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5 Ways To Be More Positive

5 Ways To Be More Positive - Man Made Beard Company

Its easy to say to someone you need to be more positive, but does everyone really know how to be more positive?

Here are 5 things I use to keep my positive mindset. Maybe one of these will help pick you up when your feeling a little down.


1. Get more sleep.

Are you that person who snoozes their alarm?

We all do it time to time, but are you really getting the 6-8 hours of sleep, your BODY & MIND need to recharge. Neglecting your sleep is the same as starving yourself, without the right amount of sleep you’d become less motivated, lack of energy and more importantly defeats the object of being positive!

Having a decent night’s sleep, recharges you to be on top of your daily life.

So, stop the late-night social media Instagram feed scrolling, get energized and tackle real life with a positive start to your day.



2. Think positive, to be positive.

Trick you mind!

By thinking of a positive in each situation, actually tricks your mind to having a positive outcome. By focusing on the good instead of the bad will help you move forward with your current problem, even by going through the process will make you stronger & the more you do this the easier it becomes. Trust me!



3. Regular Exercise

A great method is getting regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet. 

Here is just a few of the key benefit’s to exercising!

• Endorphins are released during exercise (also post workout) acting on the receptors in our brains, giving a boost in wellbeing. These are released also doing other physical activities such as engaging in sexual pleasure.

• Going back to our first point “Get More Sleep” exercise encourages a better sleep, so get busy and get well rested.

• Research studies show that exercise has a positive impact on encouraging a healthier mental health & relief some symptom’s such as depression & Anxiety.


If you need any assistance with exercise, diets or even meal planning. We have some very knowledgeable & experienced personal trainers amongst our brotherhood who are more then happy to help – drop us a message for more info!


4. Talk about your problems

It’s really as simple as that, share your thought’s with others, a problem shared is a problem halved. Put trust in someone, friend, family or even us!

Simply speaking about your problems gives a way of relief as a release on the negative just getting it of your chest. Having a different view on the situation may just be the answer you’re looking for.

5. Give yourself a break - Take 10 minutes out of your day with these stress reliefs

• Meditation – I know you’re probably thinking (he’s lost the plot)

IF you are hearing this and thinking, why the hell is Connor saying meditation is a great way of thinking positive.

Taking yourself out of a situation, following a structured briefing technique will reduce stress and clear your mind of any negatives.

Music - similar to meditation, 

taking time out to just chill to some relaxed music vibes will help rebuild your motivation to be positive. (We can find a lot of our emotions can be expressed through the art of music)


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