Does having a beard bring you success?

Does Having A Beard, Bring You Success?

Beard Success

Is It A Thing?

Based on the research conducted by myself searching the beard database 

Hidden forums, as well as being an experienced beards man.

  1. Got a Job Interview
  2. Do Women See Bearded Men As More Masculine
  3. 6 Successful Beard Owners
  4. 6 Richest Bearded Billionaires 
  5. Bearded Conclusion 

Beard Success

Got a Job Interview?

In recent years people have been sceptical about going to interviews with beards.

With the thought that having a clean-shaven face is more likely to have the advantage of entry-level jobs, 

it turns out that having a well-groomed beard is more likely to land you higher up the ladder. 

Having a beard can be perceived as dominant, wise, experienced and even knowledgeable.

People respect a man with a well-kept beard, who walks with confidence. 

They know he’s the man that owns the space he walks!


82% of women said that men look more masculine with a beard

Have all been there where a woman has wanted to feel up your beard, asking to run her hands through it. With 82% of women preferring a man with a beard that means that for every 5 women you ask to have a drink with at a bar, your pull 4 out of 5 (if you’re on top of your game a beard can’t talk for you). Another thing that’s been said is that bearded men seem to be better providers, now let your imagination run with that one.

The Ladies Man Beard Oil - Your Girlfriends Favourite 


6 Successful Beard Owners

The youngest woman in the world to have a full beard

Harnaam Kaur With Full Beard

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam is a legend in the beard care industry being from Slough, England and doing the quality work she does on raising awareness on mental health & supporting others. Yes, Harnaam is an incredible woman with a beard that even broke the Guinness book of records for the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard EPIC!

That's not even all of it, the list goes on.

Walking London Fashion Week in 2016, Harnaam also works as a freelance model and motivational speaker. Now that's one successful beard owner, don't you think?


Harnaam Kaur with a full beard


Toothbrush moustache

Toothbrush tache - Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin Toothbrush Moustache

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie's biggest hit was The Tramp which he even wrote and acted back on 11th April 1915. Now admittedly his tache stands out as very different to the current modern beard, His tache was nicknamed the toothbrush tache. Having been a clean-shaven man, he wanted to add a little age to his character in his debut film making a living on the 2nd of February 1914.

Two years after his Knighting from Queen Elizabeth 2nd, On Christmas day Charlie was pronounced dead from a stroke he had during his sleep. On the build-up to this, his health was declining to have to be under constant supervision & care.

World's Longest Beard In History

Longest beard in history

Hans Langseth - long beard

Han's was born on July 14th 1846 in Eidsvoll, Norway. He spent 21 years in Norway before moving to America in 1867 where he then married Anna Benson in 1970.


Han's worked as a small-town farmer in Elkton Situated in Minnesota. The photo of Han's was taken when he was aged 66 in 1912, Hans also joined a circus for several years until the point he had enough of people pulling on his beard and calling it a fake (It was most certainly real).


Hans died at age of 88 on November 10th 1927 and was buried in Elk Creek Church Cemetery. Following his death, his widow Anna later passed away on the 11th of May 1933 at the age of 61 years, she was buried at Ness Lutheran Chruch Cemetery in Mekinock, Grand Forks County, North Dakota, USA.


Han's the record breaker for the world's longest full beard


Leonardo Da Vinci's The Long Full Long Beard

Leanardo Da Vinci Beard

World's Most Expensive Painting

Leonard da Vinci

Doe's this man need an intro?

Leonardo is probably the most famous painter of all time PERIOD!


Born on the 15th of April 1452 in Vinci, Italy. The birthplace of Leanardo hasn't been known for centuries, We know it was in or near Vinci, so records state Vinci due to the uncertainty. 


Having moved around Italy throughout his life, first working in Milan and Florence and briefly moving to Rome He was an extraordinary man with a lot to give to the world art is just one of the many talents this man possessed, architecture, sculpture, science and even engineering were some of the other traits having studied the above with over 13'000 pages of notes and drawings.

His paintings are now considered to be the most valuable in the history of art, having done the last supper and his most famous Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa has been mentioned in all types of papers, and articles and featured in many films (normally art robbery films) In 2017 The Mona Lisa broke the world record for the most expensive painting sold after being auctioned off at a WHOOPING $450.3 MILLION!


