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5 Beard Myths Exposed

1. My beard grow’s Curly & stiff like a wire. This myth comes from an ungroomed beard, using beard oil or even a beard balm will reduce the stiffness also combined with a brush will reduce the curliness within your hair, helping straighten out any curls. 2. Shaving makes your beard grow faster. Who the hell ever made this up? – shaving your beard only prolongs your beard journey. The theory behind this myth is that, once you shave down to your skin you will expose the thicker part of the hair follicle. Shaving will do no physiological or biological change to your beard density or growth rate. 3. I can’t grow a beard, it grows patchy. Many believe this...

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5 beard grooming mistakes

1. Not using product’s Many men when they first start out, believe they do not need to use product simply because they have no length. When in fact it’s better to start short, let your face get used to the nutrient’s (even if you just have a little stubble). One of the biggest reasons why men don’t use product, is simply down to a poor regime. We call get carried away without busy life’s, rushing to work or saying id do it later. This is your first mistake, as soon as you get out of that shower dry & apply, we say. Did you know, that our main water supply contains chlorine. Chlorine removes the natural oils in your hair...

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Washing The Bert Way

HOW TO WASH YOUR BEARD AND APPLY BEARD OIL.... THE BERT WAY! Let go through the steps shall we? Step 1 - Wash and Oil twice a day (Morning and Night) these routines are exactly the same and essential to promote a strong and healthy beard!Step 2 - When washing your beard always use proper beard soap or shampoo, I have also found 100% natural coconut barred soap to be very effective but branded stuff is also good. If you can’t use either then normal hair shampoo and conditioner will be okay. This is a last resort as with normal shampoo and conditioner you loose more of the essential oils in your beard and skin compared to the proper stuff!DO...

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Does having a beard, bring you success?

1.      Got a Job Interview? In recent year’s people have been sceptical about going to interviews with beards. With the thought that having a clean-shaven face is more likely to have the advantage of entry level jobs, it turns out that having a well-groomed beard is in fact more likely to land you higher up the ladder. Having a beard can be perceived as dominant, wise, experienced and even knowledgeable. People respect a man with a well-kept beard, who walks with confidence. They know he’s the man that owns the space he walks.         2.      82% of women said that men look more masculine with a beard We have all been there where a woman has wanted to feel...

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Do I Really Need A Beard Brush or Comb

Do I really need a beard brush & comb? 9 out of 10 bearded men love to be complimented on their beard, being praised on such a beautiful thing from others is one of the great things of being a man with a beard. Who wouldn’t like to feel the confidence boost from the compliments of others, especially from the ladies? Having a well-groomed beard which looks and feels epic is many of the reasons why beards have gone from fashion to a lifestyle in the recent years. Did you know that 25% of men can’t actually grow a beard? Crazy isn’t it. Brush or comb or BOTH? So, when we say groomed, we don’t mean going to the Gucci...

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