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Should I Shave Before an Interview? 

While applying for jobs and attending interviews, keeping your look in mind is crucial when job hunting. Whether to retain or lose your beard may be difficult for some guys. For professionals who want to create a solid first impression to land that job, it may be good to conduct some preliminary study into the acceptance of facial hair in today's workplace. 


Is it necessary for me to shave before an interview?

Similar to how fashion constantly reinvents itself in our society, they also vary in the job. Beards represent a fashionable trend among males and may be seen both in the office and in public. If you're looking for a job, it's normal for guys to sport a clean-shaven appearance in specific situations. This clean-shaven look means no beards, (even goatees), or sideburns, In fact, no facial hair should be visible. Especially in organizations with rigorous appearance and clothing rules, such as military bodies or certain emergency services jobs, this is especially true.

Many firms and sectors have less rigorous dress code rules, so it's good to check the company's policy before applying or interviewing for a position. Check with the company you are interviewing with to see if they have any limits on the amount of facial hair employees can have.  

The use of social media can assist you in determining whether or not a firm welcomes facial hair. Please do this by searching the organization's professional social media sites or the social media pages of its personnel. 

Assuming that a large majority of the males in the firm's profile images have beards or other facial hair, it is reasonable to presume that the company does not have an anti-beard policy or culture.

Not many businesses, particularly start-ups and small firms, have a professional social media presence. However, younger and smaller companies generally offer many employee images on their website, which might assist you in determining whether or not the firm is beard friendly.

Even if your employer allows for facial hair, the position you are seeking may have more stringent criteria. Cooks or anybody who handles food, machine workers, or anyone who wears a mask may be prohibited from having facial hair. Those who work with sick people or patients and anyone else whose beard may come in the way of their employment are among those who must adhere to these stricter requirements.

Because most tiny start-up firms do not have an HR department, there may be no appearance criteria. Man Beards are now more common than ever with many men now sporting the beard, it would be more uncommon to come across a business with only clean-shaven employees.

Distinct locations may have different laws regarding job hunting, whether you're looking for a position locally or seeking to relocate. For example, beards are popular in Urban areas of the country. 

While determining whether or not to shave your beard or other facial hair might be a difficult decision, evaluating all of the factors involved is essential. Remember that you can always modify your facial hair later. Shaving will be a regrettable action to take, so fuck shaving! 


Why should you shave before an interview?

Trying to find a new job may be a time-consuming and challenging task. This process includes researching openings and businesses, making a solid first impression, and securing an interview appointment. Make an effort to present yourself professionally to boost your chances of success. For males, looking professional may entail tucking in your shirt, donning a tie, and, in some instances, sporting a specific facial hairstyle, among other things. It depends on various circumstances, including corporate regulations, your position within the firm, the industry in which you seek work, and whether you should shave your facial hair before an interview.

If you believe that having facial hair would hinder you from getting a job, double over the potential employer's social media accounts where they would be posting members of their teams. At this point you will be able to research before the interview and have an inside scope into the business you wish to join, another worthwhile method of approach to the situation would be to simply ask if there is a beard policy (Company Policy).

Beard Advice UK

Advice on how to maintain the appearance of your beard!

If you believe it is permissible to maintain your beard or any other facial hair for an interview, think about if it is necessary to get, it adequately groomed before the interview. It's critical to have a regular schedule for cleaning and clipping your beard hair. When deciding whether or not to retain your beard for an interview and beyond, consider the following suggestions:

Maintain your beard by washing and conditioning it regularly.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your facial hair is made more accessible by washing it. To avoid a beard struggle, you may wash and condition it with a mild Beard Shampoo explicitly designed for beards to prevent brittleness and breakage. After washing, use a UK Made Beard Oil to hydrate, nourish and moisturise your beard, this will make your beard appear more healthier with added softness, and also Reduce Beard Itch & Irritation as part of a regular beard routine. During the time between a wash with Luke warm water (No Products), rinse and massage your beard while altering the frequency of your washings accordingly.


Beard Oil and Beard Balm Should Be Used.

When you apply naturally UK made beard oil to your facial hair daily, it will assist in hydrating your beard hair and skin beneath. Discover what is the best beard oil and be mindful that even a tiny amount of a product can considerably impact.

To preserve the moisture in your beard and style it, work the beard balm into your beard and style it according to your preferences. Check out some of the Best Beard Balm in the UK.

