Man Made Connor Best Beard Care Routine

Connors Beard Care Routine

Welcome Ladies and Gents to my beard care routine, many people have different ways of doing their beard routines. 

Connor Best Beard Routine

There is no perfect way of doing a routine, however, your beard routine is down to you BUT there are a few key elements to which you need to adhere to maintain your beard, skin and to feel that beard with confidence.


In this, I will talk about the full works of how I keep my face clean and well hydrated.

Also, to add my skin is ultra-sensitive so I am very precise with the products that touch my skin.


Now let us touch on the ground rules

Hygiene – Now if you have been sporting a beard for a little while, you will notice that it is a lot more maintenance than a clean-shaven face. It can also get very messy when eating especially things like soup.

The most common mistake when washing your beard is the actual product being used, many assume that because head hair shampoo is good for the head, it is acceptable to use for your beard.


Now if you are doing this, I highly recommend you stop, Right Now!


Many head hair shampoos or even supermarket brands have added parabens in them for 2 main reasons.

  1. Parabens help with adding a longer shelf life than what you would have from a small-batch beard company that hand-makes their products daily. A big benefit of supporting small is that your products are always done fresh and ready for you to enjoy instead of piling up the dust on the shelves of the supermarket. 9 months later from the date, they were made.                                                                                                                                        
  2. Most supermarket brands are water-based products (YES, your products are watered-down) so to combat the bacteria from this you find many added parabens and acids to fight off any parasites (bacteria)


So, What Do I Do Daily?    

Morning Beard Routine: Upon rising from my bed and having a double dose of coffee to kick my ass into gear, I jump on the treadmill for 45mins and then get when finished I rinse my face with a little water to clear any sweat. I have two Man Made Beard Brushes, one for pre-shower and one for post-shower!  

How To Wash Your Beard

The reason I have a pre-shower brush is so I can brush through my beard and attack my skin to pull any built-up debris and dry skin away from my face and head 

(yes, I also do this with my head hair)


As you may know, dandruff and beardruff are the same things effectively, so removing any build-up before my shower helps my skin stay cleaner, when in the shower I lather up my man made beard shampoo or man made beard soap (depending on my preference for that day) between my hands and then apply by rubbing into my beard and against the skin beneath, I also use the beard soap for my face and head hair after seeing the benefits of using this on other parts of my body.


After my shower, I Dry my beard with a towel to leave it slightly damp.  

The Money Man Beard Oil By Man Made Beard Company

How To Apply Beard Oil

Dependant on the size of the beard will depend on how much you use, as mentioned a lightweight beard oil does not get stuck in your beard as much as one which is extremely thick meaning it penetrates your skin beneath, hydrating and moisturizing leaving you feeling fresh.


Detangling my beard with a man made beard comb and helping spread the beard oil throughout the beard more evenly so it is not going to waste.


Using a hairdryer for the beard is another great way of giving your beard that definition and volume which you may desire, I do this, so my beard speeds up the process of drying and clearing any excess oil. 


Once beard has had beard oil applied and been thoroughly spread throughout, I grab the sex in the tin man made beard balm, using a small amount probably between a 5 pence piece or a 1 penny piece (again depending on your size of beard).


Melting the beard balm into the palms of my hands rubbing in a back and forth motion to create warmth from the friction in my hands will then become a liquid that is easily applicable to your beard firstly going up through my beard and then down to give shape. Again, using a double-sided beard comb, spread the balm evenly using the wider side of the comb then switching to the finer side and repeating the process.


Shaping Up The Beard (The Perfect Finish) I use my second man made beard brush, the reason for the second is simply the fact I do not want to be spreading any skin or debris which would have already been brushed out before having the shower. The bristles on the brush are very much together and get in between the hairs giving you that more defined straightened beard.


Lunchtime Beard Routine 

Not much of a routine however it always helps to top up your beard oil or beard balm (if you can) the reason for this is to maintain the oils which may have left your beard through the strains of the working day. Talking of weather, the rain will also strip your beard of the natural oils so if able always good to throw a quick towel around the beard, dry it up and reapply beard oil.


Similar windy conditions can be crazy and cause your beard to fly everywhere, if you find this happening a lot it can cause the oils to dry out, and again just reapply and feel your beard confidence with a little more TLC. 

I love having lightweight beard oil and medium hold beard balm because it makes my beard feel more natural.


Bedtime Beard Routine 

Again basically the same as the morning routine however I do like to switch my soaps up, using the Jasmine & Green Tea Beard Soap gives me that relaxing aftermath feeling when I step out of the shower, on a night time I prefer to use The Perfect Man Beard Oil for the simplicity it doesn’t have a scent and combined with the soap leaves the beard smelling of a sweet and relaxing aroma. I do not apply beard balm, I simply only apply the man made beard oil and I do mix it up with Man Made Whipped Beard Butter which is now available online so defiantly something to get your hands on.  

It is not your usual formulation and It helps me sleep better.

 Beard Soap

Did you know, your pillowcase dry's your beard out?

Fact, that’s why when applying beard oil and beard butter to your beard before going asleep your protecting your beard. Also adding that you will keep your beard hydrated and nourished throughout the night waking up like a ray of sunshine ready for that morning coffee.

Now I hope you enjoyed this read, remember this is my routine and everyone has their ways. It would be quite interesting to hear what your beard routines are like so if you have a similar routine or even a completely different beard routine then please get involved and let me know in the comments.


Have a great day!

Stay Safe, Stay Confident!

Much Love

Your bearded brother 



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