Man Made Beard Company Is CPSR Fully Assured

What is CPSR?

We want everyone to be safe, no matter who your beard care supplier is.

if you are a new company or someone looking into buying beard care then here are a few pointers before you make that first purchase.


As mentioned, if you're a new business or not currently fully CPSR assured please get in touch, we would love to help you secure the safety of your customers.


In this blog we will cover:

What Does CPSR Stand For?

How To Check A Company is CPSR Assured.

Can You Sell Cosmetics Without A CPSR?

Does Brexit Complicate The UK Cosmetics Safety Assessments?


What Does CPSR Stand For?


So, you’ve heard of the 4 letters but what do they really stand for? 


C – Cosmetic

P – Product

S – Safety

R- Report


To follow the government guidelines means all products must first be assessed and signed off by the authority to comply with the EC Cosmetics Regulations. Now with Brexit nearing we still need to comply with the EU Rules and Regulations.


This is soon to change, so if you are a small business in the same industry as ourselves then I highly recommend you do your research. 

(I could go on about Brexit, but I believe we have heard enough)


So now you know that the products need to undergo an assessment to be put on the market, next comes ensuring the products are labelled correctly and manufactured correctly.


Now you’re probably wondering, 

How & Why are people selling products without any safety assessment?


The simple answers would be either,


1. They simply don’t want to pay for the reports and in doing so cut this corner of expense.


2. They generally have no clue about the industry.


Now you're thinking, how do they get away with it?


Again, a simple answer, some people generally don’t know what to ask for when starting on their journey and another one is simply down to not bad-mouthing competition.


We put content out there to educate our brothers & sisters, to make it more of a safe environment to buy on the market.


How do we know if they’re telling the truth!


Two things they normally say when hit with such a question are…

You don’t need them they are all-natural ingredients.


We are just waiting on the certificate.


Now when faced with such a response, 

I shall let you decide how you wish to proceed.


How To Check A Company is CPSR Assured?


Simply ask the company or beard brand that you are purchasing from to supply a CPSR, 

In most cases, 9/10 will show you a copy or picture of the signed assessment agreeing that the product is safe to be on the UK or EU Cosmetic Market.


Can You Sell Cosmetics Without A CPSR?

Now, you can sell anything you want nowadays but it doesn't exactly declare it by the book. many new start-up brands are skipping the step of a CPSR and trying to curve the extra expenses. 


This is why I suggest challenging before placing your first order, if you're a new start-up unsure then please feel free to get in touch. 


I would happily guide you in the right direction to ensure the safety of your customers.


Does Brexit Complicate The UK Cosmetics Safety Assessments?

Not so much, there are a few changes to how the products now need to be registered. For example, if you're selling solely to the UK then you would need to register the product, showing the labelling to the SNCP online portal. 


If you're selling outside of the UK then you will also have to do the EU version, first time then you can kill 2 birds with one stone and go through the process at the same time.


Now If you need certified UK Made Beard Oil you know where to find us.

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