Beard Butter

Beard butter acts as a deep conditioner, softening and moisturising both your beard and the skin beneath it. Natural butters seep into the beard hair, making it seem fuller. Beard butter is an excellent choice if you suffer from beard irritation, dry skin, or dandruff. 

Whipped Beard Butter is wonderfully created and has a fantastic grip, but it's also great for conditioning, moisturising, and leaving your beard feeling well treated. It is handmade in Bristol, UK, this beard care product is a game-changer.

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mAN mADE Beard Brush

Brushing exfoliates your skin, aids in the distribution of natural oils through your beard to moisturize, promotes blood flow, and, as a result, can improve beard development by delivering more nutrients to your beard follicles. Beard Brushes can be bought as part of a beard kit from Man Made Beard Company.

View Man Made Boar Bristle Beard Brush Here

Do Not Quit Too Quickly.

Many people have had a week or two of development and realized,

 "This isn't working." Shaving the beard is usually the next step.

But the actual issue you need to ask yourself is whether you've allowed your beard enough time to grow to its full potential. Often, people have not. The majority of individuals are simply too anxious to wait and observe how their beard develops. 

That is why I usually advise them to wait at least two months before making a choice. Yes, it has been a long time. Even the males with the patchiest beards at first are typically considerably happier after a while when their hair has grown long enough to droop and hide the gaps. Some of the makeovers are incredible!

Remember the reason most men grow beards in the first place. They determined that women perceive men with facial hair as being not only more manly, but also more confident, hardworking, giving, and truthful than men without facial hair. 

Furthermore, studies discovered that for long-term partnerships, women rated beards as more appealing than clean-shaven faces. That has to be worth persevering for.

Beards Are Not Always Good News

A man with a beard brings baggage. He's been accused, by some, of harbouring bacteria and making women uncomfortable. Nonetheless, males continue to develop their beards. 

The reasons why men with beards grow out their facial hair vary, but the benefits of doing so are genuine. According to studies, a man with a beard is more attractive, is protected from certain diseases, and exudes a calm yet confident sense of masculinity a la Nick Offerman. (Lagavulin for life.)

However, this does not imply that all guys with beards have it easier. In reality, men's facial hair is a mixed (and often irritating) bag. So, should you grow a beard or not? Here's what scientists have uncovered regarding the advantages and disadvantages of having a beard.

Beards Probably Don't Have Poop In Them

First and foremost, disgusting. However, previous accusations that beards were contaminated with faeces were based on a single, isolated local news article rather than a serious scientific research. 

Although a Quest Diagnostics lab spokeswoman in Albuquerque did inform a reporter that a few bearded volunteers had trace quantities of faecal matter in their beards, these discoveries were not part of a nationwide trend. 

To put it another way, just because a few of people in New Mexico have faeces in their beards doesn't imply you have, too. However, more recent study has discovered that beards contain more germs than dogs. As a result, having a beard may necessitate some more time in the shower or an extra wipe.

Beards may help men avoid skin cancer

According to studies from the University of Queensland in Australia, beards can shield males from up to 90% of dangerous UV radiation. As a result, bearded men may be less susceptible to skin cancer, at least on a small portion of their face and neck.

"While beards will never be as sun-safe as sunscreen, they undoubtedly have a role in filtering UV rays," research author Alfio Parisi, assistant dean of the Department of Health, Engineering, and Sciences, told The Independent. So, while a man with a beard may use less sunscreen than his counterparts without facial hair, he still runs the danger of becoming sunburned on the rest of his body, particularly the nose and ears. Think of a full-face sweater as the polar opposite of a scorched bald spot.

Men with beards are more appealing (Sometimes)

Women prefer men with beards

Bearded guys may be more appealing to women, according to research (awesome). However, this is dependent on whether or not the woman's father sported a beard (weird). 

Scientists believe this has something to do with sexual imprinting, the hypothesis that future partner choices are imprinted at an early age and modelled after parents. If you decide it is worthwhile to take advantage of this unusual loophole, it is time to gain access to your prospective’s old family albums.

4/5 women prefer a man with a beard (Source Below)

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Guys with beards are perceived to be more manly.

According to one research, men with beards are perceived as more mature and having a better social position. There is also evidence that men with beards are more dominant. Furthermore, some contentious evidence implies that bearded males are more likely to engage in sexist conduct. 

Although the final research has subsequently been called into question, men with beards appear to project an outward masculinity that is difficult to imitate without facial hair.

 Bearded men die young

It's not all flowers for bearded men. According to one study, infrequent shaving of facial hair was associated with premature death from any cause, most notably cardiovascular disease. 

Researchers believe that the greater death risk is mostly related to lifestyle differences, since bearded males were shorter, less likely to be married, had fewer orgasms, and were more likely to smoke. Still, hormonal variables might be at work. So, bearded men, enjoy yourselves while you can, and consider James Dean an oddity.

Culture Matters

Many of these assumptions are culturally dependent, and there is a wide range of evidence to imply that how a guy with a beard is seen is greatly dependent on his culture, ethnicity, religion, age, and so on.

 What is true in one country or culture may be very different in another. If we concentrate on the Anglophonic globe, there is a wide range of causes relating to the male struggle for social status and the link to the increase in the growth of facial hair.

One theory is that a fully established beard harkens back to a time when confirmed gender norms were more clear and took primacy.

As John Steinbeck put it, "a beard is one thing that a woman cannot accomplish better than a man in our day." In today's society, when gender conceptions are dissolving and androgyny between the sexes is increasing, the beard is seen as one of the most visible - if not the most visible - signifiers of masculinity.

Another cause for contemporary man's recent obsession with beards might be related to ideas of a lost style of being and position in the world.

A strong commitment to a grown-out beard in a post-industrial and increasingly technological society could be a clear signal of a more tangible way of life, a life away from the complicated abstractions of aimless work and computer screens, in favour of a life of work in which real things are produced with great care and pride. 

It doesn't take much imagination to associate a large beard with a flannel-clad lumberjack or a blacksmith banging his mallet onto an anvil.

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