Jake Paul No Beard

Jake Paul No Beard

Who remembers Jake Paul Shaving off his beard?

Yep, Shaving your beard off is certainly a mistake!

Why do men regret shaving their beards off?


It's quite funny ain't it, we all time to time contemplate putting the trimmer to the cheek to cut it back but EVERY TIME we grow it back.

If you have been in this situation, you would relate to what I am saying even more if you decided to grow your beard.


Now, why do I bring this up?


Because as we enter 2023, many maybe tempted to dive into their new trimmer set and make this silly mistake to only find themselves wanting to pick their beard back out of the sink and reattach it to their face.

Trust me, we have all been there but we soon come to our senses.

As seen below Jake Paul has grown back his beard, ready to tackle 2023 after refusing Conor Mcgregor & Donald Corone as he mentioned them to be too old!

Imagine that aha, You'd do nothing!

 Jake Paul With Beard

Now, Keeping your beard well trimmed & nicely groomed is always the way!

Some love their beard long, wild and down to their knees but we all touch up our face time to time.

When in this situation, make sure you keep it tidy when trimming because your other half will shout the house down Trust Me!

Little self promotion however when doing home trims, Always recommended is a beard catcher or Shaving Catcher.

Admittedly the photos dont do us justice however if you fancied modelling one and sending in a decent updated photo then the first uploaded one would get a full refund on this item! - Promise!

So if like Jake Paul, your preparing for war if that be in the gym or back to the weekly hustle of work life dont forget to ensure your always prepared because keeping well hydrated, fit & fed are just a few things that actually promote beard growth.

As we step into 2023, content is our key & plan to drive more value direct to you if that be on socials or via emails to our very own bearded brothers.

As always, thank you for your continued support & Stay bearded

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