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Beard With Confidence

What Doe’s Beard With Confidence Mean To You?

Beard With Confidence - Man Made Beard Company UK

In this blog, you're going to understand the full depth of beard with confidence. Now, we have already done many How To Beard Care Routine blogs and even tutorials on our official Man Made Beard Company YouTube site, so we will skip over that part for now.

So, Why am I passionate about providing our brothers, with the confidence to rock a badass beard that owns its own space full of beard confidence, showing the world your personality with such a beautiful mane.

If you search #beardwithconfidence on social, you will see the full proof of what I am about to tell you!

Being a people person, I have always loved encouraging others, from getting up and driving their way to success to simply feeling confident and being the best version of themselves, I just love to help people become better, happier and yes more confident in themselves.

(This is what motivates me)


What motivates you? – Let me know in the comments!


When I decided to launch Man Made Beard Company, I wanted to put the focus on you. Yes, I actually mean you, I wanted to create a culture where everyone whatever style or size beard is felt welcomed to the community.

Somewhere you can go to for Knowledge, Guidance and the Best Beard Products UK Made.

Remember Man Made Beard Company Welcomes EVERYMAN with an open fist bump, RESPECT!


Ohh!! and a side of banter (Big fan of a good beard joke or even hit me with your best one-liner)

Now you have me wondering, who has the better beard jokes!

Here is a couple of my favourites.

1. Why couldn’t the man with a thick beard figure out the cause of his itchy beard?

Because he could not get to the root of it.

(Just to point out if you are struggling with beard itch, 

Check out our blog “Have you been struggling with beard-itch?”)


2. Why did the barber win the race? 

Because he took a shortcut.

Again, Shortcut’s are just not something we waste our time on. Understanding what the beard needs and realising there are no shortcuts in the beard world. Just like growing your beard, it takes Patience, Persistence and the Proper Products For Beard Care.


3. I'm sporting a quarantine beard. I didn't like it at first.

But it's growing on me.

As you know we have all been in some form of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has resulted in many new faces hitting the beard community, having the break from the daily routine of rushing to and from the office or even meeting new prospects has given many men like yourself the opportunity to take advantage of growing out their first beard or even building on their beard game. 

Remember this isn’t no contest, every man is highly respected beard or not but if you have a beard. It is safe to say a compliment is never too far away.

 Sean Conway Celebrity Beard - Man Made Beard Company UK


Following on, providing you or someone else you may know with a beard, we want to help you gain the confidence to show it off, this is where we come in.

Wanting to embed a culture full of Respect, Knowledge and Encouragement.

I Am Proud to be the owner and founder of Man Made Beard Company, While raising awareness on the subject of mental health this has always been a big part of my personal journey.

Being an MHFA (Mental Health First Aider) myself I understand the importance of what it’s like to feel low (Talking from Experience).


Beard With Confidence isn’t just about finding confidence within your beard,

it's about making you feel comfortable and confident and embracing you as a person.

Man Made Beard Company Promises to put you first, Our inbox is always open and at your disposal if you need to clear your head of the negative, get something off your chest or even look for guidance.

This was the first part of how I came up with the slogan, because 

I Connor Rogers Want You to feel good about yourself!

Now, notice how this blog reads.

You First, that is how we do!

Mr T Beard With Confidence - Man Made Beard Company UK

Man Made Beard Company is not just the usual beard brand, we pride ourselves on the transparency, quality and culture we bring to the community itself.

We want to empower you with knowledge, support & confidence so you can wear with confidence your beautiful mane.

Now you know my passion, What’s yours? 

(Let me know in the comments)


You're probably wondering, are there any beard facts to back the last part up?

Well, there are many proven studies, and here are a few of my favorite statistics.


Beard Facts & Statistics 

1. 55% of men, currently sport a beard.

Yes, that’s right. 1 in 2 men seem to be rocking a badass beard right about now (from stubble to a magnificent wizard)

Bradley Cooper Full Beard Style - Man Made Beard Company UK

The reason I love this fact is that there is a whole lot of knowledge to be learned within the community of beard care, it's my job to empower you with what I know & have learned on my journey to fill you with the knowledge to embrace your beard confidence.