Remove any facial hair if you have it.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you should trim it every few weeks ales you are already at your desired length. Use Beard Grooming Scissors to keep stray hairs under control and preserve the form. It is possible to have a barber cut it for you while also giving you some styling advice between sessions if you are uncomfortable doing so yourself. The trimming of your beard, moustache or any other sort of facial hair by a professional barber may aid in the maintenance of your professional image.

Make a point of brushing your facial hair.

Cleaning your beard towards the conclusion of your routine may aid in stimulating natural oil production and the distribution of any additional products applied to it. Keep Wooden Beard Combs & Boar Bristle Beard Brushes at your workplace or car, together with a small bottle of one of the best beard oils, so that you may maintain a tidy appearance throughout the day. Make brushing your beard a frequent routine so that your beard appears professional when you are at the office.


Can Employers Insist That Employees Have No Facial Hair?

No-Facial Hair Policies in the UK 

According to recent research, approximately 50 percent of males between 25 and 34 like to wear some facial hair, primarily stubble or a short beard style. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of all males now feel that it’s entirely unnecessary to shave every day. Sensitive skin, personality, style, saves time & being bearded is badass, These are some of the key reasons why many men are now sporting a beard here in the UK. 

Standards of Appearance

As a general rule, you are completely authorized to set the standards of clothing, appearance, and personal hygiene in your workplace. You terminate those workers who unreasonably fail or consistently refuse to comply with your stated criteria. However, any such standards or regulations that you want to enforce must always be:

  • Reasonable
  • Consistently implemented and enforced (you can’t come down hard on one employee’s violation yet ignore another)
  • Relevant to the position performed by an individual.

You may, if you wish, apply stricter standards of dress and appearance to those employees who deal with your clients, customers, and suppliers regularly. This policy may be implemented by insisting that those male employees' beards are well groomed and take a more relaxed attitude towards those who never, or rarely, contact third parties.


Indirect discrimination risk 

Despite this amount of freedom, there is a danger. Even when you feel that a clean-shaven policy is suitable for your firm, it might constitute indirect discrimination if it fails to take into account an employee’s own personal religious requirements. 


A claim of this sort is significantly more likely to succeed if the employee can establish that the practice of having a beard is an obligatory aspect of their religion. It stands less chance if it is merely a cultural practice or a personal statement of their belief.


Regardless of religious or cultural sensitivities, you can insist that all male employees with facial hair maintain appropriate personal cleanliness standards. This result is achieved by keeping it clean and well-trimmed. This rule wouldn’t amount to indirect discrimination, given that it applies equally to all male personnel. You would also be entitled to reprimand those who disregard it and dismiss them if they fail to improve.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has now released new recommendations on religion and workplace beliefs. It’s an excellent starting place if you require extra information.

UK Legal Summary

As an employer, unless facial hair is a mandatory requirement of an employee’s religion or creed, e.g., a Sikh's beard, in the UK, you have full right to impose a clean-shaven rule on male personnel via a dress and appearance code. However, it must be consistently enforced - you can’t come down heavily on one breach and then turn a blind eye to another.

With that said being the 21st century you may come under some scrutiny if clean-shaven is mandatory, as many bearded men are now in all business professions it is not frowned upon to grow a beard. Many well-groomed beards actually look smart, when maintained and cared for with pride whilst using a beard grooming kit.

Facial Hair Policies in the UK?

While many companies do not object if their employees have beards, certain companies want a culture in which employees are clean-shaven. They feel that this appearance is the way they want their company portrayed. Others permit facial hair to a certain extent by establishing guidelines for beard length.

Many employees are not happy with such policies and believe that a firm does not have the right to make such demands. On the other hand, private employers have the legal authority to establish their company's dress and grooming standards. As long as requiring employees to shave does not infringe on the employee's civil rights or create undue hardship, they have the authority to establish norms for facial hair.

While some employees believe that any measure to restrict how someone appears violates their civil rights, courts generally do not share this view. Instead, there are two primary grounds for exempting employees from a company's facial hair policy.

Accommodations for Medical Reasons

Several skin diseases, including Pseudofolliculitis, Barbae, and other skin problems, can make shaving uncomfortable and cause skin irritation and pimples. It is in the best interests of affected people to allow them to preserve their beards.

This is also another reason why using natural beard care products are a must as it reduces the chances of skin irritation compared to many artificial fragrances. Natural Beard Oils are made with carrier oils & essential oils only, UK Made Beard Oils are required to attain a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) To sell these products, it is illegal to sell without being certified. 

