Does your beard grow more in the winter

Does your beard grow more in the winter?

Have you ever heard that your beard grows faster in the summer?

If you have then that's great, because its true!

Does your beard grow more in the winter?

Research shows that in fact, your beard grows slowest during the winter. Beard growth increases to its peak during the summertime, July is when your beard reaches its highest growth rate. 


These growth rates correspond to testosterone levels, which are lowest during the winter and peak during the summer.


Growing a mighty winter beard, you better take advantage of the summer to accelerate beard growth. Just like most thing’s timing is everything.


Beard care summer vs winter

In the summertime, you want to wash your beard more frequently (we recommend using our Man Made Beard Shampoo or Sweet lemon beard soap).   
Due to the heat, humidity & sweat, a build of residual salt can damage your beard. Turning your awesome beard into a dry, flaky mess. With the extra washing, you want to use beard oil more often.  
This doesn’t mean that during the winter your beard needs less Beard Oil, as a common habit is to turn the heating up. Heaters come on, humidity goes down and you start to dry out.  Heaters/Radiators are known to dry your skin & hair out. Another one is hot shower’s, we all love a hot shower after a cold day at work.  Hot water dries out your skin & hair, drop the temperature to a warm shower to save your skin & beard from drying out.


Beer For Beard Growth?

Now you know that, maybe its time to put your lumberjack axe to the side pull up a beer and listed to this

Beer's, Beard's & BBQ's

That's what summer is really about right?

Maybe for some men with beards, maybe you dont drink but if your reading this its highly likely you have a beard right?

Here are some funny related beard facts

beer promotes beard growth

Beer Makes your beard grow

Yes a fun one indeed, especially as many of us love a good pint whilst watching the footie. 


When sipping on your ice-cold Stella remember your promoting beard growth (haha) 


The reasoning behind this is because when testosterone increases it encourages your beard to grow, little amount of beer with a small intake will spike your testosterone but drink excessively and you'd crash fast. 


Excessive drinking is bad for you on many factors and again killing your testosterone is one of them not to mention excessive drinking will lead to many health problems.

On average the amount of beer lost each year to your moustache

Beer helps beard growth

That's right lads, on average you are likely to loose around 1 1/2 pints a year due to being caught up in your moustache hair as you go to guzzle one down.

Beer is great to use on men's beards

on average you are likely to loose around 1 1/2 pints of beer a year due to being caught up in your moustache hair.

Top quality hair stylists have previously reported using beer as way to improve & help damaged hair for example split ends (crazy I know). 

Funny enough due to the hops and malt within your beer there is some science behind the madness as these are great for beard hair growth. 

Other reports mention cleaning your beard with beer will also give you that clean hair shine after rinsing out.

When really you should use a specialised beard shampoo, which will actually do a lot more good for your beard health.


Winter is here, and so is the season of growing beards!


Yes, you heard it right! The colder months are the perfect time for men to grow and maintain their beards. Did you know that during winter, beards tend to grow more?

That's because the colder weather promotes beard growth by increasing testosterone levels in men. And what better way to show off your manliness than by sporting a thick, full beard?

As the temperature drops, your body responds by producing more testosterone, which stimulates the growth of facial hair. This is because the hormone is responsible for the development of secondary male sex characteristics, including facial hair. In fact, studies have shown that men have higher levels of testosterone in winter than in summer, making it the perfect time to grow a beard.

Not only does winter promote beard growth, but it also allows you to experiment with different beard styles. With the cold weather, you can go for a full beard or a trimmed beard with a moustache, a goatee, or a soul patch. And with the holiday season just around the corner, a well-groomed beard can make you stand out from the crowd at parties and events.

But growing a beard isn't just about looking good. It also has health benefits. A beard can protect your face from the harsh winter weather, preventing dryness and itchiness. It can also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can cause skin cancer. And if you suffer from allergies, a beard can help filter out dust and pollen, reducing your symptoms.

To grow a healthy beard in winter, you need to take care of it. This means washing it regularly with a beard shampoo, conditioning it with a UK Made Best beard oil, and combing it regularly to prevent knots and tangles. You should also trim it regularly to maintain its shape and length.

If you're new to beard growing, don't worry. It's never too late to start. And with the right products and care, you can have a full, healthy beard in no time. Beard growing is a lifestyle, and with the right mindset, you can achieve the beard of your dreams.

So why not take advantage of the winter season and grow a beard?

You'll not only look good, but you'll also feel good. And who knows, you may even start a trend among your friends and colleagues.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"I never thought I could grow a beard, but with the help of the winter season and some beard products, I now have a full beard that I'm proud of." - John, 35

"My wife always wanted me to grow a beard, and now that I have, she can't stop complimenting me." - Mike, 45

"I used to shave every day, but now I can't imagine going back. My beard has become a part of my identity." - Tim, 28

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the winter season and grow a beard today. You won't regret it.

Now I am off for a beer, time to test this crazy fact.
Let me know if you have tried this in the comment section.

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