9 Things Every Man Should Know About His Beard

9 Things Every Man Should Know About His Beard

Congratulations on deciding to grow a beard or to find a reliable beard resource for all the information you will need to develop a confident beard any man would be proud to own.

Below you can find a break down of this beard blog and at a brief glance what you will soon find out if you continue to read on...


  1. Dedicate To Grow Your Beard
  2. Begin To Grow Your Beard
  3. Growing A Beard For Any Man
  4. Beard Care - Men's Beard Grooming Essentials 
  5. Every Man Should Be Caring For His Beard
  6. Reasons For Using Beard Oil
  7. Best Tips For Beard Hygiene 
  8. Bearded Shaving Advice!
  9. Beards Are A Strong Statement

Man Made Beard Co - Full Beard Model

1. Make A Dedicated Effort To Growing A Beard

It's important to understand that growing a beard takes time and effort, 

especially in the beginning. You may become discouraged, frustrated, and subjected to criticism from friends and family. 

However, it is gratifying and well worth the effort.

Your dedication and genetic make-up primarily determine your success in growing a beard. Some people are blessed with the ability to produce a beard in a matter of weeks, whereas others may require months or years to achieve the desired look.

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about genetics, but with dedication, you can persevere through the difficult stages to see how things turn out. 

If it doesn't work, you can shave it off in a matter of minutes. 

(You won't want to after your beard grows on you!) 

So, If You Want To Grow Your Man Beard, Commit Yourself To Do So For At Least Twelve Weeks.

This will give you enough time to grow a decent British beard and become accustomed to caring for it.

2. Begin To Grow Your Beard

You can begin growing your beard whenever it is convenient for you. Some people prefer to let it grow out over the winter. Others choose to start growing their old man beard while on vacation and away from work. 

Does your beard grow more in the winter?

One of the most common errors men make is attempting to shape or trim

 their beards too soon. 

Allow 10 to 12 weeks for the beard to grow before trying to shape it. 

It's best to put your razor away and let your facial hair grow.  

Even if you only intend to grow a

long beard, short beard, Amish beard, goatee, chin curtain, moustache, or even a monkey tail beard!

Whatever your preferred beard style, just know I support you!

Remember any questions my inbox is always open,

so feel free to ping me any my way.


Mike Fiers Baseball Player With Monkey Tail Beard

Monkey Tail Beard Is a Thing, Mike Fiers rocked this look during Oakland A's Playoff back in September 2019

Why bother growing out a full beard for the first 8 weeks? 

You have no control over how your beard will grow and will most likely cut too much off. - You may notice that your beard fills out better in some areas than others. 

You may prefer one style when clean-shaven but for a completely different one when your hair has grown sufficiently. All of those things can contribute to an unattractive British beard that ends up in the bathroom sink.

During the growth process, you may experience itching and skin irritation. This is quite common among many men and is nothing to be concerned about. 

This is one of the reasons you need to apply Man Made Beard Oil as that can help reduce irritation, while also softening facial hair.

Itching may also be relieved by using a Beard Shampoo and Beard Balm. It is critical to understand that the itching is only temporary and will eventually stop. (Stick with it brother) 

Struggling with beard itch?

3. Creating A Beard For Any Man

Creating a British beard It's time to shape your beard after the first month. It's sometimes a good idea to seek out a barber who specializes in beard shaping.

If that is not an alternative, you must concentrate on two areas:


How to trim beard

Trimming under your beard 

Neck Line - Generally, you want the bottom of your beard to extend an inch or two past your jaw bone. If you place two fingers against the bottom of your jaw bone, your British beard should end there. 

Furthermore, the back of your beard should be straight down from the back of your sideburns. 


How To Shape Your Beard - Home Beard Trims 

Cheek Line: The general rule is to let the cheek line grow naturally without shaping it. Many beards have been ruined as a result of men's compulsion to trim the cheek line.

Do not attempt it!

Do not be disheartened if you make an error when trimming your beard!

Allow the area to grow out without shaving, and it will soon fill back in. If the error is obvious, another option is to trim the length of your beard's hairs and start growing again. 

4. Caring For Your Beard

There are a few things you require to keep your beard in good condition! 

Man Made Beard Oil UK 

Man Made Beard Co - The Money Man Beard Oil

Every beard needs to be accompanied with man made beard oil, this is a key product to promoting beard growth but also the most important for hydrating & nourishing your skin beneath. Having dry skin will be the start of many problems, which then makes your beard suffer from a lack of hydration, nutrients & natural oils.

