It Was All A Lie!

Man made beard model, with a twisted moustache style

For many years, these beard myths have been passed around like 

it was written in the beard bible

Little did you know this all is a pack of complete beard nonsense, having heard them myself over the years. I have done my research, knowing full well they are not true!

Below 5 top beard myths exposed

My beard grow’s Curly & stiff like a wire

Shaving makes your beard grow faster

I can’t grow a beard, it grows patchy

Having a beard decreases your chances of a being a Successful applicant for a job

Your beard will keep on growing

This is about to get interesting! let me know in the comments if you have ever heard of these myths or even believed them.

Your beard is too curly to grow

The first one on the list beard too curly to grow,

Now firstly if your beard isn't growing how you want it there are some ways to tame your beard hairs and actually get this beard looking rather tidy.

To do this you want to combine beard balm & beard oil to your routine, using a strong beard brush to put it into shape.

Following a routine won't just keep your beard healthy, with time brushing your beard in the direction you want your beard to grow will eventually have your beard sitting in the position you would like to have it all the time.

man with curly beard hair

Shaving makes your beard grow faster

Stop shaving, this will not grow your beard fuller or longer

Do not shave your beard

I can't believe so many people actually believe this, admittedly this is normally a myth believed by the young with no beard. I can't tell you where this comes from as this has been around since cavemen discovered fire.

My younger brother mentioned this to me a little while back and I wanted to show him what a load of rubbish this myth was. 

Whoever made this up rather promotes shaving for self-gain or because they can't grow a proper beard either one its clear they cant sport a decent beard.

The theory behind this is when you shave down to your skin, you will then expose a thicker part of your hair shaft which would then so say promote beard growth.

I bet this is the most common one you have heard of?

Shaving will do physiological or biological to your beard density or growth rate.

You cant grow a beard because it grows patchy

Another common misbelieve with growing a beard is that because your beard doesn't grow all at once that some believe they can grow one. The average beard grows half an inch a month (this may vary on the individual and comes down to genetics)

The reason your beard may grow slower than some could be down to multiple things such as diet, exercise and as above your genetics. Having less androgen receptivity than the rest of your facial hair, just means it takes a long to grow!

How to grow your beard faster?

There is no magic trick to growing a beard overnight, it mainly comes down to time & of course patience. There are a few things to help stimulate beard to grow such as beard oil or even a beard roller again these products won't make you grow a beard overnight but will aid in beard growth over time with a proper beard routine.

Blog Suggestion - Connor's Beard Routine

Fix Patchy Beard for any man

Having a beard decreases your chances of a being a successful applicant for a job

Man made beard company exposing the real truths

Let's re-phase this, having an unkept poorly groomed beard will decrease your chances of getting past the interview stage. Having a well-groomed beard shows the attention to detail, pride and discipline that you take upon your appearance. It will even make you stand out more than others if your beards are well-groomed.

Having a well-groomed beard shows self-confidence, discipline and someone who takes pride in their appearance! 

Your beard will keep growing 

Part of this is true, however, your genetics have a little part to play in this. Determining how long you can grow your beautiful beard. Every beard has a terminal length, which will stop growing even if you don’t shave it.

The life cycle of your hair:

1. Anagen – when your hair starts to grow. Normally around 2 years during this stage.

2. Catagen – Your hair then goes into hibernation

3. Telogen – Final stage of the cycle, when your hair falls out and up to 3 months before the anagen phase starts again.

Hipster rocking a full beard

so have you heard any of these myths before?
Let me know in the comments!

Stay Safe, Stay Confident