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Does having a beard, bring you success?

1.      Got a Job Interview?

In recent year’s people have been sceptical about going to interviews with beards.

With the thought that having a clean-shaven face is more likely to have the advantage of entry level jobs, it turns out that having a well-groomed beard is in fact more likely to land you higher up the ladder. Having a beard can be perceived as dominant, wise, experienced and even knowledgeable.

People respect a man with a well-kept beard, who walks with confidence. They know he’s the man that owns the space he walks.


      2.      82% of women said that men look more masculine with a beard

We have all been there where a woman has wanted to feel up your beard, asking to run her hands through it. With 82% of women preferring a man with a beard that means that for every 5 women you ask to have a drink with at a bar, your pull 4 out of 5 (if you’re on top of your game obviously a beard can’t talk for you). Another thing that’s been said is that bearded men seem to be better providers, now let your imagination run with that one.


3.      Beard with confidence

Taking pride in your beard, with a little self-care can go a long way. It shows confidence in you as a person with an awesome beard. A lot of people have insecurities about their appearance, but if you take pride in your beard and maintain it well, you will be happy with your appearance and this will make you more confident.


Its no wonder why you see people like Brad Pitt or Tom Hardy sporting a beard, could this be part of their success?

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