Depending on length, it's best to use man made beard oil 1 or 2 times a day. With the hot weather, it's vital to keep your beard hydrated for obvious reasons, but it will also increase the chances of split ends if you don't condition your beard with oil as beard oil is great for heat protection.  


Man Made Beard Balm UK

The Money Man Beard Balm

Don't be overwhelmed many people say you need one or the other but in fact, dependant on your beard it will depend on the products you keep.

If you have stubble you will only need Beard Oil to start with, when you start to grow more length i.e by the inch then it's time to involve your man made beard balm.

It holds, conditions & nourishes your beard hair as the main point for beard balm is to hold your flyaway beard hairs, whilst giving & containing the added nutrients within your hair follicle strands. 

You would combine this with beard oil to optimize for the best results.


Man Made Beard Shampoo

Man Made Beard Company - Beard Shampoo Wash

The most common mistake is those who use their regular head hair shampoo to wash your hair.


This increases the chances of beardruff as it dries your beard out due to the added parabens, (including acids, alcohol & sulphates) used to preserve the shelf life of the product.


Rugged Beard Look

You can dry your British beard by patting it dry with a towel after applying beard oil & letting it air dry for a more rugged appearance.


5. Beard Care - Male Grooming Essentials

If we dont sell it, you dont need it! 

That's what I say, whatever stage you are at with your beard journey these products above will soon if they are not already in your beard care kit!

6. Reasons For Using Beard Oil

Reasons for Using Man Made Beard Oil to maintain a clean, comfortable & confident beard as well as that masculine appearance for an extended period, if you are looking for good beard growth products on the market then these wont disappoint . However, if you decide to keep with another brand that's totally fine but. you will be missing out on a great deal more.

The toning of beard hair is a secondary step; first and foremost, you must have healthy beard hair growth. It's important to know that beard growth oil is considered the crowning achievement in a man's beard care routine.

Then, not only will it look its best, but it will also serve its intended functional purpose. You may rest assured that the beard will always smell fresh and be in good health if you use this product.


3 must-haves to keep a clean beard


Man Made Beard Company Best UK Products

You know where to find Man Made Beard Company!

You will also find that the majority of the options are made of various mannish scent's. These can either have an Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil in them. 


Due to the nature of the product, it is vital you check with your supplier that they are CPSR Assured. This is to verify the products are actually safe to use by a governed authority pharmacist who will confirm with a letter in writing. 

(email & certified document) 


This is to protect you from damage to your skin, beard & any other health risks that may occur due to such inadequate procedures during the process of manufacturing knock off products.

That's why when you buy with a registered CPSR Beard Care Supplier you do not have to be concerned about any negative effects on your skin.


First Time Beard Grower

First time users, always patch test & read the label! 

Remember beard products contain nut oils and this is a big risk,

to those with a nut allergy. 


If you have any allergies and are even 1% uncertain then please drop a message & I will help you find the perfect product even if it's with another competitor!


Let me keep you safe & your beard confident!


There are numerous other advantages to using these man made beard oils and Man Made Beard Balms daily to use them regularly. Some of these advantages, which you should be aware of, are listed below.

Moisturizer for the skin:

Even after a thorough beard wash, it is challenging to keep the skin beneath it in good condition. Using such oils will help to seal in and further moisturize the skin, thereby creating an effective barrier against all other external elements that are known to cause damage to it.

Hair is conditioned and moisturized by the following products: Beard Oil will be applied to each hair, and a beard shampoo is the most effective way to provide nourishment. This will assist you in creating a barrier against all of the dust and dryness that would otherwise be present. 

Maintains the luster of the hair:

To achieve a more masculine appearance, you will not only want to have a fuller beard, but you will also want something visually stunning. Regularly, men who use these beard oils and beard balms can ensure that they have a perfect and glossy appearance. 

Prevents breakage by the following means: 

Over-washing and over-application of shampoo may cause damage to the beard.

(That's why I recommend washing your beard every 2/3 days & rinsing with water on other days) This is because it removes all of the natural oils and nutrients. 

When you use high-quality beard oils, you can rest assured that this will be limited. When you use Man Made Beard oil, it will Hydrate your skin, and condition each hair. By doing so, you can ensure that no damage occurs. 

When you use my Beard Balms & Beard Oils on your beard, you can get rid of the dry, itchy patches that have developed. The oils shall moisturize and condition the skin and hair, providing you with relief from itching due to a well-hydrated beard with locked-in moisture from the beard balm


Enhances the growth of the beard: 

Man Made Beard With Confidence

Beard products improve blood flow, which will aid in the improvement of hair growth. It will also unblock the hair cavities, which will help in the promotion of hair growth. 