The Greatest Play's

Sophocles Greek Beard


Some of the best films in history were written by Sophocles, going back to Ancient Greek Times!

Sophocles was one of three greek tragedians, having written over 120 plays only a couple would be available due to how old they are.

On the record: He was born between 496/497 BC in Colonus, Attica which surrounds the capital of Greece, Athens.

As you can see from the photo, the only image we have to go by is a sculpture of the bearded Sophocles. I don't believe he had the opportunity to take advantage of beard balm but he does look to have a magnificent beard.

Growing up as a kid, I loved Hercules from the film, toys & video games! You could say a slight obsession. Hercules At Taenarum or in ancient Greek Herakles Epi Tainaro, Eurystheus ordered Hercules to go to the underworld and kidnap a beard called Cerberus (Ancient Greek: Kerberos)

Natural Beard Rocked By Sophocles


Chin Curtain strap Beard Style 

President Of The United States Of America

Abraham Lincoln Chin Strap Beard

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the united states, serving from 1861 up until his assassination in 1865. Born on February 12th 1809 on Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky USA. Having heritage from England his 4th Great Grandad was from Norfolk.

Abraham was a successful lawyer before his presidential run, during his time in office he had to deal with the battle of Fort Sumter. Abraham ordered resupplying ships, and the Confederate government was given the ultimatum to evacuate fort Sumter. At the time Major Anderson was in charge and refused and started firing on the US Army, this was the start of The American Civil War (Baltimore Riot - 1861)

His beard style is known as a Chin Curtain for those who didn't want to sport the sideburn, a very similar style to the Hamish-looking beards.


6 Of The Richest Beards

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin Short Beard Style

Co-Founder of google

Born in Moscow on August 21st 1973, a genius in the tech world with a long line of family success. Both his parents graduated from Moscow State University, his father is a retired professor at Maryland University where he taught mathematics & his mother works for NASA as a researcher at the Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Having been very successful with Google, he has also gone on to co-found Alphabet Inc, which is also on the major stock exchanges. coming up to its 6th year, Alphabet Inc had a revenue of 182.53 Billion (Dated 2020). PageRank was the very first algorithm used by google search up until September 24th 2019.

Net Worth: $101.4 Billion

Now I'd say he's a Money Man, Wouldn't you?

Sergey Brin with a short beard


Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff Short Royale Beard Style

Marc Benioff with a short royale beard

CEO - salesforce 

Another big name, with a big bank account, he is an internet entrepreneur and CEO of, born on September 25th 1964 in San Francisco, California USA. At the age of 15, he launched his own software company called Liberty Software, a very intelligent man from a young age building his reputation based on his knowledge of the software. Featured in several big named news articles from Forbes, Economist and many more he has picked up the awards to go with it. Another big thing is he has a big heart for charity, in June 2010 he gifted $100 Million to UCSF Children's Hospital. Again another massive donation to UCSF & Oakland Children's Hospital for a big $100 Million, his charity work commitment continues to inspire and help others. It's safe to say Marc is a true gent with care for others.


Net Worth: $8.58 Billion (Dated 2021)

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Bronson Beard

Founder - Virgin Group

Born and raised in the capital of England, London on the 18th of July 1950.

Starting in his early career, he tried selling Christmas trees and budgies that never went as planned. 1966 he started his own magazine called Student, it wasn't until January 1968 that the first issue of student was released.

This was more of a success with the following year his net worth growing to £50,000, with this he got to meet the likes of Mick Jagger.

In 1971 he opened his shop on Oxford Street, London, where he then was questioned about selling records that were export stock. This never went to court but he did have a £70,000 fine and agreed to repay 33% of any unpaid purchase tax.


Having founded the virgin group in 1970, the company has grown to manage over 400 companies in multiple industries. Starting with records and soon to expand with packaged holidays in 1981, as you would have seen in recent years companies such as virgin media, virgin airlines and other big named virgin companies appear.