On that note, many brands are & some are non the wiser so always check with the brand when first purchasing from a smaller business.


If you are a start-up not certified please get it sorted for the safety of your customers, if you need any help hit us up. We will help you get sorted with the right safety reports so you can keep your bearded bros safe :)

Accommodations for Religious Beliefs

Discrimination based on religion is prohibited under federal law. If an employee's faith forbids him from shaving, an employer cannot force him to do so on the job. For example, in the Sikh religion, a beard indicates a deep religious belief carried in one's heart. It is fair to allow followers to maintain their beards to comply with religious traditions.

Policy Considerations on Facial Hair

Even religious and medical matters, on the other hand, are not always straightforward. When there is a valid safety issue, the situation becomes more complicated. For example, in a workplace with respiratory dangers, an employer may insist that employees wear snug respirators. A beard causes the respirator not to fit correctly. In these types of situations, businesses should seek legal guidance.

Just because private businesses are legally permitted to implement facial hair rules does not imply that they should do so in practice. Consider the impact of grooming regulations on workplace culture and corporate image, just as you would with any other policy.

For starters, prohibiting facial hair might give the impression that a business is out of touch with the times. Plenty of guys worldwide are sporting attractive beards, goatees, and well-crafted stubble to complement their attire. 

Saying that such appearances have no place in your workplace and might come out as narrow-minded.

Second, when individuals see that their freedom of speech is being restricted, they frequently voice their displeasure with the situation. For reasons other than safety considerations, it may appear "Big Brotherish" to prohibit facial hair. Additionally, it causes prospective employees to question your commitment to diversity and inclusion. The United Parcel Service, for example, readily acknowledges that employee input was essential in the recent easing of the delivery service's restriction on beards. Employees stated that adjustments to clothing and grooming regulations would increase their likelihood of recommending UPS as an employer.

How Some Businesses are Getting it Right

But what if you're worried about how you'll show yourself? After all, businesses are interested in how the general population sees their employees. It is possible that guidelines that satisfy your goals without stomping on too many toes would be the answer.

Under the company's more extensive dress code and grooming policy, "we have a facial hair policy," explains Daivat Dholakia, head of operations at Force by Mojio. To work here, we need that all facial hair be nicely cut. That's it." While other firms have more specific regulations restricting hair colour or even enforcing a list of approved haircuts, we do not. We feel that allowing employees to keep their styling practices helps to foster creative expression among employees. We require that they adhere to professional clothes and presentation standards that are generally accepted in the industry. "Because our employees are the public face of our company, we felt it was appropriate for us to request that they be well-groomed."

Trevor Larson, CEO of Nectar HR, echoes this sentiment. "Our office has regulations regarding facial hair for everyone, but they are not unduly restrictive. However, while beards and facial hair are fashionable and widely accepted, they must be kept in good condition. That implies there should be nothing in the way of a person's ability to speak. The neck must be free of debris. It must be well-groomed, and it should never have an unpleasant odour. The normal corporate beard length of 0.5 to 1" is in force to determine beard length, and it must be trimmed uniformly around the edges. We make exceptions for religious and cultural reasons. Still, the policy is in place to guarantee that employees professionally show themselves to their co-workers and, most all, to our clients."

It doesn't matter what your company's policy on facial hair is; one thing must always be at the forefront of your thoughts: fairness. Maintain consistency in your policies. The image of partiality or prejudice is created by sporadic enforcement, and that is never a pleasant look to the present.

The Professional Beard

Today, rather than shaving all off, beard styles such as the professional beard characterize the business gentleman as opposed to shaving the whole beard off. Professional beards enhance your corporate look at work and assist you to obtain respect from your fellow workers, clients, and corporate investors, among other benefits.

A lot may be learned about a man's character and attitude from his professional beard style. Clean and neat beards convey a commitment to a healthy way of living.

Growing a professional beard can be difficult, especially when planning to attend an interview or meeting with a client, or for an office worker who is supervised by someone who doesn't tolerate "dirty" personnel, according to the National Beard Foundation. So the issue remains: how do you feel about your beard obsession? Are you prepared to forego the opportunity to develop a long, delicious beard in order to get a job? 

We are fortunate that it is 2023, and a business person with facial hair is no longer frowned upon as it was in previous decades. Professional beards are now part of the beard grooming market, and as more men accept the many types of professional beards, the industry continues to develop.