It will also prevent the further development of grey beard hair or old man beard on the face and other areas of the body. You may slow down the ageing means, making the appearance even more appealing.

Do you have itchy skin and a solid desire to shave off your half-grown beard?

Beard Oil is known to be one product that can assist you in growing your beard to its full potential, in addition to providing the nutrients that you require, this will work wonders for you.

If you are considering buying one for yourself but aren't sure yet, there are a few basic questions that you should ask and get answers to before proceeding. Making a decision will be straightforward once you have the answers to the fundamental questions.

Is It Beard oil That Is Organic?

Only high-quality organic beard oils aid in the rapid growth of the hair. Redness and swelling that generally occur when hair grows do not happen due to using this product. These are chemical-free and, in addition to helping the hair grow, they also help it become more muscular.

Only when you provide nutrients to your skin can you be sure of experiencing faster beard hair growth. 

Chemically formulated products, particularly for those with sensitive skin, can cause irritation and damage. The reality is that these products do not promote hair growth but rather inhibit it, that's why I always tell you to check the label otherwise ask me!

Our all-natural mens beard products will not cause any harm to the skin when applied.


Is It Suitable For People With Sensitive Skin? 

If you have susceptible skin, you should be aware that you should never use products that contain chemicals. This will cause damage to the skin and increase its sensitivity. Additionally, you may experience some redness and swelling.

You should look for beard products that contain natural ingredients that encourage the health of your beard hair. 



8. Shaving Advice for Bearded Men

How to shave your beard line

Shaving can be pretty irritating for most people, but it is still a necessary part of daily life. They can, however, take heart from the amount of maintenance that men with beards must maintain. 

Regular beard trimming is frequently a more difficult task than shaving yourself clean. At the same time, an untrimmed beard appears clumsy and untidy, indicating that the person has no regard for his appearance, which often gives a rather negative impression.

Opinions on whether a beard looks good on a man to vary, and various factors influence the answer. However, beard trimming has proven to be a difficult task for men who have decided to grow a beard, even if only for a short time as an experiment. However, when done regularly and efficiently, it is only a few minutes of work per day.

The first thing to remember is to shave all hair below the jawline. Neck hairs are unnecessary and give an untidy appearance. Then, keep the overall proportionate volume of the beard by clipping off the odd long single beard. Remember that a uniform beard is just as unappealing as a completely irregular beard.

Proportion is the key to a good beard. Previously, scissors were used to trim the excess edges, but there is now an alternative: the beard-trimming machine. A beard trimming machine is both convenient and inexpensive. Its function is identical to that of a hair cutting machine or a shaving machine in that it trims close and has a set of blades well-guarded by a safety cap, making trimming safe. Furthermore, it is entirely problem-free.

Choose a cordless model with battery options to enhance your shaving experience. Style of Beard There are a few things you should know about your facial hair options now. For men, there are eight different face shapes.

Identifying your face shape will assist you in selecting the beard style that best accentuates your best, manliest features. With the right look, you can attract the right kind of attention. Now, for those of you who don't mind, just let it grow!

Once you've determined your face shape, you can choose the style you want, as well as the length, shape, and amount of area you want to cover.

Remember that whatever you choose will reveal a lot about you, whether you like it or not. If you work in an office, meet with clients, or attend meetings, make sure you keep your hair and face well-coiffed.

Rugged looks can also be pulled off if done professionally.


9. Beards are statements in and of themselves!

Beards Should Be A Statement

Short beards (think 5 o'clock shadow) can be rugged while remaining trim and put together. Longer beards, when adequately groomed, can also be considered dignified. Goatees and moustaches may be the answer for those looking for something a little more subtle.

These beard styles are simple to experiment with, whether you want to portray yourself as artistic, cool, sexy, or a little of everything. Maintenance Food hanging from your facial hair is one of the few things that will turn a woman off faster than anything else. But keep in mind that you should always have a great-looking beard by using high-quality beard care products. 

Those used to having facial hair don't think twice about it; keeping clean and neat is almost second nature to them. If you're a newbie, make sure to wipe your mouth with a napkin after you eat. Before going out, especially on a date, at the office, or to a formal function, check yourself in the mirror.

There you have it, the fundamentals of selecting and maintaining a beard or moustache. Be one-of-a-kind, stand out, and reinvent yourself by simply doing what comes naturally to you.


There you have it, the fundamentals of selecting and maintaining a beard or moustache. Be one-of-a-kind, stand out, and reinvent yourself by simply doing what comes naturally to you.

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