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5 Beard Myths Exposed

1. My beard grow’s Curly & stiff like a wire.

This myth comes from an ungroomed beard, using beard oil or even a beard balm will reduce the stiffness also combined with a brush will reduce the curliness within your hair, helping straighten out any curls.

2. Shaving makes your beard grow faster.

Who the hell ever made this up? – shaving your beard only prolongs your beard journey.

The theory behind this myth is that, once you shave down to your skin you will expose the thicker part of the hair follicle. Shaving will do no physiological or biological change to your beard density or growth rate.

3. I can’t grow a beard, it grows patchy.

Many believe this is down to genetics when in fact it’s simply down to having less androgen receptivity then the rest of your facial hair follicles. It just takes longer to fill out your beard, you can increase the growth with beard oil & using a beard roller.

A beard roller penetrates the skin, giving more openings for the hair follicles to come through whilst reactivating the sleeping follicles beneath the skin.

4. Having a beard decreases your chances of a being a successful applicant for a job.

Lets re-phase this, having an unkept poorly groomed beard will decrease your chances of getting past the interview stage. Having a well-groomed beard actually shows attention to detail, pride and discipline that you take upon your appearance. In fact, it will even make you stand out more than others if your beards well groomed.

5. Your beard will keep on growing.

Part of this is true, however your genetics have a little part to play in this. Determining how long you are able to grow your beautiful beard. Every beard has a terminal length, which will stop growing even if you don’t shave it.

The life cycle of your hair:

1. Anagen – when your hair starts to grow. Normally around 2 years during this stage.

2. Catagen – Your hair then goes into hibernation

3. Telogen – Final stage of the cycle, when your hair falls out and up to 3 months before the anagen phase starts again.

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