What is a Professional Beard? 

The corporate beard, often known as the "professional beard," is a larger beard type that is considered ideal for the working environment. It is a flexible and trendy style that makes men appear mature and assured while also evoking a sense of intrigue. This does not imply scraggly pieces, stray hairs everywhere, or uneven areas of uncontrollable hair growth. A professional beard necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance of the beard.

Despite the fact that, in contrast to years gone by, you have a little more leeway with the duration, you must nevertheless maintain control of the situation. Because it conveys a professional image, a professional beard style is often acceptable. The style is simple to look after and has the added benefit of enhancing your appearance significantly. A professional beard demonstrates your commitment to professionally promoting your firm.


The style is appropriate for both formal business clothes such as a business suit with a tie and most informal business attire. Those who work in information technology (IT) and in administrative roles are the most likely to sport this look. Similarly, if you work in a company where it is expected that you maintain a short beard, this style will be appropriate for you as well. A corporate beard, in addition to boosting your look, may assist raise your confidence.

Growing a Business Beard

Step 1: Let the beard develop naturally. 

Unless you allow it time to develop, you can't claim to have a "professional beard." Therefore, you must enable your beard to grow to a substantial length before even considering cutting it. Every month, the average length of a typical beard increases by around 1/2 inch. As a result, you will require up to 2 months of growth, depending on how fast your rate of growth is, to get the appropriate corporate beard length.


Step 2: Trimming is now in progress

As soon as your beard has grown long enough to qualify for the professional beard designation, you may begin cutting it and maintenance. To maintain it, you need to get high-quality grooming tools such as a beard trimmer, a Wooden Beard Comb & Boar Bristle Beard Brush that is ideal for all beard lengths, and styling treatments such as beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm. 

Using beard products will help maintain a healthy, soft and clean beard giving you the ultimate beard with confidence.

You may adjust the trimmer to your preferred setting and use it daily or every other day to cut your hair. You'll need some beard scissors to clip away stray hairs and maintain the area around your moustache when you're developing and maintaining your beard.

To begin trimming, run the trimmer over the beard with the setting set to between 1/2 inch and 1 inch, and use the scissors to deal with any odd hairs that remain after cutting.

Beard Tip - Use a Beard Comb to align your home beard trims, this will stop you from overcutting and protect your beard from mishaps when trimming your own beard.

Step 3: Shape the neck and cheek lines.

One of the items you can use when first starting out to grow confidence when doing your own home trims is a quality beard shaper, allowing you to precisely define the neckline and also the cheek line for the crisp, clean appearance anticipated in a professional beard style.


Step 4: Remove any stray hairs with a razor if necessary.

The beard of a business executive must be crisp and neat, and you cannot afford to have stray hairs showing after you have shaped it. So you'll need to remove any unusual hairs on your neck and upper cheekbones using a beard cutthroat razor as a result of this procedure. If you are concerned about having stray hair cut.

Professional Beard Maintenance

Beard care items such as Man Made Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Beard Butter are used to keep the beard in good condition. All of these items have distinct functions, but the most important one is to keep the beard moisturized. The benefits of having a moisturized beard are numerous, including being healthy, not breaking easily, and not getting as many ingrown hairs.


Beard Oil will help fight beard irritation and dry skin beneath your beard when growing your beard. I use beard oil as my primary product and tend to switch between beard butter & beard balm.

It simplifies the styling process.

Beard products, such as Man Made Beard ButterMan Made Beard Oil, and Man Made Beard Balm, make the process of styling your beard simple and straightforward. Rather than attempting to style a dry beard, it is preferable to use these items to make the procedure as simple as possible for you.

The beard appears to be clean.

Beard upkeep doesn't have to entail the use of pricey items to be effective. Maintaining a clean and neat appearance by keeping the beard at a reasonable length is important. A thorough wash with the Man Made beard shampoo will also remove dirt, perspiration, and dead skin, allowing the beard to seem clean and delicious.

Grooming and maintaining one's beard has never been an easy task. Growing a beard entails coping with issues such as beard itch, beard irritation, Ingrown hairs & beardruff, that is where Man Made Beard Company comes in and saves your beard with solid products that take care of your beard & skin so you can wear your preferred beard style with confidence.

Maintaining your beard may be a simple task that you look forward to every time if you have the correct beard kit and the best beard products in the UK for the job.