2. World’s Longest Beard - Hans N. Langseth – 17.5 Feet Long Beard

Hans N. Langseth Worlds Longest Beard - Man Made Beard Company UK

Now, in my head, I am currently picturing 17-foot-longs with a 6-inch sub in a long line thinking wow that is a lot!

Hans Langseth broke the world record for the world's longest beard, a Norwegian who lived his later life in America.

Fact on top of a fact, you can actually see Hans Langseth’s famous beard at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington USA (How Cool Is That?)

Read more on The Worlds Longest Beard 


3. Does Beer Help The Beard Grow?

According to research beer actually helps your beard grow quicker!

DHT is a hormone which can develop among us men when consuming alcohol.

This increases the hair growth speed as beer contains silicon, A further study also mentions that silicon helps increase circulation resulting in stimulating your beard!

Now I am not saying let's all drink beer, however, if you see a bearded brother at the bar offer him a beer. You can 99% have your offer accepted aha.


Now my favourite one!

4. 79% of men feel more confident when their beard is groomed.

I told you, there are even facts behind why I created my slogan but more importantly, embedded this newfound culture within the community!

Whereby helping others and making them feel confident, a simple compliment can make that difference in someone’s day!

Over 80% of women prefer a man with a beard or some form of facial hair!


Do you feel more confident with a well-groomed beard?

I thought so, otherwise, you probably would not have one. 

Beard care can be quite time-consuming especially the longer your beard is. Having the 3 P’s in place will definitely save you time, make you feel great and even look amazing!

The 3 P’s is something I live by when referring to my beard routine (this is my own, not factual gospel)

 Beard With Confidence - Man Made Beard Brand UK

Growing A Beard Takes Time

Patience for anything to blossom into something of such art then you want to wait your turn. Growing a beard is similar to life, Wherever you are on your journey there is always more to learn.

There is no miracle growth or secret answer, Patience Is the answer you just need to ride the good with the bad and you will find your way to a confident beard.

The average man can grow his beard up to half an inch a month, this may vary depending on genetics, lifestyle & diet.


It Takes Dedication To Growing Beard

Persistence is again similar to patience but you cannot do it just when you feel like it, Including a beard routine into your daily schedule won't just help grow your beard strong & healthy. It shall also add more discipline to your day and in time you will have a great beard.


Best Beard Products UK

Bearded Man Oil - Man Made Beard Company UK

Products Natural ingredients are what I recommend, having the right products is vital Picture it like water, when you're thirsty you need a glass.

You will not be able to run a marathon on empty, similar to your beard!

If your beard is low on oil, lack of moisture in your hair will dry your skin and beard out which will slow down the growing process. Also adding to that, this is one of the biggest causes for those suffering from beard itch & beard dandruff (beardruff).

If your looking for the best beard products UK made then good news, your in luck!
We are here to assist with your beard journey, taking away all the irritations & stress when it comes to developing that lovely mane!

Now that you know my passion, my motivational kick & even my routine.


Want to know what charity work we do?

Some of you already know that in recent years we gave 5% of our profits are donated to the charity Mind, with a passion for helping others and raising awareness on the subject of mental health.

I thought it would be great to give some back to these guys for all the great work they have done in previous years and even now during this pandemic.

Supporting the great work, they do and having a great relationship with the charity, providing myself with a point of contact.


In 2021, we did a charity raffle and Bert dyed his beard red (it was funny)

Raising more proceeds for Mind charity over £300 was raised over Christmas, 2021 We will continue to support Mind with future charity events/raffles alongside helping our fellow brothers who are doing their own individual charity fundraisers.

Hopefully, when this COVID-19 is squished and we return to normality, we can get out and do a fundraiser in the city centre of Bristol!


NOW! If I Asked What does 

What Does beard with confidence mean to you?

What Would You Say?

I Want To Thank You For Taking The Time Out To Read My Work, I Hope It Has Given You A Little Insight Into Why We Care!

Now If You Are Wondering What I Would Recommend?

From Our Site would be The Monthly Combo


Beard Oil, Beard Balm Beard Shampoo!

You Can Take The Guessing Away And Order The Man Made Monthly Beard Combo, Which Has Everything You Need!

Have A Great Day!

Stay Safe, Stay Confident



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