In March 2000, Richard Branson was knighted for his dedication to his "services to entrepreneurship"

Net Worth: $6.5 Billion (Dated 2021)

Richard Branson with the corporate beard


George Clooney

 George Clooney With Short Beard Style

George Clooney with a short beard

Global Award-Winning Actor

The first actor on our bearded rich list, George has been a star since I can remember growing up. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky USA on May 6th 1961, recently celebrating his 60th birthday the gent has achieved some incredible achievement's in his time. He first appeared on his first television programme ER (1994 - 1999) playing 

Dr Doug Ross, in his 5 years of playing the doctor he received 2 Primetime Emmy Award Nominations. In 1996 he got his first movie, From Dusk To Dawn (1996) Directed by Robert Rodriguez. 

The big blockbuster film Ocean's Eleven (2001) become a massive success turning into a trilogy which blew up his career now his name is known worldwide, for his quality of work, his political and economic activism being a member of the Foreign Relations Council & having served the United Nation's Messengers of peace.

Ohh, one last thing! He has been a hit with ladies. Dating some of the hottest women featured in several big magazines, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Siebel Newsom & Baywatch Star Krista Allen!

It's fair to say he's quite the Ladies Man.

Net Worth: $500 Million (Dated: 2020)


Leonard DiCaprio 

Leonardo DiCaprio With Beard

Wolf of wall street

Leonardo Has not always been a man with a beard however in recent years has grown a full beard, he was born in Los Angeles, California USA on November 11th 1974. Being another worldwide sensation, his movies never fail to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Having started his career by doing television commercials it's clear he knows how to sell tickets, if you would have seen the wolf of wall street this really fits the bill. Over the years, he has been featured in some of the highest-rated films of all time. The first major film was The Boy's Life in 1993 Directed by Tobias Wolff, a stepping stone to as you most probably know him from The Titanic "Don't leave me Jack" I'm sure you would have heard that at some point in your life or if your active on social you would have most definitely seen the memes. Let's talk business, in 2013 he played the legendary Jordan Belfort as a wall street stockbroker. 

Starting up his firm Stratton Oakmont, where he sold penny stocks, laundered drug money and enjoyed the lavish lifestyle that came with it until the FBI started sniffing around. The film itself topped the charts, broke Guinness world records for the most instances of swearing in a film & pretty much received every award there was to give. When it hit the cinemas, it made a grossing $392 Million Worldwide & ranks in the top 10 of business films period.

Net Worth: $260 Million (Dated - 2019)

Leonardo DiCaprio Sporting The Full Beard


Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian rocking the full beard

Dan Bilzerian rocking the full beard

Poker superstar

Dan has a very full beard, he is known for his very lavish lifestyle, humour and again a ladies man for sure. If you follow his social media, it's all about money, guns, women & adventure.

He's just a man enjoying his best life and riding the wave, he is a world poker superstar having travelled the world and racked in serious amounts of cash he really does have the balls to put his money where his mouth is. 

Born on December 7th 1980 in Tampa, Florida USA, his father was a big name in the corporate world from his investment in the local radio station and then moving into real estate. Paul Bilzerian (Father) was known for his corporate takeovers, Dan also has a brother a couple of years younger who is also a poker player. 

Dan has multiple businesses most known for his company IGNITE which specializes in cannabis & other smoking products, talk about living the high life. If that wasn't all, he has also starred in some big films! as mentioned Dan has a love for guns so it was no surprise to see him in Lone Survivor, Olympus Has Fallen, War Dogs & several more. It's clear Dan is a Hard Man!


My Bearded Conclusion

With all the facts, history and knowledge put into this blog do I believe having a beard will make you a success?

There is no evidence to fully back this up, only a little superstition and conspiracy. Having done my own research and looked into the history of beard's this blog does have some further facts I would like you to know and have your own opinion on. Leonardo Dicaprio was named after the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci, naming your son doesn't necessarily make you made for success but you must admit it's rather a coincidence both have become HUGE names within the world we live in.

Wait here's a huge beard fact for you!

Remember when I mentioned Abraham Lincoln having heritage from Norfolk, England? 

Well here is something to get you thinking!

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of America, his mother Nancy Lincoln had a half-sister called Mary Ann Sparrow. 

George Clooney also has heritage from Germany, Ireland & you guessed it ENGLAND! 

George's great-great-great-great-grandmother was Mary Sparrow, 

So would you say it's a coincidence that both Abraham & George made a massive success whilst sporting awesome beards and being related?


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