The first thing you should keep in mind when it comes to beard upkeep is that patience is required to see results. It takes time and patience to grow an enormous beard.

Products for Beard Care 

Beard Products UKUnderstanding Beard Oil  

In order to nourish and soften the hair of your beard, UK Made Beard Oil is used as a conditioning agent. It's also beneficial for keeping the skin under your beard hydrated. Many people use it to maintain their beards looking fuller, fluffier, and less wild as the seasons change. It's also been known to be used to help with beard growth on occasion.

Why do men use beard oil for their beards?

Tame the ferocious beast

The hair of the beard has a coarser texture than the head hair, which makes it more appealing to men. Beard oil softens and then adds a sheen to beard hair, making it more manageable. It also helps to tame scraggly hairs, making your complete beard appear neater and under control as a result.

Moisturize the skin under the hair

Beard oil helps to keep the skin under the beard moisturized and in good condition. It also helps to reduce beard dandruff and irritation in men.

A Full-Looking Beard

Man Made beard oil helps to make thin-looking beards appear fuller and more luxuriant. As a result, some people also use beard oil to encourage hair growth.


Make your beard smell better

Beard oil has a pleasant scent and can be utilized in place of cologne if desired. Man Made Beard Oils have been formulated to compete with top-tier aftershaves whilst keeping your beard in top condition.


Improved performance as a moisturizer

Using beard oil to moisturize the skin beneath your beard is the most effective way to utilize it. The quality and look of your skin and the texture of the beard should improve straight away, and you should notice a difference.

It's important to remember all skin types, especially oily skin, require nourishment and hydration. If you have skin that is sensitive or acne-prone, try using a beard oil that includes essential oils that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions to help soothe your skin. 

What is the best way to apply beard oil?

Using beard oil after washing and shampooing the beard carefully, or straight after cleansing your face, is the most effective method. When your pores are open, beard oil will aid in the rapid absorption of nutrients by your skin.

You can try using beard oil every day or alternate days to see how it works for you.

When applying beard oil, keep in mind not to use too much of it at once. Otherwise, the beard may appear greasy rather than well-maintained. Here are a few pointers:

  • Using three to five drops of oil in your hands, massage the product into your whole beard, beginning at the top of your beard where it meets your head hair (sideburns). When your beard is damp but not soaked, you should perform this procedure.


  • It's important to make sure it's distributed evenly throughout your beard.


  • To ensure that the beard oil is uniformly distributed throughout your beard, use a beard comb if you have a longer or thicker beard & define with a boar bristle beard brush that gets beneath the beard to remove any built-up debris.


  • If you have a long, thick beard, you may find that you need to use more beard oil & combine it with Man Made Beard Balm.


  • Make any necessary changes to your appearance.


Beard Balm

If you don't take good care of your beard and the skin below it, it may become extremely dry and irritated, making it difficult to sleep at night. The fact is that most men experience this at some time, even if they don't confess it to themselves.

So, how do you go about dealing with this? Let's have a look at how beard balm may be of assistance to you.

What is Beard Balm and how does it work? 

The nature of the Beard Balm is soft and conditioner-like, and its purpose is to moisturize and soften your beard hair. Beard balms may contain natural substances such as cocoa butter, which act as a great conditioner for your beard and your skin, as well as other beneficial nutrients.

Whilst Beard Balm is formulated to condition your beard hair, it's also used for styling and adding volume to your beard giving you the shape you require when styled with beard tools i.e Beard Comb / Beard Brush.

What Is the Function of Beard Balm? 

The act of applying beard balm each morning as part of your grooming regimen allows you to engage in self-care each day. Face hairs will soon become less scratchy, prickly, and a lot more softer to touch when using beard products as part of your daily beard routine you can take away all the various beard problems you may encounter.

The use of beard balm can allow you to feel and look your best at all times. Beard balm is intended to soften facial hairs, resulting in a beard that is smoother and healthier overall as a result. 

A decent beard balm will cover your beard hairs, resulting in them feeling softer and smoother to the touch than they would otherwise be. Softer facial hair will feel less scratchy on your skin as well as the skin of everyone who comes into close proximity to you.

Beard balm also helps to keep water in your facial hair for a longer period of time, extending the duration of the results of cleaning your beard. It helps to maintain your beard smoother, more moisturized, and more flexible than if you didn't use beard balm at all and utilizing it is a no-brainer in the long run. 

