Do I really need a beard brush & comb?

Do I Really Need A Beard Brush or Comb

Do I really need a beard brush & comb?

Do I really need a beard brush & comb?

9 out of 10 bearded men love to be complimented on their beard, being praised on such a beautiful thing from others is one of the great things of being a man with a beard.



Who wouldn’t like to feel the confidence boost from the compliments of others, especially from the ladies? Having a well-groomed beard which looks and feels epic is many of the reasons why beards have gone from fashion to a lifestyle in the recent years.



Did you know that 25% of men can’t actually grow a beard? Crazy isn’t it.


Beard Brush or Beard Comb or BOTH?

So, when we say groomed, we don’t mean going to the Gucci barber shop & chilling with a glass of Hennessey on the rocks. It also doesn’t mean spending hundreds of pounds either, truth be told you can do this with a beard brush or a beard comb. For the full benefits we recommend using both.


Brushing through your beard is a great way to remove dead skin, loose hairs and any debris. This also enables you to see how long your facial hair has grown.



Using a wide-tooth beard comb when getting out the shower will cause less stress on your hair as your hair is at its weakest when wet. It doesn’t take much to stress your beard hair beyond its limit. That can cause irreparable damage, using a wide-tooth comb will ease the pressure and is perfect for untangling a dripping beard with out putting strain on your hair follicles. Beard combs are also wicked for styling as they take fewer strokes which means less of a strain on your face.

This brings us onto the beard brush, now we have covered that a beard comb is best used for wet hair. Using a beard brush on dry hair will cover a much larger area of your face for obvious reasons. 


This allows you to define the overall shape and helps direct your hairs in a particular direction, which is a must for training your facial hair to grow in the way you want.

Biker Using Beard Comb

Beard brushes are great for distributing beard oil more evenly between each hair follicle, this ensures your beard is healthier and helps by reducing the irritable beard-itch or beardruff. Use one of our beard oil’s daily to see the full benefit of our products and quickly you’d find you have a much healthier beard overall.


What we recommend

Using a wide-tooth beard comb to straighten out your hair after getting out the shower, once you have dried your beard then add beard oil to replace all the oils lost from your shower. Use your beard comb to run through your beard a few times and then go over with your beard brush, this will maximise your beard’s growth with a minimal strain and making your beard oil go further.


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