The Proper Way to Use Beard Balm

In order to achieve the best outcomes, follow these guidelines:

  • After you have applied Man Made Beard Oil to your beard.
  • Make use of your fingertips to rub a little bit of the balm into your palms and then work into your beard.
  • Always use a wooden beard comb to distribute the beard products more evenly, Using a boar bristle beard brush will give you a finer finish & remove any built-up debris underneath your beard.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Beard Balm?

After you've finished trimming and cleaning your beard, use beard balm as part of your regular grooming regimen. This will assist in ensuring that the beard balm provides the maximum amount of nourishment.

Shampoo for the Beard

For individuals who have been blessed with luscious, thick hair on their chin, it will be essential to put up some work to keep it looking it's very best. Because beard hair is denser than typical hair, a standard shampoo will not be sufficient to wash it away thoroughly.

The good news is Man Made Beard Company have you covered with a beard shampoo that is available to help you with this process when maintaining your beard. It is vital to use to cleanse, renew, and protect your facial hair, ensuring that it does not cross the line into a facial mishap.   

Then, what exactly is the distinction between a beard shampoo and a standard hair wash?

Because these head hair shampoos may be somewhat drying, as any expert barber would advise, you should refrain from shampooing your hair every time day. If at all possible, avoid utilizing them. A dry scalp is one thing, but a dry chin is different. If you wash your beard with head hair shampoo, the chemicals in the shampoo will strip the beard of its natural oils, leaving the hair and the skin beneath it dry and brittle. On the other hand, Beard wash is designed to function in conjunction with, rather than in opposition to, the natural oils produced by your skin and hair. Their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties are enhanced by the high concentration of these substances. 

Shop Beard Shampoo 

Get rid of beard dandruff with the help of a beard conditioner?

Without a doubt, this initiative will help find a solution to this situation. It is crucial to notice that the components in beard shampoo have not been subjected to solid detergents during their preparation. By rubbing the shampoo firmly into your beard, you will be spreading the benefits of the shampoo to the skin beneath your beard as well. On the other hand, Dandruff is a dermatological problem in and of itself. Using Man Made Beard Oil will help you tackle the cause of the problem.

According to the experts, when and how frequently should I wash my beard? 

One man's beard will be different from another's. If you have an oilier beard, consider shampooing it up to five times a week; if you have a drier beard, consider shampooing it much less frequently (once or twice a week). In addition, your job has an impact. If you have a physically demanding or outdoorsy profession, your beard will naturally gather dirt. It will need more frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, those who sit at a computer all day may only require a massage or two a week, depending on their lifestyle.

Beards in the British Armed Forces.

After looking at how beards are perceived in the corporate world, I thought I'd have a look at how beards are regarded in the military to see how they compare.

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has always authorized beards, and from the 1850s, its men have been permitted to wear only a "full set" of beards (i.e., a full beard and moustache). The Commanding Officer may grant permission to all male members of the Naval Service (except for RM). They desire to wear full-set beards. Moustaches are permissible for RM male employees at their discretion. Beards and moustaches should be kept well-groomed, with particular attention paid to the lower neck and cheeks in the case of beards. It is possible that, after a length of time without shaving, the individual will be unable to develop a complete set of chin hairs and that his commanding officer will order him to shave it off.


The British Army 

The British Army, in general, does not allow for the growing of beards. On the contrary, troops who require the use of a beard for medical reasons or because their religious beliefs dictate that they do so may be granted an exception to the policy.

Pioneer Sergeants have existed since the 1700s. The tradition began when every British infantry company had one 'pioneer' who would march in front of the regiment.

He would wear a 'stout' apron, which protected his uniform whilst he was performing his duties, and carry an axe to clear the path for anyone following behind. It was also the Pioneer Sergeant's duty to kill horses that had been wounded in battle.

He would often have to cut off one of the stricken horse's legs so that its rider could receive a new animal - each had a number branded onto its hoof to prevent false claims, such as if a cavalryman had sold his mount.

Pioneers in those times would also carry a saw back sword, pickaxe, billhooks, shovels, and axes. They were traditionally the largest, strongest and most imposing members of the company.

The pioneer sergeant also acted as the blacksmith for the unit. As a result, he was allowed a beard to protect his face from the heat of the forge.

Nowadays the Pioneer Sergeant is usually responsible for carpentry, joinery and similar types of work.

In modern parades, Pioneer Sergeants still wear their ceremonial aprons and carry their traditional axes, which act in place of a bayonet.


Beard Source -

The Royal Air Force

Earlier in 2019, the Royal Air Force allowed its personnel to grow beards for the first time under new rules. The rules were introduced to broaden its recruitment pool and promote inclusivity. However, the Royal Air Force insists that personnel must continue to maintain high standards of appearance.


The Psychology of Beards

Having taken a detailed look at the interaction between beards and your career, I now move on to how beards impact your life more generally.

Beards And Masculinity & Aggressiveness 

The presence of a beard is seen as a sign of gruff manliness, maybe more than any other characteristic. Researchers asked 227 volunteers to look at a series of images of people's faces and determine whether or not the face exhibited happiness or anger as rapidly as possible. They discovered that participants were significantly faster at classifying the furious bearded photographs than the other types of photos. This indicated that beards improve visual clues related to anger perception. Researchers found that people were more likely to categorize faces with neatly shaved beards as joyful.

They conducted a second analysis to rule out the possibility that a general negative prejudice toward beards may have contributed to the findings of their first study. A third experiment looked into the idea that having a beard may have social benefits for the participant.

The results were published in the journal Psychological Science.

What Else Does A Beard Reveal?

Many studies have been carried out on the meaning of beards. Why do men use beards, and what does that transmit to others. The following conclusions were found.

Social status

Since ancient times, the beard has been associated with people of great status and power; emperors, kings, and great warriors had beards. Today it is proven that those who have beards - and take care of them - convey respect and an image of status and authority to others. Therefore, many men use it to transmit that image about themselves.


Having hair on our faces has continually made others see us mature, adult people. We are seen as someone who has passed puberty. Even when we are adults, a beard always makes the one having it appear older than he actually is.

The significance of beards, why men choose to have beards, and the messages this sends to others have been investigated extensively. Key conclusions are.

Affluence and social standing:

Since ancient times, beards have been associated with people of great status and power; emperors, kings, and great warriors all sported beards. Today it has been proven that those who have beards - and maintain them - command respect and project an image of status and authority to those around them. As a result, many men utilize it to project a positive picture of themselves to others.


According to several studies, women perceived men with beards as more macho. In fact, men without beards are perceived as less manly by women, and they are perceived as less rugged than men with beards.


However, beards may also be a symbol of power and roughness. Still, they can also indicate a strong personality and character and the fact that we do not care what others think of our physical looks so long as we are comfortable in our own skin. Today, many men wear beards to distinguish themselves as unique individuals and distinguish themselves from their peers.


What does wearing a beard (or not) tell about a man's self-confidence?

Consequently, bearded men may convey a great deal about themselves simply because of their beards. After we have examined the many reasons why bearded men grow a beard, we must consider the following question: what does the appearance of a man's beard reveal about his personality?

Let's have a look at some examples:

Without a Beard:

Many guys choose not to have any beards and have their facial hair entirely shaven, leaving no sign of any hair on their faces or body. When dealing with a highly formal individual, we may expect them to be serious and conscientious about their work. For this reason, many top executives don't wear a beard, but this is changing as well.


Typically, a man's beard will emerge after a few days of not shaving it. However, not all guys will experience the same length of time for their beards to appear. Stubble gives a carefree look without presenting a rude or casual image. This beard is characteristic of little reckless and carefree individuals who prefer to take care of themselves but are not fond of formalities.


Nowadays, only a small number of guys still have a moustache. When worn by elders, it is often a symbol of manhood and masculinity; yet, when worn by young people, it may indicate someone who enjoys vintage and retro fashion, someone who is quirky but also has enough self-confidence to not worry what others think of him.

A beard that is not too long:

Having a short beard, or even a boxed beard - which does not reach beyond the jawline and does not cover the cheekbones - is a choice for many guys who like having a beard but do not feel comfortable sporting a lengthy one. Even though it is one of the most popular styles among bearded men, it demands considerable attention. It is thus characteristic of those who are patient and disciplined and who want to show seriousness and leadership.

Rather than a long Beard:

Even though prominent characters in television shows and movies have made it fashionable, growing and maintaining a long beard, or even a hipster beard, is the most challenging beard style to achieve and maintain. However, depending on whether it is a cared-for style or not, it may indicate someone messy and informal or - on the contrary - indicative of someone concerned about his appearance and who is consistent, patient, and thorough. These examples are characteristic of someone who is self-assured and does not care what others think of him.

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